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Ken Meyercord writes: “I had a revelation last night as I lay tossing and turning, and I thought I’d run it by you to see how you think it ranks with St. Paul’s conversion on the road to Damascus. There’s a website out there called ‘Jew or Not Jew‘, on which individuals are scored (between... Read More
Scott Bennett, author of The Shell Game (a copy of which he bestowed on Tucker Carlson) discusses the midterm elections, our participation in the Towards Tomorrow Seminar with former Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and much more. Below is an excerpt from the interview. Kevin Barrett: Your take on the EU then is quite different from... Listen
E. Michael Jones of Culture Wars discusses his new article “Requiem for a Figurehead” as well as the midterms, abortion and “sexual liberation,” our “Towards Tomorrow” seminar with Dr. Ahmadinejad, and the Kanye and Kyrie controversy. Below is the transcript of the show’s final minutes. Kevin Barrett: I wanted to ask you about the Kanye... Listen
The "left" has abandoned peace, freedom, and working folks—they're now warmongers, censors, and corporate shills
A few years ago, if you’d told me I would ever vote for a Republican not named Ron Paul, I’d have said you were out of your mind. For most of my lifetime the Republicans seemed the more obnoxious wing of the two-party duopoly. They were sanctimonious hypocrites preaching family values while banging interns; smug... Read More
Republican activist Rolf Lindgren a.k.a. “Rolfstradamus” predicts the outcome of next Tuesday’s midterm elections. In the final half hour, Allan Stevo argues that yes, elections do matter, and discusses his efforts to help candidates with non-mainstream ideas win. Allan Stevo is the author of Face Masks in One Lesson. He contributes to, The Hill,... Listen
Two very strange stories—the hammer attack on Paul Pelosi, and Homer Van Meter’s account of his Sonoma County shootout with satanic cult members in 2004—just got even stranger. Homer Van Meter says that one of the cult members bore an uncanny resemblance to a younger version of David DePape, the man who was arrested for... Listen
Rev. Dr. Randy Short offers a different view of the Kanye West controversy. Dr. Short has known Ye for many years. He thinks Ye’s statements about Jews have been overly harsh, poorly thought out, and even ungrateful. (Yes, Jews do dominate the entertainment business, and they helped Ye become a billionaire, so why is he... Listen
Author and journalist Bro. Demetric Muhammad of the Nation of Islam Research Group discusses the new Final Call article “Kanye West Meets Jewish Power.” It begins: “Black entertainer Ye (formerly Kanye West) has now joined the elite ranks of some of our most powerful and prestigious Black freedom fighters, such as Martin Luther King, Marcus... Listen
And possible US (nuclear?) escalation in Ukraine
Is Ye the latest of the African-American heroes who have angered the bullies at the ADL by speaking truth to (Jewish) power? Or have some of his controversial statements been ill-conceived? And is Newsweek ’s assertion that US Troops are Preparing to Attack Russia an exaggeration, or is a nuclear false flag in the works?... Read More
Ancient ritual of child sacrifice lives on
RFK Jr. called it “an act of child abuse on a massive scale.” Thursday’s CDC decision to add COVID mRNA vaccines to the childhood schedule was certainly abusive. But it could be argued that it wasn’t just child abuse, but also an avatar of the ancient ritual of child sacrifice. Before diving deeper into the... Read More
Greg Leveille of the Spiritual Secrets Substack just published “Going Beyond Chaos while floating in a River of Loving Consciousness.” In it he asks some good questions: “Are you making a positive difference in the world, or are you contributing to the confusion and the contentiousness of the current round of worldwide chaos? Can you... Listen
Mysticism, as well as politics, is on the menu this weekend
God is the one who, when He wills a thing to be, He but says unto it, "Be" — and it is. Google fancies itself the company that, when it wills a thing not to be, says unto it “don’t be” — and it isn’t. Google has been saying “don’t be!” to me, louder and... Read More
This weekend Jim Fetzer—the most notorious retired philosophy professor in America—returned to False Flag Weekly News after a five-year absence. And therein lies a tale. Jim and I started FFWN back in 2014. It was originally named “The Dynamic Duo” after the Genesis (Alex Jones’ network) radio show we had co-hosted circa 2006-2008. False Flag... Read More
