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Suppose they gave a war and nobody came? The United States is gearing up for a possible war with China, but it faces a serious recruitment problem. The nation’s youth can’t meet basic standards. Earlier this year, the Council for a Strong America reported that 77 percent of 17- to 24-year-olds are ineligible for service.... Read More
The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards — colonialism. We often hear that problems of immigration, drug-smuggling, and terrorism can’t be solved unless we can tackle the “root causes” in non-white nations. That assumes they can’t solve those causes themselves. Foreign aid has largely failed. Don’t “root cause” solutions imply... Read More
January 6, 2021, was a disaster for the American Right. Despite the emotional satisfaction some felt, the riot at the Capitol discredited President Donald Trump, allowed the Left to call conservatives rioters, justified yet more repression, and forced Republicans who had been investigating the 2020 election into full retreat. It would have been far better... Read More
Nikki Haley’s campaign for president can be best understood by comparing it to the current television drama Yellowstone. The show is wildly successful and will spawn several spinoffs, and has an impressive cast. The New York Times calls it a “conservative fantasy.” It features rough-and-tumble white people with cowboy hats and guns triumphing over city-slickers.... Read More
The philosopher Karl Popper argued that a theory can’t be considered scientific unless there is a way to test it and prove whether it is true or false. It’s therefore ironic that societies that claim to follow “the science” are constantly accused of “white supremacy,” an unfalsifiable concept backed by many who see themselves as... Read More
American public schools are getting worse. Declining results are clear in the government’s own “Nation’s Report Card” on the state of public education. The National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP) likewise shows that students got lower scores in mathematics across almost the entire country in 2021 compared to 2019. Blacks and Hispanics fell even farther... Read More
The Irish struggle for independence was not peaceful. It was also not fought to establish a proposition nation. Ireland was an ethnonationalist state born in blood. Some will say the revolution was monstrous, others that it was justified and heroic. All should agree, however, that if today’s Irish leaders give their country away to the... Read More
The World Economic Forum (WEF) annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland is underway. The WEF and its chairman, Klaus Schwab, are easy targets for conservatives, who blame them for supposedly wanting to force us to eat bugs, take controversial vaccines, or pay taxes for their fanciful “no-carbon economy.” These may be serious issues, but whites would... Read More
White advocates hoped that Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter would help restore free speech. We’ve been disappointed so far. However, Mr. Musk has released the “Twitter Files” to a few select journalists, including Matt Taibbi and Bari Weiss. We now know that current and former government officials and even a congressman pressured the company to... Read More
The White Renegade of the Year is not the person who is the most anti-white. It’s not the person who is the most destructive. He is the person who could — or should — have done the most good, but instead did the most harm. This year’s winner is Boris Johnson, former British prime minister... Read More
This article is adapted from remarks given at the American Renaissance conference on November 19, 2022. See here for Part I. When we think about who is white and who is not, we’re talking about biological realities. But race also has a spiritual and social dimension. Our people have strengths and weaknesses and we may... Read More
This article is adapted from remarks given at the American Renaissance conference on November 19, 2022. We’ve lost ground in the last few years. Leftists have desecrated monuments throughout the South. Pledges for Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity, or DIE, have spread from universities to the military. Church services begin with an acknowledgement they are held... Read More
This week’s events turned that on its head. The Biden Administration traded Viktor Bout, known as the “Merchant of Death,” for black WNBA player Brittney Griner. This may be the first WNBA trade most people have ever heard of. Brittney Griner is a black lesbian and leftist activist in a league that prides itself on... Read More
Napoleon wrote in his journal that the truth of history was “a fable agreed upon.” Fables don’t just entertain; they are moral guidance. They are usually the first stories a child learns. Most people want to know who they are and where they come from. Atlantis may be the most significant myth in our culture... Read More
Herschel Walker would not have gotten the GOP nomination if he were white. President Donald Trump bears heavy responsibility for foisting this candidate on Georgia voters, but he was hardly alone. Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) backed Mr. Walker after failing to recruit another candidate. The whole party failed — not just President Trump. The Walker... Read More
I’m tempted to make a joke about the new Wakanda’s greatest enemy being people who can swim, but I won’t. Wakanda Forever, the sequel to Black Panther, is pathetic. Literally. I pitied the actors, writers, and above all the movie-goers who apparently love this series. The black nationalism and anti-white scorn are mediocre. We should... Read More
Some may think this is an overstatement: I don’t. James Burnham and the Machiavellian tradition show that the truth doesn’t always, or even often, win in politics. However, having the truth on your side does come with tactical advantages. It means white advocates can defend free speech not just from principle, but for political advantage.... Read More
