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Pablo Gomez Sergio Leone Seven Samurai Sexual Capitalism Sexual Communism Sexual Politics Sexual Socialism Shame The Shame Sharia Sheldon Adelson Shirley Jackson Shmolocaust Shoah Shoah-and-Tell Shoah-boating Shoahvinism Short Story Silent Revolution Slavery Slavic Self-Loathing Slavicism Slavocaust Slavs Sloppy Russians Social Nationalism Socialism Sociopaths Soho Sony South African Riots South America South Vietnam Southern Culture Soviet Jews Spanish Sparrows Spigotry Sports Stalinism Status Stealth Revolution Straw Dogs Strong Horse Strong-willed Sub-Nazis Subjectivism In Journalism Summer Of Floyd Sun Support The Troops Supremacist Attitude Susan Sontag Sweden Tammy Wynette Television Teutonism Texas Governor Abbot The 1960s The Beatles The Lottery The Other The South The West The Western Third World Third World Invasion Tim Pool Tobe Hooper Tom Cruise Tranny Transhumanism Tree Tri-Idolatry Tridolatry Trojan Horse Trojan War True Leftism Trumpism Tug-a-Gro Turks TV Twitter UK Ultra-right Jewish Power Universal Narcissism Universal Nationalism Universalism Universalism Within Particularism Unter And Uber US US-Mexican Border Vampiricism Vertebrae Veterans Day Video Games Vietnam Vietnam War Virginity Virtue Vision Vitalism Volk War Of Covenants War Of The Worlds War Porn Wars For Israel Warsaw Pact Wasp WASPs We-the-People Weak-willed Weimar "We're Even" West And Rest West And The Rest Western Imperialism Western Imperialism. US As Lone Superpower Western Way Whindus Whit Stillman White Americans White Bullshit White Catholics White 'Conservatives' White Cuckery White Dog Behavior White Dominant White Elites White Elitism White Guilt White Lands White Liberals White Liberation White Light White National Liberation White Populism White Preferism White Prestige White Privilege White Progs White Race White Race-Ism White Silence Is Violence White Sugar White Superiority White Supremacism White Vacuity White Weakening White West Whiteness Whiteness As Disease Whites Whites And Blacks Wholesome Or Whoresome Whore-Moms Whorea Wicker Man William F. Buckley Winston Churchill Woke Capital Wokeness Wolves Womb Woodrow Wilson Woody Allen Working Class World War I WWII Xi Jinping Ye Year Zero God Yellows Yentl Yuppies Yupsters Zelensky Zelig
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Don't Deny the Horrors of World War II but Correct the Falsehoods and Provide the Contexts
Ironic as it may seem, the above-mentioned Texas proposal might as well be a manna-from-heaven to Jewish Power because the discussion could easily be construed as a matter of "Holocaust Did Happen" vs "Holocaust Didn't Happen", with hardly any light in between. It'd be like posing the Soviet Question as one of "Stalin killed 30... Read More
Historian Richard Hofstadter wrote a landmark essay(followed by a book) on the ‘Paranoid Style of American Politics’. Being a good Jewish Liberal, his target was the American Right even though the ‘paranoid style’ was as pervasive on the American Left as on the Right. It really came down to which side held the prestige and... Read More
During the Cold War, the overall sense was that the West was about freedom, about having a good time and being 'cool'. Not everything was politicized. In contrast, the communist world was seen as overly political, with ideology shaping and coloring just about everything. This was especially true of Stalinist USSR and China of the... Read More
The Jewish community is debating as to whether the Tribe should count as 'white', an inevitable outcome of the 'whiteness' demonization in academia, media, and the state, not least under the auspices of JSP or Jewish Supremacist Power. What was once an advantage is now the reverse in a culture where white-wariness has led to... Read More
Jewish Power controls not only White Minds but White SOULS
White bodies seek refuge from black violence and pathology, but white minds are captive to Jewish-controlled Reality Inversion. Worse, white souls have been poisoned with Jungle Faith(adoration of Magic Negro Nobility), which is downstream from Jungle Fever(fetishization of the Black Body). Exposing white minds to false information is dangerous but not necessarily fatal because the... Read More
Useful links: Germany proper as the heart of Central Europe occupied the lands between Western Europe and Eastern Europe & Russia. It could also be regarded as situated between Northern(or northern-most) Europe and Southern Europe. Thus, it could radiate outwards in all directions(like the sun) or find itself caught between a rock and a hard... Read More
... And that is precisely why Jewish Power vilifies White Race-ism above all else.
