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The Buck-Naked Bigotry of Ted Rall
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Ted “Bottom-feeder” Rall is at it again. His latest crude-toon includes a frame depicting Condoleezza Rice proclaiming herself Bush’s “HOUSE NIGGA.” A black man demands that Rice “HAND OVER HER HAIR STRAIGHTENER.” His t-shirt reads “YOU’RE NOT WHITE, STUPID.” The caption below the frame reads “SENT TO INNER-CITY RACIAL RE-EDUCATION CAMP.”

I am not going to call for a boycott of Rall’s work. No. I want Universal Press Syndicate and the Washington Post and all his other “mainstream” media outlets to keep publishing his pathetic scrawls and scribbles.

Ted Rall, you see, is a very useful idiot. Whereas most on the Left attempt to conceal their liberal racism in the drapery of “diversity” and “multiculturalism,” Ted Rall is an ideological streaker. His impulsive naked bigotry is so butt-ugly, you can’t help but gawk. It is raw and it is real and it is, quite helpfully, all hanging out there for the world to see.

Show us more of your assininity, Ted. Keep dropping your rhetorical pants. Which other minority public figures do you want to mock for having straightened hair? Colin Powell’s wife? Beyonce? Coretta Scott King? Which other independent-thinking, unorthodox minorities do you want to defame for not thinking “white” enough? You wanna send Bill Cosby to “racial re-education camp,” too, huh? Which other minority conservatives are you just itching to tar as “HOUSE NIGGAS” or “HOUSE CHINKS” or “HOUSE SPICS?”

(It’s also valuable, by the way, to see Rall’s mainstream media clients such as the Washington Post continue to stand by him…while at the same time, moan about the lack of civility in public discourse.)

Rall is not the far Left fringe. He gets away with this pen-and-ink-stained excrement because he reflects the closet thinking of mainstream media editors across the country and their mainstream liberal audiences. His work is reportedly carried in 140 newspapers. He and his ilk are everywhere. I grew up with his kind. I went to school with his kind. I work in the media with his kind. I have been getting contempt-filled, profanity-laced, “You-are-a-traitor-to-your-race/You banana/coconut/Aunt Tomasina/white wannabe” diatribes from his kind in my mailbox for the past 12 years.

I’m just glad to see Rall’s kind crawling out from under their rocks and exposing themselves to sunlight. Bask in the glow, miscreants. Ain’t 21st century liberal bigotry liberating? It’s soooo much easier to breathe without those hoods.


A special request for you enterprising graphic designers/creative types: How about designing “TED RALL THINKS I’M A HOUSE NIGGA,” “TED RALL THINKS I’M A HOUSE CHINK,” and “TED RALL THINK’S I’M A HOUSE (BANANA/COCONUT/SPIC/FILL-IN-THE-RACIAL-EPITHET) etc., t-shirts? I would also love to see an “I’M NOT ‘WHITE’…I’M RIGHT” t-shirt for all of us minority conservatives who have been Rall-ed by leftist bigots.

If you get something up for sale quick at CafePress or the like (doesn’t need to be fancy, just the plain text slogan would be fine), let me know and I’ll buy ’em, I’ll wear ’em, and I’ll plug ’em.


UPDATE: Wow! My peeps work fast! Rachel Jurado, who blogs at Banana Republican, has launched the “Uncle Tom’s Outreach Initiative” at CafePress with a few of the suggested t-shirts and some of her own original work. (I’m going with the cute pink “I’m not ‘White.’ I’m RIGHT” shirt and one of those “Self-loathing race traitor”” cotton t’s. Also gonna do some early Christmas shopping and snatch up some of those ash-gray “RALL THINKS I’M A HOUSE NIGGA” t’s!)

UPDATE: These aren’t for sale (too bad!), but Allahpundit has designed some great Rall-wear, too.

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