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In an election year, everything is political, including methods of voting. The question of whether a person plans to go to the ballot box or drop an envelope into the mailbox has partisan contours: Republicans assume vote by mail will permit the leftist power structure to fabricate Democrat votes. The Secretary of State or equivalent... Read More
Does your faith in the integrity of the electoral process need shoring up? Spend more time in academia: Four other responses--"a moderate amount" (28%), "only a little" (15%), "none at all" (11%), and "not sure" (11%)--were offered, so maybe it's not as bad as it looks at first blush. On the other hand, if Americans... Read More
It does not look upon them favorably. Excepting the proper noun "White House" and an instance in reference to the Ryan White fund, the following excerpts exhaustively contextualize contemporary official Democrat doctrine on whites and whiteness: The string "white" makes 23 appearances in the document but is notably absent from the list of "all our... Read More
The COTW consulship begins with Dissident on equality of outcome and equality of opportunity: Diversity, liberty, or equality: Choose one. Or radically decentralize political power and maybe, just maybe, the first two can be simultaneously enjoyed. And if some of those localized polities want to heavily emphasize the third, it's conceivable we might have all... Read More
Net favorability ratings for president Trump and presidential hopeful Biden by selected demographic profiles follow. For being a hidebound old white man, Biden does pretty well with non-white women--and abysmally with his fellow white men. For a Trumpian white pill, note that excepting women under the age of 35, Trump is viewed more favorably than... Read More
From Civiqs comes a huge survey on support for or opposition to the "Black Lives Matter movement". Net support (opposition) to BLM among whites by sex, age, and educational attainment: The gender gap is striking. It's even more pronounced among younger generations than it is among older ones. Drilling down to postgrad white women under... Read More
One of the more helpful frameworks for understanding American cultural dynamics is Thomas Sowell's Black Rednecks and White Liberals. It applies to beliefs and behaviors white liberals implicitly disdain white conservatives for having and doing, but that white liberals are forbidden from criticizing non-whites for having and doing--even though non-whites hold the beliefs and engage... Read More
Democrat voters overwhelmingly want their vice presidential candidate to be a woman: Most of the residual answers are "not sure". Only 6% expressed a desire the candidate be a man. The "not sure" response will, in many cases, be a legitimate one rather than merely being a non-answer. If identity politics is not your primary... Read More
From a Civiqs tracking poll with an enormous total respondent pool (N = 393,130), president Trump's net approval among non-Hispanic white registered voters by state: State NetApproval 1) Mississippi +62 2) Alabama +59 3) Louisiana +54 4) Arkansas +48 5) South Carolina +40 6) Georgia +34 7) Wyoming +33 7) West Virginia +33 9) Oklahoma... Read More
From DanHessinMD, the L(ink)OTW: Cutting to the chase, the working conclusion is that low relative humidity of indoor air is a big contributor in increasing the severity of the disease. This conceivably explains why cases remain high but reported mortality is much lower than was the case a few months ago. I've little to add... Read More
Jesus is king: Corporate media has nothing to do with conveying actual news and everything to do with using its platform to construct a narrative bearing little resemblance to reality--at least not yet. The reality is not to be discovered, it is to be fabricated. Americans still love Christians, but they like Jews, too: Well... Read More
The percentages of people, by race, who said their "ethnic group membership" is "very important" to their sense of who they are. The question was only asked once, in 2002, so it has gathered some dust, though the results feel evergreen: One of the most important socio-cultural questions of the 21st century is how people... Read More
A tale of four charts: In late 2018, the Fed timidly tried to raise rates. The market went into free fall. The Fed promptly reversed course by cutting rates close to zero. The repurchase market went haywire several months later. The Fed intervened to prop it up. When coronavirus hit, the market collapsed again. With... Read More
In 2018, the GSS introduced a question concerning how often respondents perceived other people acting as though they, the respondents, were "not smart". The following graph shows the percentages who answered either "almost every day" or "at least once a week", by selected demographics. IQ buckets are derived from Wordsum scores: Empirically assessing the validity... Read More
The racial distribution of those who ethnically identify as "American only" may come as a surprise: Some 11.3% of American blacks identify this way. The vast majority of blacks ethnically identify as African. The remainder identify from somewhere else, mostly with origins in the Caribbean or as American Indian. By comparison, just 1.5% of whites... Read More
COTW is one of many from a very thought-provoking comment thread about 20th century European leaders. In response to a brief for the most notorious figure in Western history, Talha writes: The second World War was the most civilizationally catastrophic civil war in human history, one we continue to pay a heavy toll for today.... Read More