We've been told by the Jewish-controlled and cuck-managed media and academia that the greatest 'sin' is 'racism'. Now, if by 'racism', they mean blind and mindless hatred and hostility toward other races based on ignorance, arrogance, and contempt, we can agree. But we must ask why Race + Ism has been defined in such a... Read More
We’ve all heard of the Trojan Horse, the wooden structure offered by the Greeks to the Trojans as a gesture of truce. Both sides were weary of battle after ten years of stalemate. Greeks were tireless in offense whereas the Trojans were impenetrable in defense. Also, the gods were divided down the line in their... Read More
On Jews and Queues, and When Will White People cut off their Mental Queues? — How Jewish Globalism uses the White...
SEMPER DIVERSITY by Jared Taylor of the American Renaissance American Renaissance has done important work but is ultimately useless for pulling its punches or willfully missing what should be the main target of discussion: Jewish Supremacist Power. Take Jared Taylor's commentary of the US military in the video below. It's pure Pat-Condell. He blames everything... Read More
Control of the Gods leads to Control of All Money & Power — Why Jews Have the Power to Control the Gods
As Jesus said, man doesn’t live on bread alone, whether bread means food or money. People need to feel justified, good, and whole. Even the worst of us want to be seen as ‘respectable’, even righteous. The Corleones in THE GODFATHER don’t just kill and rake in profits but give to the church and do... Read More
Is there a difference between Heaven's Gate Cult and what is now unfolding all across the West? Heaven's Gate cult promised life but delivered death. The followers blindly toed the line and went over the cliff. They weren't forced(as members of Jim Jones cult were) but nevertheless felt obligated to go along to get along... Read More
How the Control of Gods profoundly impacts Politics on the grandest scale — Trump's stardom lost to Jewish divinity
The Derek Chauvin case in Minneapolis is a pawn in a much larger power struggle, and in a way, Chauvin is in trouble because even Donald Trump and white populists have succumbed to the same gods controlled by the Jews. When Jews control the gods and when Jews dole out the money(to all the whores,... Read More
Illusion of Western Liberalism & Problem of Self-Degradation — Historical Communism vs Current Western Compulsory...
Communism is both radical and conservative in spirit, hardly surprising as it's a deeply moralistic ideology that developed in reaction to the revolutionary upheavals of capitalism. Remember that Karl Marx himself recognized capitalism as the most transformative system developed by mankind. It was most extreme and 'radical' in changing all forms of human relations and... Read More
The Low-level Crimes of Blacks and High-level Crimes of Jews collaborate against White People and American Nationalism
Everyone, truly EVERYONE, knows that blacks commit the most crime. Even those who chant BLM slogans know deep down inside that blacks are the top criminals — how can blacks in da Hood not know this as they're killed by other blacks and call the cops on other blacks? Gentrification is predicated on 'blacks are... Read More
Civic Imperialism is Possible but not Civic Nationalism — US was a Race-Nationalist Republic — US Power as Headless...
Will there be a civil war in America? Of course, this means an intra-white war. There won't be a civil war within the black community. Not one in the brown community. Not one in the Muslim or Asian community. Not in the Jewish community. While there are Liberal Zionists, Neocon Zionists, and some radical Jews,... Read More
J-Ray enables the Gay-Ray — The Need for White Light and Right Light — The Jewish Hustle in the Takeover of Goy Mass...
