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Sounding Good While Doing Well
Should anyone in authority say anything sensible about racial policy, an event unlikely to occur before the next Ice Age, he would have to say that when it is not merely futile it often injures the people it is supposed to help; that it succeeds in antagonizing whites without benefiting blacks; that it has become... Read More
The Consequences of Evasion
Let us address straightforwardly a question that is more privately discussed than publicly acknowledged: As a matter of logic, blacks either (a) are, or (b) are not, as intelligent as whites. For evident reasons, though not necessarily good reasons, people evade the question in public speech. But this is like not telling the doctor about... Read More
I want to be a star center for the NBA, with ten years back pay. Now. And a rabbi. As a generic white-bread male, I once opposed affirmative action, and said vicious and insensitive things about its remarkable resemblance to a spoils system. I have seen the error of my ways, however, and hereby recant.... Read More
The Problem of Race in America
We do not speak of the black underclass. We need to begin. For over five years now I have gone as a reporter with the police, into the cities and the suburbs, into Washington, Chicago, Los Angeles, Denver. I have visited prisons and jails, spent night shifts in the precincts where whites don't go. What... Read More
Reflections on the Hispanic Arrival
Regarding the enormous influx of Hispanics into the United States through Mexico, a few disordered and chaotic thoughts: To begin with, why does it get so little attention? The flow across the border is huge, 1066 by inadvertence, resembling the movement of the Germanic people into the Roman Empire in the fourth and fifth centuries.... Read More
Everything Is Always Someone Else's Fault. Ours.
I believe that if I hear one more black politician hollering about how the United States is no damn good, and nobody in it is any damn good, and everyone discriminates against blacks, and denies them opportunity, and represses them, and doesn't do everything they want, and expects them to behave, I'm going to start... Read More
Will It Work Forever?
Oh, Lord. I'd pull my hair out, if I had more.On the Web I find that Henry Louis Gates Jr., the chairman of Afro-American Studies at Harvard, is demanding that whites, pay reparations to blacks. It's because of slavery, see. He is joined in this endeavor by a gaggle of other professional blacks. I guess... Read More
Sour Thoughts On Multiculturalism
I guess somebody needs to explain multiculturalism to me. It's because I'm from West Virginia. We're slow up in the mountains, and dim, and have trouble understanding things that don't make any sense at all. Be patient. Explain multiculturalism to me in block letters. If my history's right, all kinds of folk used to come... Read More
The Confederate Flag And The Eternity Of Entitlement
It never stops. On the lobotomy box I once again saw blacks agitating about the Confederate flag. They want it removed, the announcer said, from the official paraphernalia of yet another Southern state. Cleanse those license-plate holders. Purify the evil that lurks in South Carolina. Abolish if possible an entire culture, erase its history, wash... Read More
The Political Congruence Of David Duke And The NAACP
Tell me, is there any functional difference between the average black leader and David Duke? Any difference, I mean, besides candor? Do they not produce the same practical results--i.e., precisely nothing?Duke says straightforwardly that he thinks blacks are stupid and shiftless. The black leaders act exactly as if they thought the same thing, though they... Read More
A Letter From A White Supremacist Of The Fifties
The following is a letter recently found in the attic of a building in Arlington, Virginia, that once served as headquarters of the American Nazi Party. The author, though unknown to me, is clearly a racist of the vilest sort. We may profit by understanding the mind of such a man. From: George Rockwell, Arlington,... Read More
Thoughts On The Unwisdom Of Starting What You Can't Stop
I think we're heading toward a racial trainwreck. Here's why. I'd better be wrong. The United States is no longer one nation, but three--black, Hispanic, and white--living in uneasy coexistence in the same place. Whites, once dominant, are either no longer able, or no longer willing, to impose a uniform national culture. The two minorities... Read More
A Good Thing, Maybe; True Love, Maybe Not
Where I live, the sight of a black guy walking with a (usually blonde) white woman is no longer startling, although many are not at all happy about it. The media celebrate interracial dating as A Good Thing, showing that irrational prejudices are at last dying out and a better world is coming into existence.... Read More
The Crusade Against Assimilation Of Hispanics. By The Usual Suspects.
