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Liberals Are So Lovely, Part ii
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Looks like it’s time for another edition of Tolerant Liberals Gone Wild! (Part I is here.)

In Orlando, Fl.: Protestors Ransack Bush/Cheney Headquarters In Orlando;

2 People Receive Minor Injuries During Protest (there’s video, too)

In Knoxville, Tenn.: New photos: Shots fired into Knox Bush/Cheney headquarters

In Gainsville, Fla.: Democrat slugs area GOP chief, GPD says

In Columbus, Ohio: The attack on soldier Foster Barton, a Purple Heart recipient for his service in Iraq.


In Ellicott City, Md: Republican campaign signs vandalized

Lester Dent at ChronWatch shares his thoughts on left-wing violence and why conservatives fear putting Bush/Cheney signs on their lawn.

And here’s a website called When Angry Democrats Attack.

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