Since the beginning of time, mankind has been fascinated with the Light. Egyptians worshiped the Sun god. The Sun is central to Japanese mythology. Indeed, it’s difficult to think of a people or culture, ancient-medieval-modern, that hasn’t been profoundly inspired by the Sun in art, mythology, and science. Before there was a division of astronomy... Read More
Why? — Because Power in the US went from Anglo-American Rule to Jewish-American Rule
Are goyim capable of having their own gods? Christianity. Originated from Jews. Communism. Originated from Jews. Holocaustianity. Originated from Jews. Wherever goyim turn, it's about relying on Jews for prophetic power. Still, direct Jewish control is worse than self-control with Jewish-derived ideas. After all, despite its origin, the goyim fashioned Christianity in their own way.... Read More
How does Critical Race Theory work? — The Misuse and Dangers of the Politics of Examples
More important than any theory is the question of WHO CONTROLS IT? If Critical Race Theory were controlled by Palestinians, it would focus on Zionist villainy. If it were controlled by the so-called Dissident Right, it would focus on 'race-realism' and pro-white identity. In a way, what Jared Taylor does is a kind of Critical... Read More
The opening part of a movie or novel sets the tone and provides the framework. It is loaded with clues and symbolism, the essential baggage with which the plot leaves the station. Significantly, the narrative unfolds in subtle variations of or in contrast to the introductory material. The story may come full circle or conclude... Read More
We believe Alex Jones' genuine revulsion for Hitler(and other tyrants), but there is more to 'Hitler' than Hitler, indeed from the fact that he's singled out as the worst of the worst. For Jews, the answer is obvious. Not only did Hitler kill Jews but conceived of a post-Christian political culture that came closest to... Read More
Uselessness of White Comprador Leadership that serves Jewish Globo-Oligarchs than represents White America
In the good ole USA, many are brain-dead and believe whatever pushed by Jewish-run media. Others are cowardly, and hating on China happens to be safer than naming the real power causing the biggest problems: Jews, with help of black thugs and homo degenerates. It's like honest people will blame Jewish Power on whatever's wrong... Read More
But it all depends on which part of the elephant one is touching. Eugyppius saw the outward manifestations, not its innermost infestations. Cultural Revolution looked different in the streets with rampaging Red Guards than in the minds of Mao and his cohorts, for whom it was less about ideological purity than political machinations. But who... Read More
"I’m practically crying, and I haven’t even read it." – Trudi Fraser It’s almost as if Terry Gilliam believes ignorance is knowledge, or a kind of creative strength. While directing BRAZIL, he insisted on not having read George Orwell’s 1984 and only having heard of it. So, the movie is essentially Gilliam going off tangents... Read More
The game of ASK A JEW. It’s a simple game that anyone can play, even a child. Its purpose is to understand the true nature of the People who rule over us. (For tips on how to play this game, skip most of this post and go to where it says *How to Play ASK... Read More
Vincent James on this horrible news: WHITE GRANDMOTHER HAS ARM LITERALLY RIPPED OFF BY BLACK TEENS, MEDIA IS SILENT - The Red Elephants - Vincent James James focuses on the reluctance of the media, especially national media, to either report the news or discuss its racial dynamics. Of course, if a bunch of white teenagers... Read More
Note: CARLITO'S WAY is the closest thing to a Passion Play in the Gangster genre. If ever a gangster movie was made for the Easter Season, this is it. No wonder it was voted by the French film journal Cahier du Cinema as the best film of the 1990s. Though France has long been secular,... Read More
BASIC FACTS ABOUT RACE IN 13 MINUTES - American Renaissance The history of the transition from paganism to Old Testament to New Testament is instructive in an understanding of how whites came to bow down to Negrolatry. Though there were many kinds of paganism, the pagan gods weren't generally high on the moral scale. Some... Read More
Suppose there are organisms in a certain environment. They compete with other organisms and even face the invasion by foreign organisms. Within these native organisms, there are those that react strongly to threats and act accordingly. They fight or build defenses. And then, there are those that are passive, weak, or even welcoming of rivals... Read More
If you've gotten most of your news, ideas, and information from modern Western media and schools, you likely associate 'racial purity' with hate, war, genocide, slavery, imperialism, conquest, and oppression. And you likely associate 'race mixing' with love, tolerance, equality, 'diversity', and liberation. The prevailing narrative owes mainly to four factors: Anglo-imperialism, American slavery, National... Read More
Marriage of Feminism and Consumerism was bound to lead to miscarriages of biological justice. In tandem, they go against nature and upset the organic balance of life and society. To better illustrate this, imagine 4 people: 2 men and 2 women. Suppose there are 2 well-paying jobs. First, we need to take human nature into... Read More
In this article, 'socialism', 'communism', and 'capitalism' are understood as states-of-mind, general worldviews on the human condition, than a strict definition of economic philosophies. That said, in a broader sense, the underlying dynamics of economics shape and define all areas and aspects of life. After all, even if all considerations of money and material goods... Read More
When we survey the modern world, especially of people of European origin and the developed parts of East Asia, there is clearly a problem stemming from certain sexual imbalances. Consider the declining birth rates among white women and the problems of white males in finding worthy partners in marriage. Indeed, in a world where something... Read More