It seems that educationists in California are beset by an uproar, and buzz in circles like flies on a plate-glass window, and gnash their hands, and wring their teeth, and nigh about expire of appalledness, or appallation, or appallment. It's because they have made a great discovery. The immediate cause of fluttering in the educational... Read More
Where I Think We're Going, We Ain't Gonna Like
My email from cops around the country is interesting. How good its statistical validity is, I don't know, but it gives a fair picture of what's on people's minds. I'm looking at the fifth forward I've gotten of a recent AP story on the demoralization of the LAPD. The core of the piece is that... Read More
The Subject That Never Goes Away
I keep hearing, sometime from blacks, often from whites who heard the stories somewhere but don't know details, of cops racially harassing middle-class black people here in the metro area. I got a rendition of this last night: Respectable black couples in nice clothes in nice cars repeatedly being stopped and checked out for no... Read More
Maybe Some Things Aren't Somebody Else's Fault
I discovered recently in the Washington Post that a group of black lawyers, to include with the predictability of gravitation Johnny Cochran, is planning to sue for reparations for, sigh, slavery. Blacks want more money (I could stop the sentence here) from me and my children. Sometimes I feel like an udder. The case for... Read More
Cops Begin To Opt Out
Some months ago I wrote that cops in a lot of jurisdictions have decided that the current climate of hostility toward the police has led officers to keep their heads down -- i.e., not to do anything that could result in criticism by the racial lobbies. Because this column also appears on my web site... Read More
What Do People Really Want?
Last week I wrote a column saying that white cops have become so gun shy about being charged with racism, and thereby losing jobs, promotions, and careers, that many of them have stopped enforcing the law when blacks are involved. As part of the column I printed a letter from a cop in PG County... Read More
Orwell, With Lots More Consumer Goods
Am I the only one who wearies of being racially managed like an errant child of three? Who wearies of being instructed, exhorted, lied to about race? Who wearies of having my children trained like performing dogs, made to recite social doctrine that few any longer believe and that helps neither black nor white? Who... Read More
Figuring It Out
As the Rio Grande flows ever more northward, and Spanish grows common on the streets of America, and tacos appear in the lunch counters of high schools along with the usual inedible fare, people worry that "the minorities" may one day be in the majority, and band together against whites. I wouldn't bet on it.... Read More
The Wages Of Injustice Is Shoes
Rumor among California's channelers and telepathy screwballs has it that Mark Twain is still alive, like Elvis, and secretly writing for newspapers in the Bay Area. What do you reckon? Nothing else can explain the why the papers are so wonderfully funny. I guess Twain took some of that Nazi immortality drug that Hitler did... Read More
Questioning Togetherheid
As I write, Cincinnati is under curfew. A white police officer shot and killed a black man. Blacks have been looting and burning. The media imply that the shooting was unnecessary, an example of police brutality. Perhaps it was. I don't know. I wasn't there. Over and over it happens. Something upsets blacks, and they... Read More
Are The Media Actualy Trying To Start Riots?
