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mikeledray /
Univision anchor Maria Elena Selinas was unceremoniously booed while giving her commencement address at California State University, Fullerton last Tuesday. Ms. Selinas, who to be fair is pretty attractive for a 62-year-old, probably imagined this to be a witty line: They blame us for so many things, that now they’re even blaming us, the media,... Read More
The following anecdote I hope will demonstrate some disturbing pathologies in our culture at present. What kind of effect might different colored paper have on Hispanic students in terms of their schoolwork? This was the worthy academic query posed by my former colleague in the world of education, a world the Derb described as the... Read More
Joseph Sohm /
Let’s add to the organized forces aligning against Donald Trump the dictionary itself. Physical copies of the dictionary are quite apolitical. They just lie there, ready for your matter-of-fact reference. But the website for Merriam-Webster is indeed on the warpath against the last hope of Western Civilization. Their method of attack is to hone in... Read More
Looking back on my time as a teacher, I note with irony that there is a special breed of stupidity which only manifests in those who purport to transmit knowledge to others. Rest assured, it is they who are now in charge. There is no reasoning with them, there is no Socratic dialogue to discover... Read More
Andrew Cline /
The lugenpresse has been effective in demonizing Trump, or at least they have earnestly tried, using all the obvious MSM broadcasts and newspapers, but also online channels of propaganda such as AOL and Yahoo. Obviously this won’t work on me, being the first journalist (okay, blogger) to predict the rise of the Donald prior to... Read More
In 2015 America, there is a certain convention to pour out one’s tale of woe in hopes of provoking a sympathetic response. Nay, more than this, it is in fact an attempt to establish dominance in our topsy-turvy culture, where the most put-upon is king. In this moral universe, at the bottom are the “privileged,”... Read More
As a placidly retired teacher, I know well the outrageous left-wing bias of school curriculums insofar as their content is concerned. Hopefully I demonstrated that to some degree in my last missive. But it’s not just content about which one must be wary; it’s also the process by which the content (or lack thereof) is... Read More
Christopher Halloran /
Is it not just a tad cynical that the Republican establishment is using Carly Fiorina as a Hillary Clinton attack dog? To use her in this way is to give in to the “war on women” ridiculousness, conceding that a man criticizing Hillary would be a bit too risqué for the apologetically male Republican field.... Read More
Albert H. Teich /
A spurious fact check analysis from about Donald Trump’s announcement speech in New York City on Tuesday has been circulating around the media. Liberal outlets such as the Washington Post and CBS News have gleefully referenced it in their columns. The larger meaning is clear: They are attempting to extinguish a flame, lit whence... Read More
As I retire from teaching, exchanging my piece of chalk for a journalist’s pen, I can’t help but dole out a parting shot to the textbook publishers. I have tolerated them, I have tried to turn a blind eye to their machinations, their half-truths, their lies by omission, their lies of commission. The time has... Read More
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