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Since at least 2018, George Soros and his network have spent over $100 million to elect district attorneys who are soft on crime. These DAs were behind “catch-and-release” policies that encouraged endless rioting in 2020, and brought on crime waves in many big cities. Last night, the most radical of these DAs, San Francisco’s Chesa... Read More
In 2016, half of all visitors to came to us through an “organic search,” meaning that they typed something into Google or another search engine, saw AR in the results, and clicked through to us. In the following years, traffic from organic searches fell. By April 2020, only 17.75 percent of our traffic came... Read More
Happy Memorial Day. At the end of the Mexican-American War, some politicians were opposed to this peace, and wanted the USA to conquer the entirety of its southern neighbor. Here is John C. Calhoun’s full (race realist) argument against the idea. Resolved, That to conquer Mexico and to hold it, either as a province or... Read More
With more and more Hispanics moving towards the right, many analysts said the results of the Democrat primary in Texas’s 28th congressional district would be prophetic. The incumbent is light-skinned Hispanic Henry Cuellar, the most conservative Democrat in Congress. The challenger is Jessica Cisneros, a more progressive and less white millennial. The two faced off... Read More
Until last night, blacks in primary elections in both parties had done poorly this year, either losing to more moderate white candidates or winning nominations they are almost certain to lose in the general election. Georgia has upended the trend. Redistricting changed the state’s congressional districts considerably. The sixth and seventh had both been swing... Read More
What is The Great Replacement? “The Great Replacement” is a phrase coined by the French writer Renaud Camus. In an interview for American Renaissance, Mr. Camus explained it this way: Of his critics, Mr. Camus said this: Is The Great Replacement a right-wing concept? No. Mr. Camus is an irreligious homosexual and an environmentalist. Moreover,... Read More
Since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, Big Tech has censored not just pro-Russia outlets, but leftist media that blame the conflict on American imperialism through NATO expansion. This week, that censorship expanded to include financial deplatforming. As Matt Taibbi, Jacobin, and others have explained, PayPal stopped working with Consortium News and MintPress News.... Read More
J.D. Vance has won the Republican nomination for Ohio’s senate race. Only a month ago, he was in third place. Then, on April 15, former President Donald Trump endorsed Mr. Vance and he surged into first. Since Ohio has steadily moved from being a swing state to a GOP stronghold (Mr. Trump won it by... Read More
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Credit Image: © Michael Brochstein / ZUMA Press Wire) On Friday, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sent off a series of tweets that proved popular: This is a common refrain on the Left: “If the (far) Left is so powerful, why isn’t America socialist?” The question ignores race. The reason America isn’t socialist, despite a... Read More
Yesterday, someone opened fire on the occupants of a New York City subway. The shooter injured ten people (none fatally) and another 13 people were injured in the rush to get out of harm’s way. The prime suspect is Frank R. James because the key to a U-Haul Mr. James rented was found at the... Read More
Two years ago I wrote, “What is Wrong With White Women?” This still true: Making their behavior even stranger, the Left doesn’t even reward white women for being renegades. Instead, Leftists constantly complain that they are insufficiently woke, hopelessly white, and draw too much attention from black rappers — all at the expense of black... Read More
I try to not be finicky about political labels. I’m comfortable with many of them. Race realist, white advocate, white nationalist, identitarian, and racialist are all decent descriptions of what I am. But there are two I am sometimes saddled with that I reject entirely. The first is “paleoconservative.” While I have profited enormously from... Read More
In 1996, the great Sam Francis wrote a long essay on conspiracy theories. After noting that not since the 1940s “has the American presidency been as engulfed in distrust and suspicion as it is today,” he wrote: None of the Presidents who followed Bill Clinton managed to regain the majority of the public’s trust. During... Read More
Liberals and leftists often claim that whites are the race most responsible for terrorism in America. For example: “Don Lemon Says ‘The Biggest Terror Threat In This Country Is White Men’,” by Alanna Vagianos, Huffington Post, October 31, 2018 “White supremacy ‘most lethal’ threat to America, Biden says,” by Katherine Doyle, Washington Examiner, April 28,... Read More
This review contains spoilers. A new horror film, Master, is making waves in the liberal arts scene. It is black woman Mariama Diallo’s first film, and it follows three black women at a prestigious New England college: a freshman (Zoe Renee as Jasmine Moore), an administrator recently promoted to the position of “master” (Regina Hall... Read More
