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During the last 40 years, many studies have reported that in the United States there are race differences in the rates at which disruptive students are suspended and expelled from school. The rate is highest for blacks, followed by American Indians, Hispanics, and whites, and lowest for East Asians. Although the popular understanding of expulsions... Read More
There is no doubt that when species are compared, a large brain confers greater intelligence than a small brain. Fish and reptiles have small brains and are not very bright. Cats and dogs have larger brains and are much brighter. Monkeys and apes have still larger brains and are brighter still. Humans have the largest... Read More
In the year 410 the German Visigoth Alaric and his army sacked Rome and destroyed the Roman Empire in the West. The Eastern Empire survived but its intellectual life came to an end in the sixth century AD, when Emperor Justinian closed the colleges in Athens and the scholars migrated to Baghdad. Europe entered the... Read More
The Greek physician Galen (AD 130-201) is remembered for his discovery of the function of the pulse and his voluminous writings on medical subjects. The American scholar Bernard Lewis has noted that Galen made some observations on the characteristics of different peoples, which were recorded by the Arabic scholar Al-Masudi (d. 956 AD). According to... Read More
As has been widely reported, the demographic changes set in motion by the immigration reform of 1965 are reducing whites to a minority in the United States. The proportion of whites is not, however, changing at the same rate in all regions, which means that while some states — California, Texas, Hawaii, New Mexico —... Read More
Charles Darwin noted in The Descent of Man (1871) that “sympathy is directed solely towards members of the same community, and therefore towards known, and more or less loved members, but not to all the individuals of the same species.” Some 20 years later in Principles and Ethics (1892), the British sociologist Herbert Spencer elaborated... Read More
Tatu Vanhanen, The Limits of Democratization: Climate, Intelligence, and Resource Distribution, Washington Summit Publishers, 2009, 382 pp. Tatu Vanhanen is Emeritus Professor of Political Science at the University of Tampere in Finland, and the father of Matti Vanhanen, who just resigned after serving as prime minister of Finland for five yeas. Professor Vanhanen’s main work... Read More
The Flynn Effect (FE) has become the accepted term for the increase in IQs that has been reported in many developed countries during the 20th century. The FE has also recently been reported in two developing countries, Dominica and Sudan. In fact, the term Flynn Effect is a misnomer, because the rise of IQs was... Read More
The lower IQs of blacks compared to whites were first demonstrated in the United States in 1917 when soldiers drafted into the Army were tested for intelligence, and it was found that the black average was 83 compared to the white average of 100. This result has been confirmed in many hundreds of later studies,... Read More
In the May 2010 issue of American Renaissance we revived our science column known as “The Galton Report,” which was edited by the great Glayde Whitney from 1997 until shortly before his death in 2002. Our new editor is an equally prominent scientist, who writes under the name of Hippocrates. Hippocrates caused a stir with... Read More