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Still lots of e-mail and blogger reax pouring in on anti-war protester, Cindy Sheehan (currently the #3 search term at Technorati). A sample:

From Avenue B Alum…

I wonder if the lefties pimping the grief of that dead GI’s mom are pro-life. (The Grief Pimps would make a great name for a band but the lefties, apparently, have dibs on it.)

If the Grief Pimps are pro-choice, they are hypocrites. They’ll respect the right of a 15 year old to have an abortion, but not the right of an 18 year old to volunteer to fight. Respecting the right to choose what you do with your body does not include the choice of putting on a uniform and serving your country.

I hope this mom snaps out of it soon. Her son made a choice as an adult. It was a noble and honorable choice and he went into it understanding he might die and offering his life freely.

And now the Grief Pimps are publicly emasculating this GI in his grave by encouraging his mom to disrespect what he chose and what he gave his life for.

From KSFO listeners who wrote Melanie Morgan…

I literally ran into her at the rain-soaked counter demonstration against Steve and Virginia Pearcy, who early in Spring, you might remember, hung a U.S. soldier in effigy from the rafters of their Sacramento home.

She aligned herself with the Bush Lied/People Died crowd, including Medea Benjamin of Code Pink and other San Francisco Lefty rent-a-mob usual suspects. She admitted she was AGAINST the war BEFORE her son died.

I have an e-mail from Jim Krause, whose brother Elmer was killed in Iraq

at the same time as Casey Sheehan. Cindy Sheehan was with Mr. Krause at

Fort Lewis, Washington when President Bush joined them in the chapel.

“Mel, let me tell you his guard was down. He was real. He was genuine. He

was sincere. His eyes teared while we told of our loss. He said he was

sorry. During that time we all could have blasted out our anger, criticism

and contept. He would have stood there and taken it.

..we all share in the loss of loved ones. I don’t begin to know a mother’s pain and God forbid, the pain of the loss of an only child. I have only one. I only know if she doesn’t get past her anger, she will die a bitter woman. Cindy calls for the President to bring the troops home to honor her son. I say “Mr. President, honor my brother’s remains and his 10-year old son whom he dearly loved by STAYING THE COURSE.’

One other observation. When I was in Iraq, many soldiers told me they saw the video of the U.S. soldier hung in effigy in Sacramento. The rally that Cindy Sheehan attended. They were shocked, upset and angry that the demonstration took place because they say it undermines their mission and morale.

I wonder what Casey Sheehan would say about his mother’s actions–let alone her words.

Reader Gene D. writes…

1. My utmost sympathy to Ms. Sheehan.

2. I have the background to speak on this subject. My father retired after 24 yrs in the active Army, I retired after 15 years active and eight years Guard and Reserve in the Army. My son has served in the Guard, ROTC, and was a combat engineer with 3d Inf Div in the Iraq war and will probably end up back there. My brother-in-law is now on his second tour in Iraq (volunteered to continue on active duty) and was wounded by an IED during his first tour there.


3. Knowing all that I do and having talked with vets, I can say with complete confidence that SPC Sheehan would not want his mother doing what she is doing today. The percentage of soldiers who oppose the war (even privately) is infinitely low. With all due respect to a grieving mother, we can be sure that she cannot produce an e-mail or letter in which SPC Sheehan expresses the same criticism or doubts as her.

THEREFORE, it appears to me that Ms. Sheehan is doing this for herself, not for her son or her son’s memory or any other soldier, deceased or still serving. While no one could argue that she is not entitled to her own opinion of the war and Pres. Bush, she is capitalizing on her own son’s death to bootstrap her personal opinion into a national news story. That dishonors her son in a way that no one else could and tarnishes his memory.

Blogger observations at Protein Wisdom, PJ Comix, and Byron York (who posts an extraordinary photo of senior Bush administration officials sitting at Sheehan’s feet).


Cindy Sheehan’s June 2005 op-ed in Common Dreams calling the Bush administration “the biggest terrorist outfit in the world.”

Editor & Publisher tries to counter the Drudge Report.



The friends of Cindy Sheehan

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
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