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DforDoom is true to his handle: There has been nothing like a massive backlash in South Africa, and the situation is far more dire there. On the other hand, the Afrikaners are facing hard repression. That's not the case in America, where things are by necessity softer. If the hundreds of millions of Americans who... Read More
Fool us 4,034 times, shame on us: There are intelligence reports! Those reports contain information from US intelligence agents! That information has been confirmed by Afghan officials! The Taliban and the Kremlin deny it all, but of course they would. They want us to cut and run, after all, and what better way to do... Read More
RCP's averages have Trump ceding Arizona, Florida, Maine's second congressional district, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin from 2016 without flipping any states of his own: Biden's prospects have never been better. The betting markets similarly have him winning in a landslide: When we last visited the trading floor back in May, Biden was... Read More
White progressives like pointing out that by nominating Biden over Sanders, the party has ensured no one is going to vote for the Democrat presidential nominee. Instead, they'll vote against Trump. Well, that ignorance is spoken from a place of privilege. It otherizes the lived experience of black bodies that have been eager to support... Read More
George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Andrew Jackson are going the way of Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis: The question included a "not sure" response. It was selected by 22% of those surveyed, so these figures are conservative estimates of deconstruction sentiments . Only 25% of blacks definitively oppose the statues being removed. In the... Read More
Last year, 1,004 people were fatally shot by police. The vast majority of them were armed men. Over the last two decades, the number of men who take their own lives each year has increased by over 13,000. That's not 13,000 men who kill themselves annually--that's 13,000 more men who kill themselves today than killed... Read More
It's not okay to say white lives matter: It is okay to say, again and again, that white lives don't matter: It's okay, but it's not very optical. The smart ones aren't going to utter things like that in public, let alone vociferously proclaim them ('Doctor' Gopal's teaching and research interests are "in colonial and... Read More
RSDB kicks off the COTW with some reactionary fire: Nebulafox on the millennial mind, anxious and insecure: Problems feel more existential if your relationship with authority all your life has been a passive-aggressive mix of awed respect and loathing, mainly stemming from a mix of the random capriciousness of the system and consciousness of the... Read More
The Federal Reserve is stuck. There is no way to raise interest rates without crashing the market. That was made clear in late 2018. The Fed balance sheet must continue to rise towards infinity in hopes that it is enough to goose the financial system forever. Even that hasn't been enough for the repurchase markets,... Read More
Kamala Harris is the people's choice: Her advantage over Elizabeth Warren runs the demographic gamut. The only exception is among voters under thirty years of age, a notoriously unreliable cohort. Harris even beats Warren among Democrat primary voters who self-describe as politically liberal. Harris has a huge advantage over Warren among Hispanics (37% to 16%),... Read More
From Cassius Dio on the downfall of Sejanus, murdered praetorian prefect of Rome's second emperor: Who is the contemporary man this speaks down through the ages to? Not the stubborn southern secessionist. Not exclusively, anyhow. For statues of Ulysses Grant, Abraham Lincoln, Christopher Columbus, George Washington, Andrew Jackson, Thomas Jefferson, Hans Christian Heg, and Junipero... Read More
The following graphs show the perceived net (un)trustworthiness of some of the largest news media organizations in America, and also OAN. The values are calculated by taking twice the percentages of respondents rating an organization "very trustworthy", adding the percentages rating it "trustworthy", subtracting the percentages rating it "untrustworthy", and subtracting twice the percentages rating... Read More
Okay, that's where he spends most of his time. Though my intellectual GI is still digesting it, the entree is worth a bite: A lot of the public outrage over the deaths of George Floyd and this Brooks fellow is not really about them at all. BLM is capitalizing on the public mood shift of... Read More
There is far more income variation within racial groups than there are between them. It's futile--not to mention racist!--to obsess over racial differences in median income. Less than 15% of income differences occur between races. More than 85% of income differences occur within racial groups. We've been looking in all the wrong places with this... Read More
COTW gets rolling with Wency: If cutting off engagement is too much, consider striking a balance by not funding those who hate you. With regards to the specific subje
From the same SurveyUSA poll referenced yesterday: "In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue". Sigh. What a sad, pathetic end to a once mighty civilization. Getting humanity off this planet is entirely in Asia's hands now. Unlike the more introspective Occident, the East doesn't have many qualms about colonization--of other lands in the past and,... Read More
The following table shows the percentages of reported stolen property that ends up being recovered and returned to its rightful owner: In just 1 out of every 25 jewelry thefts, the stolen jewelry is recovered. Those dismal percentages are for items victims bothered to go through the process of reporting. The recovery rates for filched... Read More
