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Twice since the turn of the century, in 2006 and 2014, the GSS has asked respondents about personal net wealth (assets minus debt). The following graph shows wealth distributions by generational cohorts in roughly 2010, understanding that the "great recession" occurred in between the two survey years (n = 2,150):
The US has become so disunited--religiously, ethnically, politically, economically, culturally, racially, linguistically--that its existence as a single political entity no longer makes sense. As the polyglot country becomes increasingly diverse and thus increasingly divided, people are becoming increasingly distrustful of other people. The following graph shows the percentage of GSS respondents, by year, who say... Read More
In an essay adapted from the forthcoming Coming Apart:The State of White America, 1960–2010, Charles Murray writes:Murray argues that this phenomenon is ceasing to exist, in what seems to be a natural outgrowth (via HBD chick) of the increasing cognitive stratification that characterizes the contemporary United States, something Murray and Herrnstein famously chronicled in The... Read More
OneSTDV captures the societal shift away from celebrating accomplishment and towards celebrating suffering in discussing Arizona representative Gabrielle Giffords and the coverage surrounding the Loughner shooting and her recovery from it. The PC orthodoxy leverages (and pushes for) this shifting to prop up favored groups at the bottom and minimize the laudatory attention that should... Read More