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Terrorists Have Feelings, Too
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Oh, for crying out loud. Do we really need a TV show that preaches that being an Islamofascist is “complex?”

Update: A reader chimes in…

Take a look at the points of views of the producers and it’s pretty clear where they are coming from. Jihadainment? Chopaganda? Terror-Vision? I don’t know what to label this abomination, but we need something that clearly states its true nature. Islam has a long track record of immigrating to other lands, then playing the victim of the future-dimhimnis, eventually citing these lies as justifications for their own predations. This is a clever, if misguided, and yes, evil, way to try to create sympathy for those who hope to destroy us.

Also, consider the shenanigans that could take place in this situation: Genuine terrorists, or sympathizers, or simple sadists, could offer plot-line “ideas” about diabolical plots, and watch Americans squirm as they relive 9/11 while envisioning the next strike against innocents, graphically displayed or discussed on their TVs. Real cells could possibly share ideas with other cells by influencing this show to portray their desired actions.

This show could outrun the popularity of the Bin Laden video series amongst the craven and the perversely curious. It has been persuasively theorized that the hot-selling “beheading” DVDs are produced mostly for propaganda purposes, to draw the murderous to their destiny. Potential Johnny Jihads do not need this kind of encouragement. Nor do we need the real world fighters for freedom to be knocked off the national consciousness by a voyeuristic send up of their, and our, antagonists.

If the media/entertainment industry have banned images of 9/11 due to the feelings it might create against our enemies, just how appropriate can they think it is to portray images of fiends planning more such acts? This is transparent hypocrisy, which is to say, more of the same. I’ll fight it in any way I can.

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