Since the looting and burning in Cincinnati, the mainstream media have mentioned over and over the fifteen black men killed by police in the city in recent years. The implication, never so far as I know buttressed with data, has been that the police were unjustified, that they kill blacks for reasons of racism. The... Read More
Not Colin Powell And The Cosbys
The recent race war in Cincinnati -- which is what it was -- might reasonably lead one to ponder the black underclass, its nature, behavior, crimes, and intentions toward whites. Permit me a few unpleasant observations, inescapable after years on the police beat: Crime by the underclass is racial, predatory, and very much targeted against... Read More
Thoughts Antecedent To My Lynching
Always we are told that we must integrate, but may not the virtues of racial integration be exaggerated? Might a degree of separation serve us better? What has integration produced other than ill will and strife? Yes, these thoughts are publicly heretical. Yet they are also privately common. May there not be a reason? The... Read More
Race, Race, Everything Is Race
I had hoped to spend the summer running columns from my recent trip to Chicago, which gives a picture of big-city policing that Washington can’t. As it happens, however, the growing racial problem, in which cops are declining to risk arresting blacks for fear of being prosecuted, has upset the apple cart. My email on... Read More
Black Cop, White Cop, Same Story
Sometimes the best thing a columnist can do is to shut up and let people speak for themselves. I get a lot of unhappy mail from cops in PG. The following, a few months old now, is an example. I've removed potentially identifying details and nothing else. "Hello Fred, "Let me start out by saying... Read More
Sells Out To Johnny Cochran
I see by the papers in the Yankee Capital that Johnny Cochran, and of course Jesse and Al, are wheezing and blowing like a county-fair calliope with a leaky boiler. They always are. This time it was about the need to pay reparations for the ravages trala of slavery. It got me to thinking. I... Read More
The Infinitude Of Pedro
Recently I returned to Washington from three months down on the West Coast of Mexico. I found that Vicente Fox, presidente de, was in the city. Yep. He was here to demand --demand, mind you -- that Jorge Arbusto, leader of the US and by implication everywhere else, give amnesty to all the Mexicans who... Read More
The View From A Sushi Bar
There is near me an Asian sushi-beer-and-dinner establishment that I'll call the Asia Spot. The region is urban, so the clientele is a mix of some of just about everything, but the waitresses are all Asian, principally Japanese, Indonesian, Vietnamese, and Thai. The Spot is a neighborhood bar. A large after-work crowd, many of them... Read More
Useful As An Iron Lungi
The letters from blacks come in dribs and drabs to my mailbox, not many, but several a week. They vary. Most are in ordinary English. A few carry the characteristic misspellings and odd grammar of uneducated blacks. Most are civil. Many are virulent in their hostility to me, understandable given my expressed distaste for racial... Read More
Fred Fights For Justice. Like Batman.
Magazines, and those reprehensible lying TV shows like Twenty Minutes or whatever, are bleating like hung-over goats about how universities mulct black basketball players. Yeah. The players get used for the glory of the school, and then thrown on the street when their eligibility wears out, like cheap shoes with a hole in the sole.... Read More
Getting Used To What We Can't Change
One marvels that a creed widely doubted in private, unsupported by evidence, and manifestly incorrect, can become compulsory in a society, shape its policy, and arouse furious support. Radical egalitarianism is such a creed -- the notion that people, both individually and in groups, are born equal and, preferably, identical. It would then follow that... Read More
Better Than Ebola. About A Draw With Smallpox.
What if we are wrong? What if different kinds of people just plain don't want to live together? What if federal bullying, stamping our feet, and holding our breath and turning blue won't change things? A powerful current in today's compulsorily appropriate thought is that hostility between groups is anomalous and remediable, an exception to... Read More
Are We Sure This Is What We Want?
