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Outrage in Denver
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There are appalling new developments in the cop-killer case in Denver. As reported by the Rocky Mountain News, Det. Donald Young’s suspected killer, 19-year-old illegal alien Raul Garcia-Gomez, was employed at a restaurant co-owned by the city’s mayor, John Hickenlooper. Garcia-Gomez worked for the Cherry Cricket for 10 months despite a federal notification sent to the business last month that his papers were bogus:

Lee Driscoll, the mayor’s business partner, said Tuesday that the company learned last month that Garcia-Gomez provided the restaurant with two forms of identification, but the Social Security number he provided turned out to be false.

Driscoll said Garcia-Gomez’s name was on a list he receives annually from the Social Security Administration. It indicated Garcia-Gomez’s information did not match its records.

Denver reader Matthew Splitt sends more:

The phrase “tipping point” was being used more and more today referring to the murder of our police officer and illegal immigration.

The Mayor has yet to respond publicly to allegations he has ignored immigration enforcement here and that he [h]as indeed been hiring illegal aliens in his own 7 restaurants for years. It may be the Mayor is getting ready to circle the wagons. God only knows what paperwork is disappearing from his restaurants’ offices.

He employed the killer for at least the previous 10 months. Indeed it’s being reported that the killer went to work at the Mayor’s restaurant, The Cherry Cricket, after the murder and completed a full shift. His car has now been located 100 miles from the Mexican border in Cali.

It is now being reported that the Cherry Cricket was notified by the Feds that the killer had used a bogus ID to obtain employment. That was more than 30 days ago. They didn’t fire him, they didn’t call ICE, they did nothing, except keep paying him, knowing full well he was an illegal alien.

Also, the Denver police have acknowledged they had stopped the killer 3 times previously for traffic offenses. He never produced a valid driver[‘]s license or insurance on any of the 3 occasions. He did at one time show a Mexican driver[‘]s license. He was let go all three times with only one brief court appearance as “punishment.” At no time did any Denver police officer or an[y] Denver judge even bring up the fact that he was an illegal alien, even though it was obvious to all. Apparently in Denver, illegal aliens enjoy different driving privileges than Americans.

For your information, it is being put out by Mayor Hickenlooper supporters that the Mayor turned over control of his restaurants to a “blind trust”. This is untrue. The Mayor handpicked three people to act as “proxies” for him. They have his power of attorney and operate his restaurants on a day-to-day basis. The mayor attends quarterly company meetings and still signs company papers.


Michelle, please let the rest of the country know how bad things [are] here by posting this note. The Mayor of Denver’s own business employing illegal aliens with obvious false documents. The Mayor’s business keeping the illegal alien employed even after having been notified he used false documents to gain employment. The Denver police had this killer 3 times and he even appeared in court once. Everyone knew he was illegal. Nothing was ever done.

And now a police officer is dead, a wife widowed and 2 young daughters have no father.

Just killing the cops no one else will kill, and washing a few dishes on the side.

Contact the mayor who has blood on his hands here:

John Hickenlooper

Mayor’s Office

General Administration


[email protected]

Fax: 720-865-8787

Update: Talk Radio station KHOW in Denver is leading a fund-raising drive for slain officer Donald Young’s family. Here’s the station’s auction site. (Hat tip: Anthony J.)

Update II: Denver Post reports that Garcia-Gomez worked a shift at the Cherry Cricket after ambushing the police…

Early Sunday, Garcia-Gomez worked a full shift at his dishwashing job at the Cherry Cricket just hours after the shooting. He clocked in at the restaurant at 8 a.m., Eddy said. The suspect later clocked out at 4:08 p.m., Eddy said. The shootings happened about 1 a.m.

Meanwhile, Denver is buzzing over the city’s sanctuary policy. Rep. Tom Tancredo and KHOW talk radio are all over it.

And the Rocky Mountain News reports that Mayor Hickenlooper’s restaurants employed about 100 people with invalid Social Security numbers, including Garcia-Gomez.

Update III: At The Remedy, John Andrews (who has a son in the Denver PD) weighs in and shares a moving letter from his daughter-in-law.

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