- When the state says there is nothing to worry about, assume panic behind the scenes: Turns out the problem of police snuffing out blacks isn't as serious a threat to black lives as black-on-black violence is. Nationwide, the police kill around 250 blacks each year. Civilian blacks, by comparison, kill ten times as many... Read More
When middle America became restless over the forever lock downs, breathless admonitions about the coronavirus catastrophe about to brought down on the country showed up in every article the corporate media put out, on the timelines of all the blue checkmarks, and in the public pronouncements of the legions of stern-faced labcoats. When protests and... Read More
Most Americans aren't buying Woke Capital's pledge to Be Better in the War on Racism: There are only two possible responses to "In the wake of the protests against the deaths of African Americans during encounters with police, many companies have responded by making anti-racism statements that include commitments to equality, instituting new diversity initiatives... Read More
A white circle of protection, that is. And they'll need the mana to use it, so let's get appropriate legislation started now: Via Tusk, Wizards of the Coast understands that the phrase "White Lives Matter" is repugnant. There's a card to deal with the cancer of human history. It remains legal and damned well better... Read More
Is there anything Wokeness won't spoil? Rhetorical: The subsequent pieces of art will all be replaced online with this: With Wokeness there can be no art,
Three-part COTW starts off with indocon on Trump's modus operandi, that of speaking loudly and carrying a tiny twig: Because of his rhetoric, the left thinks he's a dictator and they plan to calibrate their vengeance accordingly, while his supporters have nothing of substance to show for it. Buzz Mohawk on America's coronakari: The cost... Read More
Defunding oppressive cops, protests against perceived brutality, five-fingered discounts, cities on fire, the formation of autonomous zones, BLM's corporate cashout putting Jesse Jackson's Rainbow Push Coalition to shame, and the shameless cultural appropriation of corrupt geriatrics haven't been enough to turn reparations into a popular cause, at least not yet. "Not sure" responses, constituting 22%... Read More
The polls and the betting markets are working hard to make our prediction of a Biden blowout come true. Here's a potential counterpoint suggesting Trump supporters are, while outnumbered, far more enthusiastic about their guy than Democrats are about theirs:   What, is it really too much to ask of someone to give up a... Read More
The country is disunited culturally, religiously, ethnically, politically, linguistically, morally, and racially. The only strong bond remaining is one of economic expediency and that is rapidly coming to an end. It's too bad the autonomous zone inside Seattle is doomed to failure because the political dissolution of the US is overdue. Still, an imperfect contemporary... Read More
The more concerned you are about racism, the more racist you are. The first step to combating racism is admitting it's a problem: It's a twist on the aphorism about wisdom and knowledge--the more you know, the more aware you become of how much you don't know. For every internal demon of racism you slay,... Read More
More evidence American public discourse is controlled by a small but vocal minority of young leftists who do not represent the sentiments of the majority of the citizenry. They don't even countenance the voicing of those sentiments: "Neutral" responses, constituting 17% of the total, and "not sure", constituting 4%, are not shown. People have been... Read More
Taken from the beginning of America's third great religious revival, the percentages of GSS respondents, by race and also by political orientation among whites, who attribute blacks having "worse jobs, income, and housing than white people" at least in part "because most just don't have the motivation or willpower to pull themselves up out of... Read More
From a recent SurveyUSA today nationwide poll, mean estimates of the percentage of police officers in America who are "bad cops" by selected respondent demographic characteristics: Overall, more than one in every four officers are perceived to be bad apples. That's striking. When the economic collapse comes, the country is done. Nobody trusts anyone or... Read More
From a nationwide SurveyUSA poll, the following graphs show the percentages of people who answered "entirely appropriate", "unfortunate but understandable", or "not sure" (fewer than 2% of respondents) to questions concerning violence against police officers, arson and property destruction, and the theft of store merchandise, by selected demographics: Many young leftists are in a revolutionary... Read More
COTW triangle choke, beginning with Hacienda's straightforward observation: Anarcho-tyranny reigns even when it comes to dealing with left wing street demonstrations. The looters and assaulters are allowed to rampage with near impunity while the protesters get pepper sprayed and arrested. The upshot is both the police and the peaceful protesters end up getting a bad... Read More
The following graph shows net support for Black Lives Matter (BLM) by selected demographics: Retrograde Republicans are predictably stuck in the past, hidebound hicks hankering for the halycon days when heartlessly harking about all lives mattering wasn't a hate crime. Young women with doctoral degrees make the best allies: But you already knew that: It... Read More
There is now only a small fraction of the interest in coronavirus that existed before the lock downs even began, let alone at the disease's peak in popularity. Americans have moved on: All-consuming today, gone tomorrow.