On paper, the Republican Party should have run away with the midterm elections. It did not. It failed for structural, ideological, and demographic reasons. It probably can’t fix any of this. This is an opportunity for white advocates. At this writing, it is virtually certain the Democrats will control the Senate no matter what happens... Read More
Nepal. Photo credit: Pavel Novak / Wikimedia Commons. CC BY-SA 2.5
In less than a week, there will be eight billion people on Earth. United Nations Population Fund chief Natalie Kanem is cheerful about it: “Eight billion people, it is a momentous milestone for humanity. Yet, I realize this moment might not be celebrated by all. Some express concerns that our world is overpopulated. I am... Read More
Over the last few days, Americans learned a lot about the way things really work in “Our Democracy.” Elon Musk finally bought Twitter. Many journalists and progressives panicked. They were right to do so. Free speech means they lose. Truth is on our side. There are reasons for hope and for despair. Elon Musk fired... Read More
If “Wakanda” didn’t exist, we might have to invent it. Who would be so foolish as to take a fictional black ethnostate as a model for our own cities, when those with large black populations are plagued with crime and filth? And yet: That’s the wrong way to look at it. It’s progressives who have... Read More
“In multiracial societies, you don’t vote in accordance with your economic interests and social interests, you vote in accordance with race and religion.” – Lee Kuan Yew, founder of modern Singapore. Our rulers, like all elites, use a political formula to justify power: “white supremacy.” It explains why blacks and Hispanics can’t succeed like whites,... Read More
Men sometimes blindly take ideas to their logical conclusion. Thomas Jefferson didn’t literally mean “all men are created equal,” but he set in motion forces now destroying his nation. Northern soldiers in the Civil War may have thought they were fighting to save the Union, but their victory redefined it. American soldiers in World War... Read More
The “Great Replacement” is a dangerous conspiracy theory. Just listen to Rep. Mayra Flores (R-TX): A red wave? Immigration is arguably our most important issue. Many white advocates say our rulers deliberately tolerate and/or cheer non-white immigration. Migrants are cheap labor for Woke Capital. Our rulers import a helot underclass that votes progressive. Our view... Read More
This is the eleventh in a series about the continuing disappearance of whites from American cities (see our earlier articles on Birmingham, Washington, D.C., New York City, Chicago, Richmond, Milwaukee, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and Jackson). Many people still pretend that The Great Replacement is a myth or a conspiracy theory, but the graphs that... Read More
President Joe Biden’s midterm campaign message is that he is defending democracy from former president Donald Trump and his supporters. At Independence Hall, he says “MAGA forces” are a threat to the country. Among their sins is their promotion of “authoritarian leaders” and “[fanning] the flames of political violence that are threat to our personal... Read More
President Joe Biden spoke at the United Nations on Wednesday. Surprisingly, he defended nationalism — in Ukraine: “This war is about extinguishing Ukraine’s right to exist as a state, plain and simple, and Ukraine’s right to exist as a people.” he said. For some reason, when non-Ukrainian Europeans fight “to exist as a people,” they... Read More
Defeated political figures often hope that history will redeem their cause. The Confederacy’s motto, Deo vindici, means “God will vindicate.” For a while, it seemed, He did. The conquered South honored men such as Robert E. Lee and Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson. Perhaps the man who did the most to enshrine their memory was Douglas Southall... Read More
“We are losing our country to big-tech election interference,” Laura Loomer said after a narrow defeat last night in the Republican primary for Florida’s 11th District. “I am pleading with the Republican Party to please start taking this issue seriously, because the American people deserve representation.” I don’t think the Republican Party is listening, nor... Read More
If it weren’t for her political antics, most whites wouldn’t know who Brittney Griner is. Most Americans could probably name a few NBA players, but far fewer can name players or even the teams in the WNBA. Perhaps for that reason, the WNBA is pushing leftist politics. It’s working. The Los Angeles Times reported in... Read More
Matt Walsh is an effective conservative activist. His documentary What Is a Woman? is a clever look at the absurd impulses of transgenderism. He’s even a best-selling children’s author, but he has a mixed record on race. His tweet above is wrong. The 1990s were hardly a time when Americans didn’t talk about race. Many... Read More
Paul Gottfried, Antifascism: The Course of a Crusade, Northern Illinois University Press, 2021, 209 pp., $31.26 hardcover, $12.99 Kindle Every day, American Renaissance posts stories about racial double standards, hypocrisy, and progressives’ absurd positions. Many of our opponents are not just sincere but fanatical. Evidence can’t compete with moral fervor. Those who rule the West,... Read More
It’s an iconic duo: urban liberals and Starbucks. Wherever you are, you can almost always find a Starbucks and a group of lefties. The company has carefully built this image. It has regularly funded explicitly and implicitly anti-white policies including ruthless affirmative action, deliberately hiring non-whites, and showily boycotting Christmas by using “holiday” cups. In... Read More
Whites are weird. Most non-whites think it self-evident to defend their races. Many whites assume our high-trust, individualist societies can spread to the entire world. The nations that built the modern world — especially the English-speaking ones — are becoming minorities in their historic homelands because they’ve put their abstract ideals over their concrete identity.... Read More
