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A few months ago, people were asking me to interview Andrew Tate at my online English pub, The Jolly Heretic. I’d never heard of him. Now, Tate and his brother are under arrest in Romania, along with two Romanian women, for rape, organized crime, and human trafficking, and everyone has heard of him. They also... Read More
I’ve long been fascinated by the “controversial” British-Canadian psychologist J. Philippe Rushton (1943-2012), to the extent that I wrote the only book-length (by no means uncritical) biography of him: J. Philippe Rushton: A Life History Perspective. It’s equally fascinating to see a new study which, in essence, proves him correct—but whose authors cannot possibly bring... Read More
It’s not often that one reads an article that one disagrees with so strongly that one has to do the modern equivalent of writing a letter of protest to the local newspaper. However, this recently happened to me with regard to The Jews Are Ye’s Misfortune, [by David Cole, Taki’s Mag, October 25, 2022], which... Read More
If you believe the ever-popular and amusing right-wing social media memes, conservative men are bearded “chads” swooned over by beautiful blonde-haired women in blue floral dresses. Leftist men are effeminate “Soy Boys” or “Soyjaks” who cry like girls and smile with wide-open mouths—an affectation called “soy face” that Paul Joseph Watson ruthlessly ridiculed in an... Read More
A British person living in Finland quickly gets to know lots of other people in the same situation: Britons and other native English-speakers, such as Americans, who have married or are otherwise partnered with Finns and moved to Finland. If you ignore the War On Noticing, then something is likely to strike you. The woman... Read More
Earlier by John Derbyshire: Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin’s Cleavage: The Evolutionary Psychology Angle and Finland's Sanna Marin Just Wants To Have Fun The trending term on Finnish Twitter recently was “EroaSannaMarin.” This translates as something like “Sanna Marin—Leave,” though the word “ero” is also used to mean “divorce.” Implication: Finland should divorce its 36-year-old... Read More
What do Cultural Marxists do once they’ve driven brave truth-focused researchers who dare to discuss “race,” such as Noah Carl [Cambridge college sacks researcher over links with far right, By Richard Adams, The Guardian, May 1, 2019] or Michael Woodley, out of the universities and forced them to be “independent scholars”? What’s the next step... Read More
With the resignation of Boris Johnson for his constant, almost habitual, lying, Britain’s Conservative a.k.a. “Tory” Party is currently electing its new leader. After two rounds of balloting, the contestants have been cut down to five; the third round is on Monday, July 18. The chance that the new leader will be a white British... Read More
I am often asked how it is that Woke propagandists and politicians can assert that the white proportion of traditionally white countries is declining and that this is an excellent thing and yet simultaneously claim that noting this is happening is a “conspiracy theory” and an outrageous lie. ( Editor Peter Brimelow has noted the... Read More
Earlier by Ann Coulter: Register Maniacs, Not Guns: Mental Health Laws Let Loonies Wander Free For us non-Americans (I live in Finland), the relative frequency of the school shooting phenomenon in the U.S (notwithstanding mass shootings in Hungerford, Dunblane and Tasmania) is something that we associate with America, like very loud customers or morbid obesity.... Read More
There are some people who cling to the belief that one day Leftist hegemony will collapse in the West simply because there is a negative association between fertility and liberalism. Such people seem to believe that the eventual result will be some kind of revolution from below, where the hungry Parisians will storm the modern-day... Read More
Earlier by Edward Dutton: Are We In The Winter of America? Will There Be A Spring? An interesting piece on Substack by N. S. Lyons garnered a great deal of attention recently. Entitled “No, the Revolution Isn’t Over,” January 18, 2022] it insisted, in the words of its pithy subtitle, that “none of the fundamental... Read More
See, earlier (2010) The Fulford File: "Eugenics" Is What Happens When Cousins Don't Marry Writing a “popular science” book is no easy task. You must deftly walk a tightrope between making your arguments exciting, absorbing and comprehensible to the “educated layman” but, also, nuanced, objective and scientifically sound. If his fellow Leftists scientists and commentators... Read More
Otherwise brave scientists now demur from researching fascinating and important areas, such as race and sex differences, for fear of being “cancelled,” bullied and abused by the Woke mob. But personally, I don’t particularly care about this bullying—and a reason may be that I was born three months prematurely, back in 1980 when the survival... Read More
Earlier: “He Kept The Faith”—A Conversation With Richard Lynn Sex Differences in Intelligence: The Development Theory, the latest book by the Grand Old Man of psychology Richard Lynn, systematically demonstrates something that has long been obvious to most people (including women, if you know any): On average, men are more intelligent than women—by about 4... Read More
"A Genius, So Massive And Important Was His Contribution. And The Last Of The Scientific Generation That Believed In Truth"
Earlier, by Steve Sailer: Monica R. McLemore In The SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN: How to Fix E.O. Wilson's Racist Legacy Recently, in April 2021, I emailed Edward O. Wilson to ask if he might consider appearing on my internet show The Jolly Heretic, where I discuss supposedly “controversial” science increasingly banned in the Woke Cathedrals that Western... Read More
Earlier by F. Roger Devlin: Charles Murray's FACING REALITY: Ruling Class Must Accept Race Differences—Or Provoke The "Disaster" Of White Identity Politics Charles Murray (The Bell Curve, Coming Apart, Human Diversity) is rightly bitter about the disgraceful shut-out of his latest book Facing Reality: Two Truths About Race from the current U.S. and international debate—actually,... Read More
Recently,’s Lance Welton cited my work when suggesting that a general decline in intelligence—among whites, quite apart from the immigration of lower IQ races—was one reason for the disgraceful jury verdict in the Derek Chauvin show trial. People often react incredulously when told of this IQ decline: “Haven’t you heard of the Flynn Effect?... Read More
The Case of Nobel laureate James Watson demonstrates the lengths the media is willing to go to suppress an honest,...
This essay is drawn from the book Making Sense of Race, which can be purchased here. Many of us who appreciate the reality and importance of race have long hoped that “one day” an irreproachable, eminently credible scientist might speak some sense on the matter—breaking open the gates for the rest of us. As we... Read More
This essay is drawn from the book Making Sense of Race, which can be purchased here. "Race" is a coherent biological category, as much as is "species," and the cases against it simply don't add up. Is "race" an outmoded, morally dubious idea that was deservedly cast into the dustbin of history, along with Stalinism,... Read More
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