There is a great contradiction at the heart of Judaism. Jews conceived of the most powerful and greatest God of all time and all places. Indeed the only and only God. So, this God, as formulated by Jews, is infinitely greater than any people, place, or time. He isn’t just a great force above man... Read More
Contrary to the impression viewers have been getting lately from films like 12 YEARS A SLAVE(not without a certain degree of masochistic ‘white guilt’ self-righteousness), the lives of black slaves in the South were not uniformly bleak, cruel, and inhuman. While there were cruel and sadistic slave-owners, there were also many kindly and decent ones... Read More
An essential necessity for the future well-being of mankind: The Holocaust Narrative must be turned on its head. It is most necessary because the biggest threat to world peace and justice is unrestrained Jewish Power that is now just as supremacist as Nazism was, if not more so. Like the Nazis who thought any number... Read More
Darren Beattie won’t name it… but the real formula for civilizational decay, at least in the 21st century are as follows: 1. Allowing Jewish Power to gain the controlling stake in your country. Why would this matter? It's because Jews(in supremacist mode) use their smarts and money to push mass immigration, great replacism(and celebration of... Read More
In the simplest terms, it's come down to a contest of globalists vs nationalists. Generally speaking, nationalists believe in sovereignty, secure borders, a sense of identity rooted in history & culture, preservation of ethnic majority rule(usually based on ancestral-territorial claim), and national mythos founded on collective memory & appreciation. They are about shoring up and... Read More
Jews have made sure that Jews don’t fight other Jews, neither in the West nor around the world. American History is one of betrayal from the beginning. Anglo-Colonists sided with the French and fought against the Mother Country and the loyal Anglo-Colonials. German-Americans were pressured to turn on Germany and fight and kill other Germans.... Read More
AN ANTIDOTE TO THE JEWPILL (PART 2: ANTICHRISTIANITY): Why would anyone bother to argue with E. Michael Jones' political theology? It is absurd because Jones conflates spirituality with rationalism, i.e. Jesus represents objective truths of the universe. The looniness is right there. If people want to accept religion as faith, prophecy, or imagination, that's fine.... Read More
Jewish Power knows that money power isn't enough. And military power isn't enough either. Jews have plenty of money, and the Jewish-controlled US military is by far the most powerful — Jews control the whore-politicians who order the generals to threaten or attack nations hated by Zionists. Jews have the Strong Horse of money and... Read More
Poltergeist's question of authorship stands out among Steven Spielberg's works. Spielberg wrote and directed some of his movies or directed what others mostly wrote; he also handed second-rate material to others to be made in pale imitation of his style. The story(and parts of the screenplay) of Poltergeist was by Steven Spielberg, but it was... Read More
SLAVERY IS OUR ‘ORIGINAL SIN'?! - Jared Taylor of the American Renaissance There is much to recommend in the video above by Jared Taylor on the topic of White America's unique guilt regarding the enslavement of blacks. Taylor has been in the fight for white(or hu-white)peoples all over the world for much of his adult... Read More
Even though Jews have produced many influential thinkers in the 20th century, we can learn as much or even more about them through their use of popular culture. Granted, some degree of esotericism is necessary to decode the message. In other words, just like adults and children see things differently and laugh for different reasons... Read More
I came upon the 1996 Edition of Roger Ebert's Video Companion, probably something I picked up at a Library Used Book Sale years ago. Here are the comments on the movies I've seen. We start with the entries under A. Titles in bold letters: Seen by Me; otherwise, not seen or only partly seen Numbers... Read More
Even though Francis Fukuyama has become a butt of jokes and punching bag for many commentators, it is understandable why he arrived at such a thesis. And it should be noted what he meant by ‘history’. He didn’t mean history as most of us understand it: political back and forth, big events, triumphs and tragedies.... Read More
It's been said over and over, we need to support Israel because it's part of Western Civilization even though, ironically enough, Jews are at the forefront of unraveling whatever that has held the West together as a people, culture, history, and territory. We have a situation where Jews, who are said to represent the West,... Read More
Russia and China are in the news lately for obvious reasons. During the Cold War, Russia, as the core of the Soviet Union, posed the greatest challenge to US hegemony(or the greatest threat to the Free World, depending on one's perspective). And China, though backward, represented leadership in the Third World's challenge to both US... Read More
It’s difficult to think of another country more different from the United States than North Korea. United States is big, North Korea is small. United States is rich, North Korea is poor. United States is free and democratic, North Korea is totalitarian and repressive. United States is individualist, North Korea is collectivist. And yet, there... Read More
Certain moments in US history were inevitabilities, like the 1984 Presidential Election when Ronald Reagan was expected to thump Walter Mondale. Certain races were very close, like Gerald Ford vs Jimmy Carter, but the result was accepted and uncontested. The 2000 election was, in contrast, marred by controversy. Al Gore won the popular vote but... Read More
Because our daily lives are mainly concerned with mundane matters in a world that seems relatively stable and prosperous — even poor people are not starving in the West and have basic amenities — , most of us lack awareness of what an extraordinary period in history we are a part of. It is both... Read More
Analyzing the History of a Controversial Movement
The Surprising Elements of Talmudic Judaism
The Shaping Event of Our Modern World
Which superpower is more threatened by its “extractive elites”?
The Hidden History of the 1930s and 1940s