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Joseph Sohm /
More Adventures in Multiculturalism
Orlando? So what else is new? Why the excitement? I am puzzled that everyone is distraught over a perfectly ordinary act of terrorism by a perfectly ordinary Muslim terrorist. We have seen these attacks before and will see them again. They grow monotonous, like car crashes. They are as interesting as a commercial break. Why... Read More
In May of 2018, the second year of Mrs. Clinton’s administration, national puzzlement was high over the continuing wave of mass killings. A week before, nineteen children had died in the Blaintree Kindergarten massacre in San Francisco when Mohammed Shah Massoud, Faisal ibn Saud, and Hussein al Rashid burst into the school and began firing.... Read More
A few cheering thoughts on terrorism. This column specializes in cheering thoughts. Terrorism by Moslems in America and Europe cannot be stopped. If attacks do not occur, it will be because nobody tried very hard. Stopping them would require excluding Moslems, deporting them, or controlling them by totalitarian methods. Or, improbably, minding our own business... Read More
War is War, No Matter What You Call It
In recent years, I have seen terrorism denounced as a despicable crime. I wonder whether it shouldn't be accepted frankly as a form of war. I am not sure why blowing up ten people in a restaurant in, say, London is more despicable than blowing up ten children in Afghanistan by a drone. (They are... Read More
Could I Get a Quantity Discount?
On February 17, at Dulles International Airport outside of Washington, DC, a young Nigerian terrorist named Farouk Abdul al Faisal attempted to board United Airlines flight 1497 to Stuttgart, Germany. He had eluded detection by the FBI, and was not on the Terrorist Watch List. He seemed to have succeeded in his aims. Al Faisal... Read More
Ionesco as Political Consultant
Every time I go to the United States (I have just returned from two weeks in Washington), I am astonished by the antic security, by the proliferation of admonitions and alarms and inchoate fear. Now it is illegal to carry toothpaste on airplanes. I find myself wondering: Is this just another spasm of periodic hysteria,... Read More
Could we Just Be In Danger Instead?
When Rashid Ali Fata Bakh took out the Golden Gate Bridge by ramming it with a tanker, he did not regard himself as an agent of social change. He believed he was simply doing the will of God who, as Ali understood it, did not like infidels or suspension bridges. The attack provoked America's its... Read More
Next Week's Column Early. Sorry.
This isn't going to be a cute column. It may be a bit long. Some things need saying, so I'm going to say them. Recently stories have appeared in the press implying that Steve Hatfill, among other things a former ebola researcher at the Army's biological-warfare research center at Fort Detrick, Md, sent the notorious... Read More
The Average Possum Could Do It Better
Yesterday I sat on the stump in the front yard and tried to figure out the War on Terrorism. It was hard going. It didn't seem like there was a war. Of course, I've been wrong about the War before. When those camel molesters dropped the buildings in New York, I didn't think the funny... Read More
Maybe Them Terrorists Just Got Their Towels Wrapped Too Tight
The whole curious affair began when Fatima Ali Rezah, a citizen of Algeria, refused to unveil for a driver's license photo in Florida. The clerk, who didn't follow society carefully, thought she was joking. She wasn't. Her religion, she said, prohibited baring her face. The laws of the United States were irrelevant. The clerk stared... Read More
What If This Is More Serious Than It Looks?
In pondering the relentlessly invoked War on Terrorism, it seems to me we need to hold in the forefront of our minds one question: What would be the consequences of a nuclear explosion in an American city? Is such an explosion really possible? In the extremes of political discourse, particularly where the right wing runs... Read More
And How Much Are We Going To Like It?
Because bin Laden or someone else has done us irreparable harm, people, or some people anyway, spend much air in calling him, or them, cowards, criminals, and mere terrorists. No doubt this is satisfying. Yet it also serves to diminish a very dangerous enemy. In times of national enthusiasm it is hazardous to go against... Read More
A Voice From The Past
The terrorism racket grows more interesting. What with trials of terrorists in New York for the bombing of the World Trade Center, and now the fellows who were going to blow up Manhattan's subways, things don't look as safe as they might. A sort of terrorism that hasn't yet gotten a lot of attention, but... Read More
The Price Of Pansyhood
A few unorganized thoughts regarding the events in New York:(1) We lost. Our moral posturing about our degradation is merely embarrassing. We have been made fools of, expertly and calculatedly, in the greatest military defeat the country has suffered since we fled from Viet Nam. The Moslem world is laughing and dancing in the streets.... Read More
Thoughts Regarding His Extinction
Regarding the imposed demise of Timothy McVeigh, and the gnashing of teeth following said demise, a few thoughts: Much noise ensued from Amnesty International, one of those organizations which consist three-quarters of some good idea, and one-quarter of excessive satisfaction with themselves for espousing the good idea. The execution, said Amnesty, was barbaric, cruel and... Read More
Fred Reed
About Fred Reed

Fred, a keyboard mercenary with a disorganized past, has worked on staff for Army Times, The Washingtonian, Soldier of Fortune, Federal Computer Week, and The Washington Times.

He has been published in Playboy, Soldier of Fortune, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Harper's, National Review, Signal, Air&Space, and suchlike. He has worked as a police writer, technology editor, military specialist, and authority on mercenary soldiers.

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