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Who's Afraid of Grover Norquist?
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There’s one photo I took at Saturday’s anti-war rally that I wanted to highlight separately. Take a look:


This Working Assets-sponsored billboard truck, emblazoned with a quote attributed to GOP strategist Grover Norquist, was parked off of Constitution Ave. As raving moonbats passed by, they gasped and booed at the horrific budget-slashing sentiments of the anti-government “Field Marshal” of the “Bush Plan.”

You know what my reaction to the billboard was?

Snort. Snorty-snort-snort.

Can you believe how out of touch the Left is? While they tremble at Norquist’s empty rhetoric of yore, the GOP has become hog heaven for the likes of Alaska Republican Don Young and other leading pork defenders. Norquist’s own pals, government moochers Jack Abramoff and David Safavian, are embroiled in big-government corruption schemes. The party is in turmoil over President Bush’s Lyndon Johnson impersonations. And as Robert Novak reports, the fiscal conservative wing of the party (such as it is) is valiantly struggling with the Bush brigade to get its anti-pork Operation Offset off the ground.

Mark Steyn, grounded in reality, sums it up:

Ambitious presidents seize on extreme events to change the culture, as FDR did, using the Depression to transform the nature of the federal government. In allowing the eco-crazies to get away with prioritizing the world’s biggest mosquito herd over Alaskan oil, and the teaching establishment with insisting that there’s nothing wrong with the most overfunded public education system in the world that can’t be fixed with even more wasted dollars, and the bureaucracy with creating an instantly sclerotic jobs-for-life federalized airport security (that just walked off the job in Houston), the Republicans missed their post-9/11 opportunity.

Instead of changing the nature of the federal government, the Republican majority in Washington seems to be changing the nature of the Republican Party. The Democrats’ approach to government has been Sorosized, the GOP’s has been supersized. Some choice.



For those of you haven’t lost all hope, the blogosphere’s Porkbusters campaign continues. Carry on!



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