Environmental activists blaming Vincent Van Gogh for climate change have mutilated the famous artist’s “Self Portrait Minus Ear” by slashing off part of the canvas with a razor blade. The activists severed and removed the portion of the painting depicting the bandage that covered the part of the artist’s head where the ear used to... Read More
Philosophy professor Thaddeus Kozinski wonders “Are You Aware? And are you aware of your unawareness?” His essay begins: “There is a broad spectrum, as broad as the distance between heaven and hell, describing the level of awareness of people as to what is truly happening now in the world today, and why.” Are people’s interpretations... Listen
Lawyer and philosophy professor Sterling Harwood, author of The Greatest Mystery of the Beatles, emailed me to ask: “Did the literal interpretation of Christianity just die on Mars?” He explained that one of NASA’s Mars rovers may have found traces of ancient microbial life. So how would that impact Christianity? Sterling: “Genesis, interpreted literally, implies... Listen
After years of stealth abolition of womens’ and girls’ sports by allowing fake females to participate, the woke brigade has pushed things way past their logical conclusion. A recent article in The Atlantic headlined “Separating Sports by Sex Doesn’t Make Sense” argues that female-only sports should be abolished. The author, Maggie Mertens, cites sociology professor... Read More
My fellow Revolution Radio host Briah Ruhe (Tuesdays 6-8 pm) may be the world's leading Buddhist Nazi UFOlogist. Tonight Brian and I are joined by his frequent guest Apollonian, a provocateur who plagues, I mean, haunts (ahem) the comments section at the Unz Review, offering strong opinions on a variety of subjects. Apo especially dislikes... Listen
Jila Ansari of is an Iranian-American long resident in the US. She has appeared on Ken Meyercord’s WorldDocs show to discuss Iran, Abrahamic monotheism, the social and political dimensions of religion, and related topics—offering perspectives that are very different from those ordinarily heard on Truth Jihad Radio. Her take on Zionism, however, is right... Listen
On Thursday the Anglo-Zionist Empire’s Mockingbird media assets suddenly started chanting choreographed slurs against Jeffrey Sachs—who suspects COVID originated in a US biowar lab—and The Lancet, the world’s leading medical journal, which just issued a report on COVID origins. (Sachs chaired The Lancet‘s COVID Commission.) Tonight’s first hour guests, bioweapons expert Meryl Nass and COVID... Listen
Recommends Synthetic Insects Instead
Matthew Ehret and I covered 30 stories on this week’s False Flag Weekly News. Fortunately, the one below did not make the list. If you appreciate the way FFWN combs through each week’s news stories in hopes of separating fact from fiction, absurd reality from barely-more-absurd parody, then by all means contribute to this week’s... Read More
Matthew Ehret of Canadian Patriot, one of the most important of the younger generation of intellectuals shaped by 9/11, discusses his brand-new published-two-hours-before-showtime article “Can Britain Break From Feudalism or Will King Charles’ Great Reset Go Unchallenged?” Matt raises some interesting questions: *Why was the Great Reset officially launched by none other than then-Prince, now-King,... Listen
Does mainstream media lie outrageously about many of the biggest issues? That is the contention of Ron Unz, who has just published six new books compiling material from his American Pravda series of essays. This lecture was delivered 9/10/22 via Zoom to a live event in McFarland, WI. At the end of the lecture, Ron... Read More
Prince Charles, now known as King Charles, officially launched the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset.” That’s not a theory, it’s a fact. Here’s another disturbing fact: The British Crown is the world’s largest property owner! So now let’s speculate: Will King Charles soon push the “reset” button and become King of the World? Did they... Read More
Warning: This video was immediately taken down by YouTube!
Alexander Wolfheze’s Rupes NigRa: AN ARCHAEO-FUTURIST COUNTDOWN IN TWELVE ESSAYS is a profound, beautifully written and illustrated reflection on issues raised by the European New Right (ENR) and its American cousin, the alt-right. (For background, check out Keith Preston on Thinkers Against Modernity, Blake Archer Williams’ critique of the ENR from a Shia Muslim perspective,... Read More
Nadeem Haque discusses his new book (with Al-Hafiz B.A. Masri and Mehran Banaei) Ecolibrium: The Sacred Balance in Islam. Nadeem writes: “Islam is regarded in the Quran (its primary textual source) as a natural belief system founded on nature (in Arabic: fitrah). Furthermore, in the Quran, nature is spoken of profusely, not only as a... Listen
But is it all one big reality show?
