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Ted Rall, Meet Lynne Stewart
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The miscreant Ted Rall fumes:

The right points to critics like Michael Moore, yours truly, and Ward Churchill, the Colorado professor who points out the gaping chasm between America’s high-falooting rhetoric and its historical record. But these bête noires are guilty only of the all-American actions of criticism and dissent, not to mention speaking uncomfortable truths to liars and deniers. As far as we know, no one on what passes for the “left” (which would be the center-right anywhere else) has betrayed the United States in the GWOT. No anti-Bush progressive has made common cause with Al Qaeda, Hamas, the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan or any other officially designated “terrorist” group


Lynne Stewart Convicted on Aiding and Abetting Terrorism Charges

Sheik’s U.S. Lawyer Convicted Of Aiding Terrorist Activity

Via Democracy Now, Feb. 11, 2005:

Civil rights attorney Lynne Stewart was convicted on all five counts of conspiring to aid terrorists and lying to the government Thursday in a case that reverberated with defense lawyers around the country.

Stewart was convicted of smuggling out messages from her jailed client – Shiekh Omar Abdel Rahman also known as the blind sheikh who is serving a life sentence on terror-related charges. Most notably Stewart was convicted of helping Rahman contact followers in Egypt with messages that could have ended a cease-fire there and ignited violence. She faces up to 35 years in prison.

Stewart’s co-defendants Ahmed Sattar, a postal worker who acted as a paralegal for Abdel-Rahman, and Mohammed Yousry, an Arabic translator, were also convicted of all charges against them.

The verdict was a major victory for the Justice Department and one of the country’s most closely-watched cases since the Sept. 11 attacks.

Lynne Stewart’s just desserts

So either Lynne Stewart doesn’t qualify as a leftist, or Ted Rall is a bloviating ignoramus. Again.



Iowahawk has the best parody of the Left’s “Stop questioning my patriotism” meme. Ever.

Lorie Byrd and Jayson at Polipundit respond to the rest of Rall’s rant.



Captain Ed vs. Ted Rall: No contest

The buck-naked bigotry of Ted Rall

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