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President Obama's key foreign policy focus remains the Ukraine, where the military confrontation between Ukrainian soldiers and pro-Russian activists is unlikely to disappear in the days ahead despite President Putin's apparent ploy suggesting he was against the rebels' planned autonomy referendum . Whether what Putin has in mind is creating a claimed need for Russian... Read More
But Now He's Nowhere
Our peripatetic secretary of state has been less so these last few weeks since the collapse of his Palestinian-Israeli peace talks. Lying low. And no wonder. It's hard to squeeze any good news out of the failure: we've learned useful information about the Israeli and Palestinian positions we didn't know before the Kerry initiative? On... Read More
It's the Man and also the System
There are obviously people who voted for President Obama and think he's done a great job -- but there are just a lot fewer of them than there used to be. I was reminded of this when I got an email the other day commenting on my column last week on US policy in the... Read More
He gets an A for effort but a C for results
Indefatigable crisis-tamper-downer John Kerry had a flight pattern this past week more erratic than the missing Malaysian airplane. He was returning to Washington from Saudi Arabia (and The Hague and Amman and points in between) where he had accompanied President Obama in smooth-talking grumpy ally Saudi Arabia -- who, as they look at their future,... Read More
Will Lead to Obama's Last Chance Offer to Netanyahu
It's been a good couple of weeks for President Obama on the international front. Well, not maybe in terms of substance, but who focuses on substance these days any way. It all started with the Putin takeover of the Crimea which, while it certainly was not good news for Obama, at least it pushed Israeli... Read More
Fewer Soldiers Could Mean Fewer Wars
“They're rioting in Africa, they're starving in Spain, There're hurricanes in Florida, and Texas needs rain…” That sweetly cynical ballad from the button-downed, short-haired Kingston Trio of the pre-hippy late '50s and early '60s reminds us of just how much our world has changed -- and how much it hasn't. Oh, they're not starving in... Read More
Revisiting Exceptionalism
The pictures of President Obama and President Hollande of France, the country which is our oldest friend, touring Thomas Jefferson's Monticello screamed at us, "The Age of Mediocrity." The contrast, between today's two living presidents and that earlier epoch of French-US relations, when our first president and the Marquis de Lafayette were close friends, when... Read More
With No End in Sight
Pessimist alert: the situation in what began as the Arab Spring is moving from bad -- Egypt's Mubarak, Syria's Assad, Iraq's Saddam -- to worse: Egypt's ever stricter military dictatorship, Syria's three year-old civil war, Iraq's renewed chaos. A downward spiral with no end in sight. Two unrelated books, the first just out, the second... Read More
Recognition of "Jewish State" is a Deal Breaker
The death of former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, who has been in a coma for eight years, followed shortly after the tenth visit of Secretary of State Kerry to Israel in just the past six months as he continued his search for a conclusive peace to end the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian West... Read More
As President Obama made abundantly clear in his end-of-year press conference -- his body language even more eloquently than his actual language -- it's a good year to see the end of. And a year that most inhabitants of the Middle East are surely glad to see end, though 2014 isn't likely to turn out... Read More
The Surprising Elements of Talmudic Judaism
The Shaping Event of Our Modern World
Analyzing the History of a Controversial Movement