News reports a few days ago conjured up images of Trump blowing a gasket at the thought that Biden’s FBI went pawing through Melania’s closet, sniffing and trying on various high-end undergarments gifted by such friends as Jeffrey Epstein and Les Wexner, billionaire founder of Victoria’s Secret and Epstein’s Mossad Mega Group sugar daddy. Which... Read More
And other controversial content.
The American Conservative recently published the provocative headline “Three Cheers for Patriarchy.” I subtracted one cheer and explained why in today’s khutbah, posted above. Tonight’s live radio show featuring Nadeem Haque and Sander Hicks will also be controversial. Nadeem’s book Ecolibrium argues that Islam, not NWO Great Reset atheism/satanism, offers the key to environmental sustainability;... Read More
In our latest discussion/debate, Adam Green and I take up where we left off last time. We begin by agreeing that 9/11 was a false flag operation, and that the crime was rooted in Jewish messianic millenarianism. But whereas Adam posits an “Abrahamic conspiracy” by which religious Jews plan to take over the world and... Read More
Dave Gahary of American Free Press wonders whether the Alex Jones and Jim Fetzer libel suits are his fault. Dave, after all, produced the viral Wolfgang Halbig interview that drew Infowars into Sandy Hook. And Dave was the original publisher of Jim Fetzer’s edited book Nobody Died at Sandy Hook. Should Dave have listened to... Listen
Dissociated Press In the wake of its raid on Mar-a-Lago, the FBI has charged former president Donald Trump with stealing nuclear secrets in order to build a LEGO H-bomb in his basement. “Trump absconded from the White House with one of America’s most closely guarded nuclear weapons secrets—namely, how to build a thousand-megaton H-bomb using... Read More
Adam Green of KnowMoreNews discusses the video “Rabbis Explain the Abrahamic Judeo Takeover Conspiracy.” I think Adam paints with a way-too-broad brush and his analysis lacks nuance and balance. But he’s right to identify “Jewish” messianic millenarian madness, chosenness, and “Jewish power” as real problems. For a good historical analysis see Guyenot’s From Yahweh to... Read More
Dr Syed Haider sent me a press release that begins: “Transsexual and homosexual curriculum in today’s modern school system has become a concern for parents across the nation. It’s easy for anyone to view TikTok videos of teachers who openly admit to promoting their “queer agenda” on underage students. The UCLA Williams Institute released a... Listen
Academic freedom hero Prof. Anthony Hall, who has published numerous articles on scamdemic related issues at Global Research, has put together a great slideshow video interview (watch it above) following the rough outlines of his article “Democracy, Authoritarianism, and the Canadian Truckers Movement.” That article begins: The US Ambassador to Canada, David Cohen, has characterized... Listen
Catholic philosophers Thaddeus Kozinski and Peter Simpson discuss Thaddeus’s new article “What Matters Right Now Is Your Soul.” It begins: “If you are paying attention, you know that the plandemic narrative is on its last legs, although its final death throes seem like eternity and are manifesting as most furious and ruthless—poison injections for babies—as... Listen
Lori Price of Citizens for Legitimate Government discusses CLG’s latest censorship problem, then in the last 15 minutes Rolf Lindgren discusses tomorrow’s Republican Party picnic in Verona, WI featuring a 40-minute speech by Sen. Ron Johnson. (Jim Fetzer and I plan to be there—don’t tell Antifa!) CLG’s June 22 newsletter was blocked by Yahoo email... Listen
Henry Herskovitz of Ann Arbor, MI appears to have defeated the Jewish Power Lobby in court. Such things don’t happen every day! The short version: Henry and his activist group got sued by some high-power deep-pockets Jewish Power folks who didn’t appreciate his weekly protests in front of the local synagogue. Normally, all a rich,... Listen
It's Islam's biggest holiday—and Google apparently hates it
Alert! This week’s False Flag Weekly News will broadcast Sunday 11 to noon Eastern instead of Saturday (Eid al-Adha). Also don’t miss tonight’s live radio show. Today is the day of Arafat, the anniversary of Prophet Muhammad’s farewell sermon. (Watch my sermon on his sermon, embedded above.) And tomorrow is Eid al-Adha, the biggest Islamic... Read More
Why Jordan Peterson Is Right About Elliot Page's Breasts
