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It’s difficult to think of another country more different from the United States than North Korea. United States is big, North Korea is small. United States is rich, North Korea is poor. United States is free and democratic, North Korea is totalitarian and repressive. United States is individualist, North Korea is collectivist. And yet, there... Read More
Many on the Right call for traditionalism, but what is traditionalism? There is a long history of traditions, and so much have changed over the eons. So, which tradition should we hark back to guide us in the present? The problem with invoking tradition is there is too much of it. It’s like a museum... Read More
Certain moments in US history were inevitabilities, like the 1984 Presidential Election when Ronald Reagan was expected to thump Walter Mondale. Certain races were very close, like Gerald Ford vs Jimmy Carter, but the result was accepted and uncontested. The 2000 election was, in contrast, marred by controversy. Al Gore won the popular vote but... Read More
'Latinos' is out, 'Latinx' is in at UC San Diego in nod to evolving gender and sexuality terms The real moral outrage should be this: Why use 'Latino' or 'Latinx'(or Latin-whatever) to designate so many people of Mexico, Central America, and South America who are NOT of Latin identity, history, or heritage? Latin-whatever is an... Read More
Because our daily lives are mainly concerned with mundane matters in a world that seems relatively stable and prosperous — even poor people are not starving in the West and have basic amenities — , most of us lack awareness of what an extraordinary period in history we are a part of. It is both... Read More
In a Empire of Lies, only brush with reality will inform people of the truth, especially as lives have become more atomized. In the past, when people were closer to family and kinfolk, they might have heard of first-hand experiences of close ones. Now, many people just know their nuclear family or individual lives, and... Read More
Do cockfighters care about the cocks? No, they only care about the game, the betting and winning. They don’t care about dead cocks because that’s what cockfighting is about, training male chickens to fight to kill or die. If your cock dies, you don’t grieve and think it’s the end of the world. It’s a... Read More
The key difference in the current global affairs is it comes down to Empire vs Alliance. On one side, there is the US empire and the countries under its iron wing. Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan are mere puppets of this empire in the East. And EU is the puppet in the West. The empire... Read More
This was written in the aftermath of Nicholas Cruz shootings in Florida and may be relevant to recent dark events. The Florida School shooting adds yet another bloodbath to the long and depressing tally of individuals going loco and randomly killing people. Many critics blame guns, but guns don’t kill people by themselves. Why has... Read More
This was written in the aftermath of Nicholas Cruz shootings in Florida and may be relevant to recent dark events. In a perfect world, we wouldn’t need guns. We wouldn’t have to protect ourselves and our property from criminals. And we wouldn’t have to take up arms against government tyranny. But our world isn’t perfect.... Read More
People talk of Big Tech censorship and 'corpocracy' and the like, but it is Jewish Power that pulls the strings. In THE GODFATHER PART 2, Michael Corleone asks Hyman Roth about who had Pantangeli killed. Roth says the Rosato Brothers. But then, Michael asks, "But who gave the go-ahead. I didn't." In the world of... Read More
"Come on, it’ll be just like in the movies. We’ll pretend to be someone else." – ‘Betty’ If you haven’t yet seen MULHOLLAND DR., the following piece has ‘spoilers’. What is the most horrible thing in the world? For an answer, we can concoct all kinds of theories, explanations, speculations, imaginations, and fantasies. But in... Read More
Driving around rural and small town America, Christian talk and Country Music fill the airwaves. In my entire record collection, I have maybe two bona fide Country albums, a greatest hits collection of Hank Williams and one by Dolly Parton. My interest in Williams was by way of Rock Music as he was a key... Read More
There are two ways of responding to the world around us, two ways of feeling about who we are and how we relate to others, near and far. They define much of our lives as a constant struggle and/or exertion(and even excitement). One is about self-preservation and the other is about self-justification(that can easily turn... Read More
