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Night of the Voting Dead
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People will be heading to the polls on Tuesday. A New Jersey judge has issued a last-ditch order to try and prevent dead folks from casting ballots:

A judge concerned about the potential for voter fraud in Tuesday’s election has ordered the state to compile the names of all adult New Jersey residents who have died since 1985.

State Superior Court Judge Linda R. Feinberg made the ruling Friday after learning that the official responsible for tracking deaths had failed to do so because he didn’t know it was his responsibility.

The case stemmed from Republican complaints that an estimated 13,000 people who apparently have died remain on voter registration lists, including 4,755 people who reportedly voted in last November’s election.

The state registrar of vital statistics is required to provide counties with an annual list of all people over age 18 who have died, so the counties can remove those names from voter registration lists.

State officials say the annual lists of deaths from 1985 to 2003 are available, but last year’s list remains incomplete and unverified. Deputy Attorney General Melissa Racsa said Joseph Komosinski, the registrar since 2003, “was unaware that this was one of his obligations.”

The most recent polls show Democrat Jon Corzine pulling ahead:

With two days before Tuesday’s gubernatorial election, Democrat Jon S. Corzine has solidified his lead over Republican Doug Forrester despite recent criticism from Corzine’s ex-wife, a new poll shows.

Corzine had a 9 percentage point lead as of late last week, according to the Monmouth University/Gannett New Jersey poll. Among likely voters, 47 percent say they will vote for Corzine, with 38 percent supporting Forrester.

No word on how Corzine is polling among zombie voters. But I have a guess.

Keep an eye on this race.

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