For many years, Cat McGuire (watch her above on this week’s False Flag Weekly News) was one of New York City’s sharpest and most energetic left-wing activists. In 2016 she brought me to the Left Forum to explain Why Noam Chomsky Is Wrong About 9/11. Traveling to the Left Forum in NYC to attack Chomsky... Read More
Jim Fetzer, like my previous guest Jeremy Rothe-Kushel, is a friend and former False Flag Weekly News colleague. And like Jeremy, Jim is someone I don’t always agree with. Today Jim returns to my show to break the news about today’s hearing in Dane County Circuit Court concerning Lenny Pozner’s attempt to seize control of... Listen
Mennonite attorney Bruce Leichty discusses the brief he filed in the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals last month, asserting that federal judge John W. Broomes committed numerous errors when he granted summary judgment to Bethel College, and prevented him from taking his case to a jury. Leichty was arrested in 2019 for participating in a... Listen
Helen Buyniski a.k.a. HelenOfDestroy (watch her on False Flag Weekly News) just published “Enjoying Your Membership in the Mass Shooting of the Day Club?” Subtitle: “Made-to-order censorship from the people who brought you 9/11.” Helen muses on Michael Chertoff’s new job steering DHS’s Disinformation Governance Board: “While there’s no direct smoking-gun proof that the current... Listen
Every mainstream media channel, with the sole exception of Fox, broadcast the live unfiltered feed of the first day of the January 6 hearings last Thursday. Just like on September 11, 2001, when you could endlessly flip channels and see nothing but the same images of planes-into-buildings-then-buildings-exploding-into-pyroclastic-monster-clouds-chasing-terrorized-citizens-through-the-streets-of-New-York while anchors and guests alternately chanted and insinuated... Read More
Ray McGinnis, author of Unanswered Questions: What the September Eleventh Families Asked and the 9/11 Commission Ignored, joins me to discuss his new article “The Freedom Convoy & the Collapse of Canadian Liberalism.” It’s an excellent article. McGinnis’s point—that Trudeau’s ultra-liberalism has somehow morphed into authoritarian totalitarianism—is a good one, and his arguments and evidence... Listen
The Ayatollah Made Islam/Iran Great Again—by Making GOD Great Again
Below is the article I recently submitted, upon request, to Press TV on the anniversary of the death of Imam Khomeini. Above is my latest Friday khutbah. I realize that this stuff is controversial—for example, people on both sides of the divide may bristle at my speaking the names “Khomeini” and “Trump” in the same... Read More
John Manley, author of the terrific new novel Much Ado About Corona, recently wrote to his readers: Dear Reader, Hot date tonight? Tell ’em you got monkeypox because… Today at 8pm EST I’ll be on Dr. Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad radio show. Barrett is an American Muslim who was expelled from teaching at the University... Listen
Lawyer, philosophy professor and author Sterling Harwood appears as defense attorney for an obviously guilty & doomed client: US president Joe Biden. Harwood emailed me to tell me that he thinks Joe Biden is doing a good job, offering to make the case in public: “See, now’s the time to trot out Dr. Harwood, the... Listen
Filmmaker John Hankey, director of the Dark Legacy films on the assassination of JFK Jr. and more recently “COVID19 Inside Job“, says the children at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas may have been killed by a Manchurian candidate (just like JFK Jr. was). He thinks the motive was less to promote gun control, but to... Listen
First 25 minutes: My May 23 interview on Press TV. Does the new 12-part agreement between Iran and Oman signal a regional shift, as former Western clients and puppets assert their independence as sovereign nations? As the world grows multipolar, will the West Asian region expel US imperialists and Zionist colonizers? Next 6 minutes: On... Listen
(2:47) (40 min.) And here is the one that mainstream Western feminists won’t like. I am betting that YouTube won’t find it offensive enough to censor. Good thing Nina Jankowicz and the DHS Dinformation Police went out of business, otherwise she might dress up as Mary Poppins and sing a song about it.
From the Leo Frank Case to the Present Day
The Surprising Elements of Talmudic Judaism
Analyzing the History of a Controversial Movement