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Michael Steele and the Sambo Smear
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Lt. Gov. Michael Steele, a black Republican and rising star in the party, is running for Senate here in Maryland. Yesterday, I noted Robert George’s blog post blowing the whistle on a despicable left-wing smear of Steele.

Now, a Democrat official has done the right thing. George reports that Tim Kaine, running for governor in Virginia, has pulled an ad he had been running on the left-wing blog that maliciously doctored a photo of Steele to portray him as “Sambo.”

Good for Kaine. (And thanks, Robert, for keeping on top of this.)

Now, if Chuck Schumer would finally apologize for the gross violation of Steele’s privacy by crooked Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee operatives…

…oh, never mind.

Daly Thoughts and Dave Wissing also give props to Kaine.



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