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See also by Barton Cockey: The Politicization Of Medicine And The Medicalization Of Politics In 2020, after a souped-up coronavirus apparently escaped a U.S.-subsidized lab in Wuhan, China, world governments, the Regime Media, and Leftist social media launched a campaign of fear and repression. As a physician, I wrote about it here [A Doctor Reflects... Read More
See also: Women Are Taking Over Medicine—Not Necessarily Good For Them, Or Their Patients Eight years ago, as I prepared to retire from medical practice, health care was under assault. A federally-mandated computerized medical record had complicated charting patients and added hours of daily unproductive work for hospital staff, with no improvement in the quality... Read More
A Review of Project Day Lily, An American Biowarfare Tragedy, by Garth L. Nicolson, Ph.D. and Nancy L. Nicolson, Ph.D.,...
The last couple of years have provided a crash course in medical malfeasance and official corruption for anyone paying attention. A well-orchestrated campaign of defamation has assailed proponents of early treatment and critics of the experimental “vaccines,” even as nonsensical mandates and lockdowns have thrown most of the western world into a creepy, Fauci-fiction dystopia.... Read More
The hardest part of writing about the “Equity” racket is reading the illiterate drivel that its scribes churn out. In this case, though, the effort may be just barely worth it. Your health is at stake, at least to the extent that the medical profession has any effect on it. Consider this from Aletha Maybank,... Read More
See, earlier, The Fulford File, By James Fulford | Disparate Impact: Legal And Political A ripple of horror ran through the excruciatingly PC-compliant government of Baltimore County, Maryland last week after President Trump’s Justice Department filed a suit against the county for racial discrimination in the police department. Council member Wade Kach (R) [Email him]... Read More
See, earlier: Time, Once Again, To Rethink Martin Luther King Day–The 2019 Edition If you want to know what our Ruling Class wants us to think, an excellent resource is Smithsonian Magazine. The May 2, 2019 issue features an article titled “A New Civil War Museum Speaks Truths in the Former Capital of the Confederacy.”... Read More
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