Sleepy Joe is soporific. It's directionally good but weak, the phoning it in nickname. Creepy Joe sounds nefarious. There is something attractive about a highly successful super villain. And it's been a meme for years. People are already aware. Honing in on the cognitive decline saliently manifesting itself every time Biden speaks publicly is an... Read More
For close to a decade it has been reported that Americans under the age of 18 are "majority-minority", yet non-Hispanic white births continue to constitute a majority of the country's newborns. The reason for the discrepancy is methodological. The CDC tracks race by that of the mother exclusively, so babies who will be categorized in... Read More
Think of the treaty as a non-binding suggestion. If it's better for Americans to toss it in the trashcan, though, in the trashcan it goes ("not sure" responses, constituting 25% of the total, are excluded): The social contract doesn't bind individuals and the international contract doesn't bind nations. Consent is not the default. Each sovereign... Read More
About 70% of young adults enroll in college after high school. One in three end up dropping out without attaining a degree. About half of zoomers are thus on track to make it through the college grind. About one in five of them benefit beyond the credential from the experience. So anything that saps higher... Read More
Until a sufficiently effective vaccine is available, the basic activities that characterize life in the modern West will remain unavailable. "Not sure" responses, constituting 16% of the total, are excluded: Over the last few months, $3 trillion in wealth was taken from the unconnected lower and middle classes and transferred to the well-connected, richest, and... Read More
Nearly two months of civil unrest putatively directed at the police has not been enough to shake most Americans, including blacks, out of a favorable view of their local police forces: The window for rethinking public police forces was slammed shut by the chaotic mobs that accompanied its opening. It's difficult for people to favorably... Read More
Nodwink on how the appearance of divided government is what the Uniparty prefers on account of it adding an extra layer of discord to keep the public at each other's throats instead of the Uniparty's: Interesting, though I suspect the perceived optimal arrangement to be the inverse--Democrats take the Senate, extend their advantage in the... Read More
Despite Joe Biden being a better candidate than Hillary Clinton--he beat Bernie Sanders 65%-35% in a two-person race while she only beat Sanders 55%-45% in the same situation--Donald Trump's best chance at reelection is that Biden's net favorability is as far underwater as the president's is: The subsequent electoral map shows in red states where... Read More
Each category is mutually exclusive so there is no double counting (Jews may be of any race but all other groups are non-Jewish and Hispanics may be non-Jews of any race but the other racial groups are exclusively non-Hispanic). Social class is self-reported. It correlates with income, education, and occupational prestige but not perfectly so.... Read More
It's nothing, stop being racist against the Chinese. Hug them instead. Wash your hands and sanitize inorganic surfaces to stop the spread. Don't wear masks, they don't help. The virus is far more deadly than the flu. Not many people have it yet, but it spreads fast so if many get it, millions will die.... Read More
The first bar for each group (uniform color) shows the percentages of respondents who view coronavirus as a "very serious" problem for the country, the second bar (varying colors) the percentages who view it as a "very serious" problem locally. Respondents can assess it as a very serious problem both nationally and locally or nowhere... Read More
A few notes upfront. The data on both social class and partisan affiliation are based on self-reports. Until the year 2000, the GSS question about racial identity included only three options--"white", "black", and "other". Those who participated from 2000 onward and self-identified as Hispanic split evenly between "white" and "other" on the aforementioned ternary question.... Read More
DforDoom is true to his handle: There has been nothing like a massive backlash in South Africa, and the situation is far more dire there. On the other hand, the Afrikaners are facing hard repression. That's not the case in America, where things are by necessity softer. If the hundreds of millions of Americans who... Read More
Fool us 4,034 times, shame on us: There are intelligence reports! Those reports contain information from US intelligence agents! That information has been confirmed by Afghan officials! The Taliban and the Kremlin deny it all, but of course they would. They want us to cut and run, after all, and what better way to do... Read More
RCP's averages have Trump ceding Arizona, Florida, Maine's second congressional district, Michigan, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin from 2016 without flipping any states of his own: Biden's prospects have never been better. The betting markets similarly have him winning in a landslide: When we last visited the trading floor back in May, Biden was... Read More
White progressives like pointing out that by nominating Biden over Sanders, the party has ensured no one is going to vote for the Democrat presidential nominee. Instead, they'll vote against Trump. Well, that ignorance is spoken from a place of privilege. It otherizes the lived experience of black bodies that have been eager to support... Read More
George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Andrew Jackson are going the way of Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis: The question included a "not sure" response. It was selected by 22% of those surveyed, so these figures are conservative estimates of deconstruction sentiments . Only 25% of blacks definitively oppose the statues being removed. In the... Read More
