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Gaslighting, living in an alternative universe, or missing something? These are the things that go through my head when I see data like this. The following graph shows the percentages of Americans who perceived the large military presence at Joe Biden's sparsely attended--excluding the National Guard troops, that is--presidential inauguration: Excepting white men without college... Read More
Ratioed hard: The company once boasting about being the free speech wing of the free speech party is now so strongly associated with biasedly suppressing human expression it makes tin pot African dictators blush. The biggest threats to human liberty no longer come from governments, they come from Woke Capital. The US government can't get... Read More
With the long-time leader of Libya apparently taking precarious refuge in Algeria, his time in the limelight of Western media is nearing its end. When he's captured and then again as legal proceedings of some form progress against him (and the nature of those proceedings is contingent upon who ends up nabbing him), he'll momentarily... Read More