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Democrat Dumpster Diving
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The Washington Post editorializes about the Dems’ dirty trick against Maryland GOP Lt. Gov. Michael Steele. The editorial board can’t bring itself to just condemn the act on its own without also mentioning that Republicans do bad things, too. But at least the paper has weighed in on the matter:

As political dirty tricks go, snooping for financial dirt on Mr. Steele by illegal means strikes us as roughly on a par with eavesdropping on a rival party’s private telephone conversations, as Virginia Republican officials did several years ago. Both acts display a disregard for fair play and the spirit of the law; both are indicative of the current state of partisan enmity. Voters might like to punish all the scoundrels — if only they could tell one party’s scoundrels from the other’s.

Meanwhile, the Washington Times reports that the Republican Party has launched its own probe of whether the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has obtained the credit reports of other GOP officeholders and candidates:

The Republican Party started its own inquiry yesterday into whether the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee accessed credit reports on more people than Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael S. Steele, a potential candidate in the upcoming U.S. Senate race.

National Republican Senatorial Committee attorneys took the first step by sending a letter to the Democratic committee that asks which candidates have had their credit information accessed by committee staffers.

The letter from William J. McGinley and Cleta Mitchell requested information on “how the credit report(s) were accessed, which credit report(s) were accessed, whether any other forms of private financial data were accessed and [whether staffers accessed] any other relevant information related to this serious situation.”

The letter also states concerns about whether the committee destroyed its copy of Mr. Steele’s credit report, despite federal prosecutors’ ongoing investigation. The potential mishandling of the document was reported first by WBAL-TV.

And in another one for your “Bias? What liberal media bias?” file, the NYTimes still has not reported on this Dem debacle involving two of NY Sen. Charles Schumer’s staffers. (Ask ombudsman Byron Calame why.)

According to Roll Call, Steele “has not ruled out seeking civil action” against the

DSCC and “is also awaiting a personal apology” from DSCC chair

Chuck Schumer.



A despicable Democrat dirty trick

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