Chris Roberts: On its “About” page, the socialist Jacobin magazine highlights four endorsements. The most surprising comes from Chris Hayes, an MSNBC host whose politics are fairly mainstream (for a Democrat, anyway). But what he says is interesting, “I really like Jacobin — it’s very explicitly on the radical left, and sort of hostile to... Read More
An American Renaissance reader emailed us the Toronto Police’s list of most wanted murderers. Out of the 35 perps with names and photos (minors have their identities protected), only two are white — even though roughly half the city is. It’s another reminder that racial behavioral patterns are universal. Here are all 35 of the... Read More
Our rulers seem to think all whites live in wealth, security, and comfort. This myth is one of many that make it impossible to have an honest conversation about race. Here are five films about America’s impoverished and decidedly not privileged white underclass. Wanda (1970) A directionless woman meanders through the Pennsyltucky’s dingy and criminal... Read More
For decades, the Democrats have been the party of nonwhites but with a mostly white leadership. That is starting to change, as more white centrists have to fend off challenges from progressive blacks, Hispanics, and even Muslims. Last week, I gave four examples of this in the upcoming midterms. Here are two more. John Yarmuth,... Read More
Yesterday, The Hill published an article called “Five Democrats the left plans to target” about progressives who are trying to unseat moderate Congressional incumbents. Though not inaccurate, the piece fails to mention how important race is in all this. The first quote in the article comes from South Asian Waleed Shahid, who worked for Alexandria... Read More
Morris van de Camp is a frequent contributor to Counter-Currents, where he writes mostly about American history. His essays and reviews are always insightful and are often a refreshing break from horse-race politics and cultural esoterica. In this interview — the first he has ever given — he discusses religion, self-improvement, South Africa, the Civil... Read More
Jared Taylor has written hundreds of essays and several books but is probably best known for his videos. Here are ten of my favorites — please let me know what yours are in the comments thread. Basic Facts About Race in 13 Minutes The Taboo That Could Break America, Parts I, II, and III Listen... Read More
Introduction For years, I’ve wanted to go to southern West Virginia and do original reporting on what’s alternatively called “the white death” and “the opioid crisis.” It is the greatest social malady of our time, and people who read this publication should care about its resolution more than anyone else. After more than a year... Read More
Johnny Williams is a black professor of sociology at Trinity College. He is best known for his inflammatory comments, often made on social media, especially his 2019 tweet, “whiteness is terrorism.” Prof. Williams wrote several columns defending that claim. In a May 1, 2019 column for Black Agenda Report (“Whiteness Explainer for Dummies“) he wrote... Read More
In a development of precisely no interest to the Main Stream Media, the antiwhite Southern Poverty Law Center ($PLC to lost its founder, Morris Dees, longtime chairman Richard Cohen and several other top officers in a 2019 coup reportedly related to internal racial tensions and a sexual harassment scandal. Michelle Obama’s former Chief Of... Read More
In presidential elections, the Republican Party used to win the majority of Asian votes. Now it barely wins more than a quarter. In 2012 and 2016, the GOP’s share of Asian support was even lower than its Hispanic share. Every
For decades, people have debated whether Hispanics can become loyal Republicans. The Left thinks not, and touts the growing Hispanicization of the US as the cornerstone of a permanent Democrat majority. Meanwhile, the GOP claims Hispanics are “natural conservatives” and that many will become Republicans. My research leads to three conclusions. There is a significant... Read More
In his rebuttal of Andrew Lawler’s recent Washington Post smearing of the much-loved Virginia Dare legend as “white nationalist,” Peter Brimelow noted that the nasty reference to was not hyperlinked although other publications were and added “not that we care because MSM readers are notoriously incurious.” Brimelow is right that American patriots are abandoning... Read More
Jean Raspail, Camp of the Saints, Social Contract Press, 1973, 306pp., $17.95 (softcover). “In this curious war taking shape, those who loved themselves best were the ones who would triumph.” – Jean Raspail The Camp of the Saints, written by Jean Raspail in 1973, is a novel about the end of the white race. Its... Read More
An interesting niche in the political Left has appeared over the last 18 months. They are a segment of the Bernie Sanders wing of the Left, socialists who oppose racial identity politics generally and the shaming of poor whites in particular. I call them the anti-anti-white Left. They are vehemently opposed to the Clinton family... Read More
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