Why is 'white liberation' preferable to 'white nationalism'? Fairly or unfairly, people associate 'white nationalism' with aggression and conceit of superiority. It gives the impression that whites got the power and want to show it off by rattling their sabers. But the West is now under Jewish control like India was under British control, like... Read More
There’s jubilation in some quarters about Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter and his promise to restore free speech, which had been more or less the de facto policy of Twitter until 2016 when the collusion of oligarchs and the deep state mustered all their strengths to rig the public discourse. Over the years, the censorship... Read More
There are many meanings to 'diversity'. For one, it can serve as description or prescription. Diversity-as-description(DAD) is about noticing reality with judgement one way or another, e.g. 'Brazil is very diverse' or 'North Africa is more racially diverse than Nigeria, which however has plenty of ethnic or tribal diversity'. Diversity-as-description merely takes into account the... Read More
Slavocaust from the Semites. The Great Famine of the 1930s. Stalin and Jewish Bolsheviks implemented Forced-Collectivization that led to 7 million deaths in the Soviet Union. 3.5 million were in Ukraine alone, mostly Christian Slavs. As Jews were urban-dwellers and safely ensconced in elite positions, they evaded the brunt of the famine and ate well... Read More
It’s customary in media and political discourse to label just about anything as ‘nazi’ and anyone as ‘Hitler’. Of course, those with more influence and reach(based on money and the misconceived notion of prestige money can buy) have more sway in their various hitlerantics and nazisteria. ‘Hitler’ and ‘Nazi’ have become metaphors in the art... Read More
Yuval Noah Harari stated that we are now 'hackable' animals, on the precipice of a new revolution that shall target not the world around us but within us for the profoundest of transformations. A silent revolution carried out in labs without wars and upheaval but which will forever alter the meaning of what it means... Read More
Why People Can’t Face the Truth In the past, blacks gained via cultural crossbreeding with whites. Whites also gained this way, especially in music. Charlie Parker and Miles Davis both had extensive knowledge of white and/or modern music. James Baldwin read extensively the classics of Western Lit. There was little race-mixing back then. The dynamics... Read More
There is material reality and human reality. The reality of dollars and cents AND the reality of emotional value. You may buy or sell a car, but you would not sell your child. Car is a commodity, a child is not. Some parents give up their kids, but they are not allowed to sell them--unless... Read More
Even though her views were extreme on this matter, she wrote this in genuine sympathy with the Third World. This was when the Vietnam War was raging and when the Non-West was seeking alternative paths to development. Also, even those on the Right may recognize a kernel of truth in Sontag's characteri
Rock and Roll unleashed youth culture, and social critics fretted that the boomers(and subsequent generations) would never grow out of their teen years. This has indeed become a problem. But, there was another phenomenon, especially beginning in the 1980s, that fixated on childhood emotions. There was Steven Spielberg who made children’s movies for teens and... Read More
1968, like 1848, was one of those landmark years in history. If certain years were momentous in a particular region, 1968 witnessed turmoil in many parts of the world. Some of these events were isolated while others were part of a seismic pattern. Just to name a few: The Tet Offensive that convinced the majority... Read More
At a time when the whole world is screaming 'nazi, nazi, nazi' from all sides, a post from the past about Nazis and Mass Immigration: When Globalists are confronted with nationalists who argue for autonomy, sovereignty, and security, they often invoke Nazism and 'racism' to insult, shame, and intimidate patriots into silence, moral defensiveness, and... Read More
From May 1, 2018 - Relevant to Current Events. In Sergei Eisenstein’s IVAN THE TERRIBLE the characters are less people than architectural motifs with predetermined roles set in stone. Only their eyes — limpid pools with slightest room to maneuver — animate with free will. Consciousness remains suspended between dark depths and preposterous pageantry. In... Read More
Moral Outrage among politicians(and increasingly among journalists reduced to roles of propagandists for the BLM-LBGTQ deep state) makes for great comedy. Talk about moral blind spots, variation of "Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you." Recent reports and analysis in the West about the Russo-Ukraine Conflict are so outlandish that they raise questions... Read More