More than fifty years after the civil rights revolution and opening the country up to immigration from all over the world, we have a progress report on how citizens of the empire think things are going. In short, not particularly well: Among no racial group does a majority perceive American race relations to have improved... Read More
For another ten days. If you missed the first ten days of discussion, you're only a short 461 comments away from being up to speed!
The push to defund municipal police departments is being considered by elected officials in many large American cities: While the concept of "defunding" typically means eliminating funding for a body or initiative completely, recent efforts to "defund the police" make the case for slashing funding to law enforcement and seeing that money redirected to more... Read More
In case it is unclear, there are distinct lines to be drawn between people protesting non-violently, people looting, and people physically attacking other people. The previous post concerned the latter two groups who surely comprise a minority of people who've taken to the streets over the last week. Instances of protesters being detained for taunting... Read More
Revisiting a post from late in 2018: This was before the coronavirus catastrophe knocked the economy on its ass and 40 million people--disproportionately younger people--out of work, and knocked many more out of school. With vanishingly few arrests made and most of the arrestees given a slap on the wrist citation if charged with anything... Read More
One additional observation as the country burns is that social distancing is done. Pushing around a suburban mother taking her kids to the park is one thing; pushing around a group of vibrant youths is another. It was obvious from the onset that social distancing wouldn't be realized in the US to anything like the... Read More
UK's COTW: Yes, it is fundamentally immoral (a word I do not use ever) that the S&P 500 should be so fully secured by the state that it can be at its record high from equity super-boom October of just last year. It really is a case of playing at the casino, keeping your winnings... Read More
The following table shows the percentages of Americans who express a very/somewhat favorable opinion of Russian president Vladimir Putin. "Not sure" responses, constituting 19% of the total, are excluded so that the residual values represent the percentages of people who express a very/somewhat unfavorable opinion of him: The familiar pattern of white Democrats on the... Read More
As America burns, one of the arsonists' recurring calls is for minority-owned businesses to be spared: So destroy businesses, but not non-white businesses. In other words, destroy white businesses. A minority-owned sign on the window is the new lamb blood on the doorframe: They are targeting white businesses. They are targeting the White House. They... Read More
For growth in personal income, anyway: Incomes are up, consumer prices are down, the dollar is invincible, and only nonsensical doomerists think deficits matter. Extend the CARES act unemployment provisions set to expire at the end of July, make the stimulus checks recurring, and prosperity is here to stay. We cracked the code. We're richer... Read More
File this under how social media is making us miserable. Among singles who view posts about other people's relationships on social media, seeing those posts make nearly an order of magnitude as many feel worse about their own dating lives as are made to feel better about them: This isn't restricted to romantic relationships. Career,... Read More
The subsequent graph brings to mind Steve Sailer's observation that whites are increasingly resembling American Indians as defeated peoples suffering in despair: GSS variables used: RACECEN1(1)(2)(3)(4-10), HISPANIC(1)(2-50), LOTR3(1-4)(5)
Via Trends we see Tara Reade has drawn 75% as much public interest as Christine Blasey Ford did: The New York Times, in contrast, has only seen it fit to provide Reade 12% as much coverage as it devoted to Blasey Ford. Biden's accuser has been mentioned in 68 articles, Kavanaugh's in 570 of them.... Read More
[As noted yesterday, the following essay was written by a reader and commenter who requested the opportunity. In the spirit of the open inquiry and free expression UR is renowned for, its contents are neither endorsed nor condemned by this blog or webzine. On account of the essay's thoughtfulness, though, it has been deemed worthy... Read More
Tomorrow a short book-length critique from regular comment contributor Intelligent Dasein on the concept of human biodiversity, or HBD as it is commonly referred to, will be published here. Briefly, I would define ID's conception as a strong form of HBD, one that presumes a far more ambitious set of classifications, categorizations, and prescriptions than... Read More
If immigration was the $100 bill Donald Trump picked up off the sidewalk in 2016, nebulafox describes the $1,000 bill still lying there: Wency on the closest thing to immortality life offers us: The problem with saying, “We have no hope, so we’re having no kids” is that kids ARE the hope. Without kids, life... Read More