An obvious truth that one dare not utter: White America, and in particular the media, academia, and government, holds blacks in utter contempt. This becomes clear the moment one looks at behavior instead of asseveration. It is especially true of those people who imagine themselves to be liberal. Let me back up. Decades ago, I... Read More
It Was An Interesting Experiment
How stable, one may wonder, is the United States? The answer would seem to be, "Exceedingly." The country has had no coups, attempted coups, or revolutions. Our only civil war came over a century ago. Political stability has contributed mightily to American success. We have avoided the internal wars, shifting governments, and dictators that have... Read More
A Partisan View Of Mexico
At six in the morning, for two weeks, the skyrockets have started, whoosh, fzzzzzt, blam! Kerblooey! by the hundreds. They're big suckers, like the ones we had as kids in America before the mommy state got them. It was hard to hear the kerblams, though, over the marching band, which also started at six, with... Read More
And Moves Into It
Today, news for people who are surprised by sunrise: The Associated Press reports* that Marie G. Davis Middle School, of Charlotte, North Carolina, when given the chance to segregate itself racially, did. Some federal court, in a fit of intelligence, said that you couldn't force parents to bus children to schools politically acceptable to Washington.... Read More
Disorganized Thoughts On Racial Nonfeasance
From time to time I get mail informing me that blacks are being mistreated, as for example by not being sufficiently represented among the ranks of athletic coaches, and implying that I should oppose such inequity. Regarding which: First, I do not oppose racial discrimination against blacks. In 1965, I did. My view then, as... Read More
Git Them Dogies Moving
The Supreme Court, our unelected and irrefutable legislature of nine, now ponders, or pretends to ponder, the legitimacy of racial discrimination in collegiate admissions. Oh good. One assumes of course that, with unrebuttable presumptuousness, they will merely dress their prejudices in constitutional-sounding awkward English. Still: What is one to make of racial preferences? First, some... Read More
Dancing Bears, Clowns, and Cotton Candy
Oh good. In the Washington Post,* the trade journal of the coming vacuum, I discover a story on "Whiteness Studies." These, at what used to be the University of Massachusetts, are yet more un-courses that grow like mold on the wreckage of American education. They endeavor to make white students ashamed of being white. How... Read More
But Suresh Venktasubramanian Can
Maybe we need to wake up.The other day I went to the Web site of Bell Labs, one of the country's premier research outfits. I clicked at random on a research project, Programmable Networks for Tomorrow. The scientists working on the project were Gisli Hjalmstysson, Nikos Anerousis, Pawan Goyal, K. K. Ramakrishnan, Jennifer Rexford, Kobus... Read More
Maybe They Need A Better Class Of Friends
Do blacks realize the contempt in which the government, the universities, and what is frequently called the “liberal establishment”—though it is hardly that—hold them? That the transparent premise of virtually all racial policy is that blacks are irremediably helpless?I recently saw a news story saying that a black girl at the University of Colorado, I... Read More
Reflections On The Virtue Of Lawlessness
Suppose that you were subject to, say, horrendous sinus infections or earaches. In America, by law you would have to get an appointment with a doctor, $75, thank you—when he had time, how about day after tomorrow, whereupon he would give you a prescription for amoxicillin, fifteen bucks and a trip to a pharmacy. If... Read More
Life Below The Rio Grand
Living in Mexico as I do, I often hear from North Americans that gringos move to Mexico chiefly for the women. Well, yes. The women are certainly an attraction. Indeed they are. The North American tendency however is to confuse women with sex. American men in the United States usually see Mexican women as LBFMs,... Read More
In Search Of Conspiracy
From time to time I write about the cloacal morality of the media as they go about wrecking civilization and annoying hell out of me. For rhetorical convenience I use “New York” and “Hollywood” as a sort of abbreviation for the news racket and the screen trades. This column gets a lot email. Some of... Read More
The Flow Across The Rhine-Danube Line
When I write that I like Mexico, that it enjoys much that we have lost, that Latin societies are more livable if less prosperous than ours, dismissive letters arrive. They amount to the same letter: “If Mexico is so great, how come they all want to come to the United States?” The writers invariably believe... Read More
Good Idea
OK, I’ll give it the old fifty-words-a-minute-and-forty-errors shot, ‘cause I got stuff to do this afternoon. I’ve written about some of this before, but since people keep asking, I’ll babble a bit.A lot of males think that Mexico and Thailand and so on are sexual candy stores. They talk dreamingly about LBFMs, Little Brown Fucking... Read More
Helluva Show
Might be there’s a pattern here? Nah.A friend in California has an Asia wife (which both he and I recommend), and so is among the few whites plugged into the state’s Asian community. He reports that the Asians are contemptuous of whites. (“Lazy, not very smart.”) The evidence supports them. They also believe that the... Read More
Fred Reed
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Fred, a keyboard mercenary with a disorganized past, has worked on staff for Army Times, The Washingtonian, Soldier of Fortune, Federal Computer Week, and The Washington Times.

He has been published in Playboy, Soldier of Fortune, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Harper's, National Review, Signal, Air&Space, and suchlike. He has worked as a police writer, technology editor, military specialist, and authority on mercenary soldiers.

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