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Supreme Court. Photo by Mr. Kjetil Ree., CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Common
Thanks to the Supreme Court, the policy of racial preferences (affirmative action) is back in the news. Preferences have been around for a half century, so the pro and con arguments are well established. On the pro side, preferences are justified by the alleged advantages of “diversity,” while opponents say they are illegal, unfair, and... Read More
Racial politics abounds with riddles, and among the most baffling is why black leaders are soft on crime that victimizes their own voters. What candidate would possibly run on a platform “Vote for me and I’ll ignore neighborhood crime”? It makes no sense to us, but it is a rational strategy both for the office-seeker... Read More
American race relations exhibit a bewildering paradox: The more whites help blacks, the more blacks hate whites. The government has spent trillions to lift up blacks, who grow even more vehement about “toxic whiteness.” Ironically, the greatest beneficiaries, those owing jobs and university admissions to naked racial preference, are the most vocal in denouncing “white... Read More
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