Robert Elder’s biography, Calhoun: American Heretic, is an unintentional study in national decline. It’s crushing to lift one’s eyes from pages about Henry Clay, Daniel Webster, John Quincy Adams, John Randolph, John Taylor of Caroline, and the great Calhoun himself, to flickering images of Joseph Biden, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Ibram Kendi. This book explains some... Read More
Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was the longest-serving prime minister in Japanese history. That may be the very definition of “mainstream.” However, English-language media had scathing remarks about Abe, which was especially striking because an assassin had just shot him dead. The subheading of the AP’s report reads: “Shinzo Abe, a divisive archconservative who was Japan’s... Read More
Another war between the states has begun, with words if not with bullets. California Governor Gavin Newsom, the Democratic favorite for the nomination if President Joe Biden or Vice President Kamala Harris don’t run, decried Florida and its governor, Ron DeSantis, in a new ad. “I urge all of you living in Florida to join... Read More
The military can’t meet recruitment targets. NBC reports that the Army is well below 50 percent of its annual target, with just three months left in the fiscal year. The Air Force is also behind by about 4,000 men. The Coast Guard has filled just over half of the active-duty enlistments it needs. The Marine... Read More
The “Hispanic” census category is ambiguous; Hispanics can be any race. In 1980, some whites objected to adding “Hispanic” as an “ethnic” category because it was both imprecise and insulting to white “ethnics” such as Poles and Italians. “Census Questions on Race Assailed as Political by Population Experts,” reported the New York Times in 1978,... Read More
Major political and media figures argue that white supremacists are the biggest domestic terrorism threat to the United States. The Anti-Defamation League and its “Center on Extremism” (COE) are among the most powerful institutions pushing this view. However, its latest report on “Murder & Extremism in the United States 2021” shows only how absurd that... Read More
You’ve probably seen headlines like “White Supremacists Love The Northman.” The Guardian, The Daily Mail, Paste Magazine and The Mary Sue have used them as clickbait. Of course, director Robert Eggers had no pro-white intensions when he made the movie, claiming instead that he aimed to take Nordic culture back from “Nazis:” “Nazi misappropriation of... Read More
Erick Erickson (Credit Image: Gage Skidmore via Wikipedia)
National Review published a statement about “America’s Crisis of Self-Doubt.” The magazine says the signers are speaking for only for themselves, but movement conservatism’s flagship magazine published it. The statement grandly declares that the signers are “devotees of America,” but fails to say what America is and who built it. It’s an uncertain trumpet rather... Read More
Politico recently reported that the Supreme Court will probably overturn Roe v. Wade. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot tweeted that the leak was a “call to arms,” and for progressives, it meant protests, threats, and property destruction. White advocates are divided on abortion. There are pro-lifers who may oppose it because some people think it is... Read More
The New York Times used to be called “The Gray Lady” for its sober, restrained prose. The paper deserves a new nickname. The New York Times just published a three-part series primarily written by Nicholas Confessore on Tucker Carlson. Considering the thousands and thousands of words that went into it, there’s not much that is... Read More
The Framers wrote the Constitution at a time when state churches were central to a nation’s identity. A state church gives an official answer to the most important questions about human existence. The First Amendment doesn’t (or shouldn’t) just stop the government from silencing us. It also implicitly bars the government from forcing us to... Read More
“Optimism is cowardice,” said Oswald Spengler. We shouldn’t have false hopes. French President Emmanuel Macron will probably win this Sunday’s runoff election against the National Rally’s Marine Le Pen. Bookies in London give the incumbent a better than 90 percent chance. After the first round, President Macron’s lead grew. I have yet to see a... Read More
A mass shooting in a Brooklyn subway was briefly the most important story in the country. It dominated Twitter, and since the shooter mowed down New Yorkers the same day President Joe Biden pushed for more gun control, you could almost feel the momentum building for another moral panic about guns. However, those of us... Read More
After President Donald Trump’s victory in 2016, the Left consolidated control over the media and platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. This victory was more important than Joe Biden’s win in 2020 and the Democrat takeover of Congress. Media power determines what is politically possible. Politicians dare not move outside the boundaries of “respectable” debate.... Read More
California’s “Task Force to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African Americans” ruled that blacks who can prove direct descent from slaves are eligible for reparations. This decision is proof of America’s decline, but it offers ways to fight for white interests. This battle was inevitable, so let’s welcome it. It may be the start... Read More
Political change starts at the margins. Activists advance the cause, but may not reap the benefits. We clear the way for those who come later. But we can tell the truth and have fun doing it. President Emmanuel Macron’s appeal in the last election was his claim of independence. He started a new party and... Read More
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