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Spc. Ryan Anderson's Court-Martial
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The court-martial of Spc. Ryan Anderson aka Amir Talhah has been in the news. According to the Seattle Times,

Prosecutors contend that among the information Anderson gave was the exact size of round needed to penetrate bulletproof windows on Humvees that were equipped with added armor.

Rene Gonzales, the Army’s top expert on vehicle survivability in combat zones, was called in to testify for the prosecution, presumably on that subject, though his testimony was closed to the public and media.

In one of a few open sessions, John Rowe, an Army tank expert, testified that Anderson told undercover Army intelligence agents several ways of disabling an M1 Abrams tank and killing its crew. Anderson, 27, was a tank crew member with the Washington National Guard’s 81st Armored Brigade, now in Iraq.

Some of Anderson’s views can be discerned from his Usenet posts, which are discussed here.

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