Last year, 1,004 people were fatally shot by police. The vast majority of them were armed men. Over the last two decades, the number of men who take their own lives each year has increased by over 13,000. That's not 13,000 men who kill themselves annually--that's 13,000 more men who kill themselves today than killed... Read More
It's not okay to say white lives matter: It is okay to say, again and again, that white lives don't matter: It's okay, but it's not very optical. The smart ones aren't going to utter things like that in public, let alone vociferously proclaim them ('Doctor' Gopal's teaching and research interests are "in colonial and... Read More
RSDB kicks off the COTW with some reactionary fire: Nebulafox on the millennial mind, anxious and insecure: Problems feel more existential if your relationship with authority all your life has been a passive-aggressive mix of awed respect and loathing, mainly stemming from a mix of the random capriciousness of the system and consciousness of the... Read More
The Federal Reserve is stuck. There is no way to raise interest rates without crashing the market. That was made clear in late 2018. The Fed balance sheet must continue to rise towards infinity in hopes that it is enough to goose the financial system forever. Even that hasn't been enough for the repurchase markets,... Read More
Kamala Harris is the people's choice: Her advantage over Elizabeth Warren runs the demographic gamut. The only exception is among voters under thirty years of age, a notoriously unreliable cohort. Harris even beats Warren among Democrat primary voters who self-describe as politically liberal. Harris has a huge advantage over Warren among Hispanics (37% to 16%),... Read More
From Cassius Dio on the downfall of Sejanus, murdered praetorian prefect of Rome's second emperor: Who is the contemporary man this speaks down through the ages to? Not the stubborn southern secessionist. Not exclusively, anyhow. For statues of Ulysses Grant, Abraham Lincoln, Christopher Columbus, George Washington, Andrew Jackson, Thomas Jefferson, Hans Christian Heg, and Junipero... Read More
The following graphs show the perceived net (un)trustworthiness of some of the largest news media organizations in America, and also OAN. The values are calculated by taking twice the percentages of respondents rating an organization "very trustworthy", adding the percentages rating it "trustworthy", subtracting the percentages rating it "untrustworthy", and subtracting twice the percentages rating... Read More
Okay, that's where he spends most of his time. Though my intellectual GI is still digesting it, the entree is worth a bite: A lot of the public outrage over the deaths of George Floyd and this Brooks fellow is not really about them at all. BLM is capitalizing on the public mood shift of... Read More
There is far more income variation within racial groups than there are between them. It's futile--not to mention racist!--to obsess over racial differences in median income. Less than 15% of income differences occur between races. More than 85% of income differences occur within racial groups. We've been looking in all the wrong places with this... Read More
COTW gets rolling with Wency: If cutting off engagement is too much, consider striking a balance by not funding those who hate you. With regards to the specific subje
From the same SurveyUSA poll referenced yesterday: "In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue". Sigh. What a sad, pathetic end to a once mighty civilization. Getting humanity off this planet is entirely in Asia's hands now. Unlike the more introspective Occident, the East doesn't have many qualms about colonization--of other lands in the past and,... Read More
The following table shows the percentages of reported stolen property that ends up being recovered and returned to its rightful owner: In just 1 out of every 25 jewelry thefts, the stolen jewelry is recovered. Those dismal percentages are for items victims bothered to go through the process of reporting. The recovery rates for filched... Read More
- When the state says there is nothing to worry about, assume panic behind the scenes: Turns out the problem of police snuffing out blacks isn't as serious a threat to black lives as black-on-black violence is. Nationwide, the police kill around 250 blacks each year. Civilian blacks, by comparison, kill ten times as many... Read More
When middle America became restless over the forever lock downs, breathless admonitions about the coronavirus catastrophe about to brought down on the country showed up in every article the corporate media put out, on the timelines of all the blue checkmarks, and in the public pronouncements of the legions of stern-faced labcoats. When protests and... Read More
Most Americans aren't buying Woke Capital's pledge to Be Better in the War on Racism: There are only two possible responses to "In the wake of the protests against the deaths of African Americans during encounters with police, many companies have responded by making anti-racism statements that include commitments to equality, instituting new diversity initiatives... Read More
A white circle of protection, that is. And they'll need the mana to use it, so let's get appropriate legislation started now: Via Tusk, Wizards of the Coast understands that the phrase "White Lives Matter" is repugnant. There's a card to deal with the cancer of human history. It remains legal and damned well better... Read More
Is there anything Wokeness won't spoil? Rhetorical: The subsequent pieces of art will all be replaced online with this: With Wokeness there can be no art,