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2016 Election

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Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin isn\
St Thomas Aquinas told us that one of the pleasures enjoyed by the blessed in Heaven was to contemplate the sufferings of the damned in Hell. Apparently if you get to Heaven there is a sort of balcony you have access to where you can stand and watch the sinners down below being prodded, scorched,... Read More
I earnestly recommend that everyone watch Peter Thiel’s 13-minute address at the National Press Club this morning. He hits a number of nails on the head. A few at random: Thiel checks off some of the craziness: the national debt, healthcare costs, student loans, income stagnation, … And wars: Which is the more enthusiastically pro-war... Read More
Democratic operative (and ex-convict) Robert Creamer. Credit:
But Corrupt Government Agencies Won’t Investigate
Watergate, anyone? What brought it to mind was this news story from CNN:Dem[Ocrat] Operative “Stepping Back” After Video Suggests Group Incited Violence At Trump Rallies. [October 18, 2016] Relevant quote from the story: “Democracy Partners called O’Keefe’s video a ‘well-funded, systematic spy operation that is the modern day equivalent of the Watergate burglars.’” What’s this... Read More
I guess The Donald should be glad at least that his enemies can’t play the Hitler card. Hitler seems to have been well-nigh sexless—definitely not a ladies’ man.Eva Braun once grumbled that he had never treated her like a woman. Nobody’s quite sure what she meant, and whatever it was died with her in the... Read More
And At Least One GOP Establishmentarian Gets Him
You’ve got to hand it to Donald Trump: He’s the anti-Mitt Romney. Remember how spooked Ol’ Mittens was any time the Main Stream Media squealed at something he said? Remember when he endorsed “self-deportation”?—a perfectly sensible and humane concept. If we rigorously enforce the people’s laws on immigration, then illegal aliens won’t be able to... Read More
The geezer election. This month’s main event was the American Renaissance conference, May 20th-22nd. I recorded some observations in the May 27th Radio Derb. Foremost among those observations was the number of young people at the conference. That in turn got me thinking about youth and age as factors in politics.
“The True Foundation For Happiness And Harmony.”
In case you’re still not clear about why so many Americans are voting for Donald Trump, let’s follow our president on his recent trip to Britain and Germany. Last Saturday, April 23, Obama spoke to a “town hall meeting” at the Royal Horticultural Halls in Westminster, seven hundred yards from Westminster Abbey, where English monarchs... Read More
Tuesday last week I had the satisfaction of casting a vote for Donald Trump. This was of course in theNew York state Republican primary—a closed primary, in which only registered Republicans get to vote. Some of you in the rest of the country, those great spaces west of the Hudson where the buffalo roam and... Read More
What accounts for Trump’s relatively poor showing in Wisconsin? There were of course plenty of explanations on offer. Lion of the Blogosphere gave us the most succinct one: There just aren’t enough blacks in Wisconsin, he said. The theory is, where you have a lot of blacks, whites go tribal. Here I get to quote... Read More
It with some mild embarrassment that I confess I am enjoying this year’s Presidential contest. This is fun. And it’s not just on the Republican side. I had been assuming that the Democratic candidate debates must be snoozers, so I just read the transcripts. Now I’m thinking I may have been wrong. It’s one thing... Read More
Super Trumpsday, as we call it over here in the Trumposphere, was a good day for the Donald: He won seven states to Ted Cruz’s three and Marco Rubio’s one, and he picked up either 237, 247, 257, or 258 delegates, depending which website you check. I don’t know why professional journalists can’t agree on... Read More
On the night when Hillary Clinton successfully played the racial-socialist card in the South Carolina Democratic primary against the white left-looney Sandersistas, I feel free to begin my reflections on Thursday night’s CNN debate in Houston—I stayed awake, it was entertaining, or at any rate as close to entertaining as politics gets—with a couple of... Read More
From the Superbowl to South Carolina, the appetite for anti-White propaganda seems to be well-nigh bottomless. Or at least Thunder-Thighed. Lead singer in this year’s Superbowl half-time show was Beyoncé. Formerly Beyoncé Knowles, which used to get my attention because my mother was aKnowles. I guess Beyoncé and I are related at some level—Hi, cousin!... Read More
One thing that came to mind watching Sarah Palin’s speech endorsing Donald Trump: how very American it was. It’s hard to see your country and its customs objectively if you’re born and raised here; you just take them for granted. To immigrants like myself, America’s national culture is as distinctive, as unique, asfascinating as Japan‘s.... Read More
I did not of course sit through the President’s State Of The Union address. The human frame can only bear so much. My entire concession to journalistic due diligence was to Ctrl-F through the transcript next day to see how many times Obama said “That’s Not Who We Are.” Answer: Incredibly, he didn’t say it... Read More
The first thing to be said about Wednesday night’s debate is that it was way too long. It went on for more than three hours. The transcript published by Timemagazine runs to 34,857 words, including stage directions. That’s longer thanHamlet or the Book of Genesis. Comparisons with literary productions in fact bring to mind Dr... Read More
The National Question didn’t get as much of an airing as I’d hoped in Thursday night’s GOP presidential hopefuls’ debates. (Although Ann Coulter and NumbersUSA’s ever-cheerful Roy Beck are modestly pleased). Unless I missed something, Birthright Citizenship, Chain Migration, Affirmative Action for immigrants, an immigration moratorium, and the status of Puerto Rico all went unmentioned.... Read More
At the American Renaissance conference this spring we had a formal debate on the question: “Can the American political system solve the race problem?” Arguing for the affirmative, I said the following thing: Nothing grows to the sky. Public attitudes ebb and flow; the pendulum swings. The English puritans banned Christmas and hanged adulterers; twenty... Read More
We live, as I have noted before, in a beggars’ democracy: There is no chance that any of us beggars out on the dissident right will have the chance to publicly quiz the 2016 presidential hopefuls. We can dream, though. If I could ask the hopefuls 20 questions each, here is what I would ask... Read More
Political dynasties are in the news. Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush,son of George H.W. and brother of George W., has resigned his directorships, apparently in preparation for a run at the GOP presidential nomination in 2016. It seems likely that among his competitors for that honor will be Rand Paul, son of formercongressman and two-time... Read More
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