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Iraq War

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My son is passing through that very annoying stage of development in which a child discovers that language is not so much like a solid landscape of rocks and trees, but much more like a well-equipped theater stage, fitted out with screens, doors to nowhere, trick lighting, turntables, trapdoors, and wires to lift you up... Read More
There is something I want to say to my NR/NRO colleagues. Also, come to think of it, to the President of the United States and his cabinet. Have you all taken leave of your senses? Sorry, sorry. Let me back up a little and calm down. For nearly two years my paleocon friends have been... Read More
Fareed Zakaria had a piece in last week's Newsweek arguing that, in his own words: Zakaria then goes on to suggest that: "Perhaps Iraq would have been a disaster no matter what. But there's a thinly veiled racism behind such views, implying that Iraqis are savages genetically disposed to produce chaos and anarchy." This smacks... Read More
Anybody remember Eurocommunism? It was a fad of the 1970s, in which the Communist Parties of Italy, Spain, and (though with much internal dissent) France sought to overhaul their images to appeal to a middle-class electorate. There were breaks with the USSR, reconciliations with the Catholic Church, and much talk of partnerships and coalitions. It... Read More
Now that the Three-Week War has become a mere mopping-up operation — a matter of winkling out a few last-ditch Ba'athists, getting civil administration going, and hunting for any bits and pieces of Saddam père et fils we may be able to identify — it is time to look at the victory dividend. We have... Read More
Last Friday night on Fox News there was an interview with an Arab reporter from a TV station in Abu Dhabi. What did this well-educated, well-dressed, well-spoken (in upper-class British English) Arab professional want us to hear? "Yes, we know it's over. You will win. But we want to see you bloodied. We want to... Read More
Uh-oh, is it time to bring on that dish of crow yet? In my comments on the topic of war against Iraq, I have consistently argued two points: (1) that the U.S. will not go to war against Iraq, and (2) that Tony Blair will rat on us the moment it looks as though I... Read More
"BSD" stands for an expression I really prefer in its full form. The expression has a nice, rich, round, loud, American ring to it — notwithstanding the fact that I first picked it up from a book written by Michael Lewis. Working as a bond trader for Salomon Brothers in the early 1980s, Lewis introduced... Read More
The first time Brent Scowcroft impinged on my consciousness was in December 1989, six months after the massacre of young Chinese patriots in Tiananmen Square. The particular way he impinged was by being photographed in Beijing's Great Hall of the People, smiling and raising a toast with Li Peng, one of the main organizers of... Read More
Are you starting to get the feeling I'm getting, the feeling expressed in my title? The feeling that there will be no war against Iraq? Not this year, not next year, not ever? Let me emphasize the word "feeling." As a responsible columnist, I am going to do my best to justify my title with... Read More
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