My view on videogames is much like Maude's reaction to Harold's penchant for visiting auto scrapyard for fun in the film HAROLD AND MAUDE. What's the attraction? On occasion, I check youtube on the best videogames of the year, and despite advance in graphics and the like, they seem the same old same old, mostly... Read More
The Russian-Ukrainian Crisis would be much better understood if people mentioned... guess what? Yes, Jewish Power or World Jewry. We speak of Russia, Ukraine, EU, US, UK, NATO, Biden Administration, 'Neocons', and so on, but the real movers and shakers are Jews because they directly control the US, the lone superpower, which in turn rules... Read More
I recall a video on Youtube with Camille Paglia despairing the fading of the Western Tradition — as a champion of worthless skanks like madonna and other deracinating actors, she sure is one to talk! She spoke of how younger generations of students, for all their intelligence, are woefully ignorant of the Bible and pagan... Read More
A controversy made the US news some years back. It was about whether Jesus was a Palestinian or not, and the arguments got rather amusing. Jews, who hate Jesus(and wish He'd never existed) and despise Christianity above all religions, suddenly got very possessive of Him. He was a Mizrai Jew, not a Palestinian Jew, they... Read More
Legal issues aside — I suppose there is no lawful recourse to ban women from participating in fight sports — , what are the cultural consequences of entire societies, even the whole world, taking delight in the spectacle of women beating the crap out of each other? Is it related to recent decisions to allow... Read More
There are several ways to approach this question. Yes, the Beatles were indeed the greatest Rock group, or no, other bands were superior and ultimately more significant as influence. Or, the Beatles were indeed the best but in the Pop than Rock idiom. In other words, the Rolling Stones, The Who, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin... Read More
  This is not an overview of the entire film, which was reviewed and analyzed on this site but a consideration of an aspect of the work. But first, EYES WIDE SHUT has become a Christmas Movie of sorts among the 'sophisticated' crowd. Some years back, I attended a packed art-house Christmas screening. Christmas is,... Read More
There's been a lot of buzz about Peter Jackson's latest Beatles documentary GET BACK. I haven't seen it nor am I eager to. Peter Jackson made his name with Art Horror(the vile and disgusting HEAVENLY CREATURES), Fantasy(the interminable THE LORD OF THE RINGS, the longest dungeons-and-dragons video game), and Adventure(the remake of KING KONG, fun... Read More
The following concerns the psychological culture of a community that would dare turn the world upside down for its tribal aggrandizement. What kind of a culture would produce the sort of individuals willing to sacrifice the well-being of the entire world in service to an agenda that tirelessly invokes justice only to force the greatest... Read More
The December issue of Chronicles features several articles on Cinema and Politics from the right-wing perspective. They are well-worth reading. The following critique focuses on the center piece of the issue, Paul Gottfried's despairing of the transformation of Hollywood from honor-bound moralism to sadistic nihilism. More interesting than left or right, liberal or conservative, is... Read More
This is an Open Thread of sorts because, most likely, many of you(or most of you) know more about the art/science/ritual/tradition/culture of hunting than I do. Actually, I know nothing of hunting as I've never hunted myself. And though I totally support gun rights, I've never owned guns or fired one myself. My personal curiosity... Read More
I've never been a fan of Frank Sinatra or any popular singer/ musician of the 20th century prior to the advent of Rock. I much prefer 19th century music, such as Civil War songs, to much of 20th century popular music. I can appreciate the talent of men like Gershwin, Armstrong, Berlin, Rodgers & Hammerstein,... Read More
"Before disco, this country was a dancing wasteland. You know the Woodstock generation of the 1960s that were so full of themselves and conceited? None of those people could dance." – Charlotte Whit Stillman's films are mainly known for their dialogue and have been compared with the works of Eric Rohmer. And yet, music plays... Read More
As memes go, "Okay Boomer" goes a long way. Though on surface hardly damning or even insulting, it stings precisely because the boomers made such a big deal of themselves. Nothing they did was just 'okay'. It was meant to be 'world shaking', like Cool Hand Luke's antics. The Boomer Bible would have us believe... Read More
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