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Column’s up: What your kid is learning in school:


Update: A public school teacher in the Bronx shares her experience:

I’m a 23 year old high school science teacher in the Bronx and I recently asked my ninth graders what their favorite book was. Almost every one of them told me it was “Down These Mean Streets” by Piri Thomas, so I got ahold of this book to see what was so interesting. This is a book they read in their English classes at my school. I was shocked when I opened it and glanced at several of the pages.

It’s not bad enough that every other word is some form of “fuck,” but there are also references to moustaches as “pussy-ticklers.” If I found my child reading this book from school I would yank them out of that school so fast.

It’s not like Huck Finn, with Jim’s dialect. Instead, every sentence in this book is some combination of curse words and ebonics.

I know these students, and I know how low their English skills are. These students are not being helped by reading books like this. My administrators are so frustrated by these students’ lack of English skills and yet they approve reading material like that.

A Tupac fan proves our point:

It amazes me how you speak so negative of tupacs work without never even probably hearing his music. Im not saying he was shakespeare, but if you look at the big picture he was able to bring forth a certain clarity which enabled his followers to identify with him.Your artcle is baseless and without any merit. Im always baffled on how so called journalist can make assumptions without doing any solid background check. I bet you never been to the hood or can possibly relate to some of the innercity kids who use artist such as 2pac as a rolemodel to give them the inspiration to achieve the goals. In retrospect 2pac

accomplished more in his lifetime that you ever will.

Dont hate the player hate the game that created these conditions which enable such artist like 2pac to reflect the times and eras of their time. Michelle here some advise next time you want to use a rapper as a scapegoat to justify your means think before making an ass out of your self.

Another Tupac fan writes:

Honestly i was uphauled at the ignorance spewing from your article in today’s NY post.

Update: What they won’t be teaching Worcester students:

The blood-boiling story of Assata Shakur (a.k.a. Joanne Chesimard). Read the whole thing.

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