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Tomorrow a short book-length critique from regular comment contributor Intelligent Dasein on the concept of human biodiversity, or HBD as it is commonly referred to, will be published here. Briefly, I would define ID's conception as a strong form of HBD, one that presumes a far more ambitious set of classifications, categorizations, and prescriptions than... Read More
If immigration was the $100 bill Donald Trump picked up off the sidewalk in 2016, nebulafox describes the $1,000 bill still lying there: Wency on the closest thing to immortality life offers us: The problem with saying, “We have no hope, so we’re having no kids” is that kids ARE the hope. Without kids, life... Read More
In a recent post investigating the relationship between intelligence, theism, and political orientation, an interesting discussion broke out in the comments concerning the putative correlation between theism and optimism, and the causal nature of that alleged correlation. I wondered if such a relationship exists. Atheists on average have higher IQs, higher educational attainment, and higher... Read More
Scientist, author, and entrepreneur Spencer Wells goes double-or-nothing: Nuremberg for being too laissez faire, for not being fascistic enough--that's an interesting twist. Before tearing into the American response in general and the Trump administration in particular, Wells offered that: This humble blogger bends his knee in observation of an awesome display of audacity that puts... Read More
When the US began shutting down in response to fears about an impending coronavirus catastrophe, we asserted the health effects would pale in comparison to the economic carnage the pandemic would initiate. That take drew equal amounts of derision and incredulity. Clarifying that coronavirus was the match starting the conflagration rather than the dry brush... Read More
State-level polling doesn't bode well for president Trump's reelection chances, at least as of May 19, 2020: But how did Donald Trump's election chances look at the same point in time during the 2016 campaign? Only modestly better: On the eve of election night, polling prognostications appeared much better for him than they had six... Read More
RCP state polling averages as of May 19, 2020: state favorites as of May 19, 2020: Polling shows Biden winning Ohio and Florida. Bettors think Trump will hold onto both of them. The states both polling and greenskin in the game see flipping from 2016 to 2020 are Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. The... Read More
This doesn't bode well for public trust in our electoral institutions on November 4th, 2020: Though results are not broken down by both race and political orientation in the survey results, we can deduce from the relatively low levels of black trust that white Democrat trust is quite high. The secretary of state in Pennsylvania,... Read More
COTW from 216: It's a variation on the prediction often echoed here that Sulla is on the way. On the other hand, a popular groundswell of anger--the manifestation of which will dwarf the size and scope of both the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street combined--is on the horizon. Its primary target will be the... Read More
The subsequent graph shows percentages, by selected demographics, who view governmental stay-at-home orders to be violations of Americans' constitutional rights. "Not sure" responses are excluded, so residual values represent those who see no civil rights violations in the orders: It may be deemed necessary, but good luck getting it to square with the first amendment.... Read More
An anonymous commenter channeled the sentiments of many irreligious readers in a recent post discussing the religious angle of the coronavirus divide: The commenter's disdain aside, the first assertion is an empirical question. The last assertion is, too, but I've yet to come across good data to evaluate it by. Using the GSS, the following... Read More
UBI, junior addition, is wildly popular: The senior addition is pretty popular, too: Republicans, led by the president, initially got to the left of Democrats with the onetime payout to all tax-filing American adults. As the extent of the economic carnage comes into public focus, congressional Democrats are pivoting past the ground the populist wing... Read More
Food prices are going up: That monthly increase puts the US on pace to see a 20% increase in food prices over the next year. The consensus is to dismiss that extrapolation as doomerist nonsense. I guess I'm a doomerist. To repeat: Consumer price increases are coming. The total CPI declined because travel, lodging, and... Read More
The first three years of the Trump presidency saw a gentle easing of racial tensions in America, interrupted by a three month setback following the Charlottesville fiasco. The interracial killing in Georgia is going to erase those polling gains like coronavirus erased the Trump administration's market gains. As in the Trayvon Martin killing, blacks and... Read More
From one AE to another: There's a way to avoid wounding the enormous egos of your parents without being cast in their shadow every time you're introduced to a classmate or kid in the neighborhood. Go by "Ash".
COTW from DanHessinMD: The combative righteousness will repulse some. That's understandable. Personally, I appreciate candor even when I'm not in agreement with it. That said, is Dan onto something regarding religiosity and attitudes towards coronavirus? None of the polling I've seen has broken down attitudes towards coronavirus and the societal response by religious affiliation or... Read More
The correlation between ascribed per capita coronavirus deaths by state and the percentages of residents in each state who report being "extremely concerned" about coronavirus is a vigorous .71. Seeing is believing, as they say. The demographic and partisan divides have become starker as time has gone on. We're getting close to the point where... Read More
What other than Who? Whomism? could explain why 54% of Democrats say if allegations of sexual assault against Donald Trump are proven, they disqualify him from the presidency while just 30% of Democrats say the same regarding Joe Biden? A subconscious conversion of "if allegations against X are proven true" to "do you think the... Read More
She, not he--I mean Michelle rather than Barack, I don't mean that as we're a serious outfit, not tabloid trash!--is the most broadly popular top tier contender. It's not even close: Obama is the only one in positive territory among both the general public and among independents. She's wildly popular among blacks
Or Who? Whom? part XXVIII: Though "credible" means "able to be believed", the question would've gone from good to great if it had asked "Do you believe Tara Reade's allegation of sexual assault by Joe Biden?" This isn't precisely the death of #MeToo, just its total enslavement. The movement has fully capitulated to and been... Read More
The following graph shows the percentages of people, by selected demographic characteristics, who say if the sexual assault allegations against Joe Biden and/or Donald Trump are proven true, the guilt of each "disqualifies him from the presidency": Inconsistency in verdicts in consequences are almost exclusively partisan in nature. To make these distinctions clearer, the next... Read More
In the 1880s, American babies were eight times as likely to be given a first name beginning with the letter F than they were a century later: This is fascinating. Or maybe to get with the times, I should say it's xascinating. In the inclusive spirit of our age, the three most expendable consonants in... Read More
Percentages of Americans, as of the end of April, who say restaurants should probably or definitely re-open, with the 6% answering "not sure" excluded so that the residuals are those why say they should probably or definitely remain closed: Though a sizable minority wants to open back up, most people want to keep things closed.... Read More
The modal decade of birth for these sisters is the 1960s. They're boomers--or in Karen's case, maybe the leading edge of Gen X. Tyrone and Stacy are Xers, most commonly born in the 1970s. Chad is a millennial, coming into the world during the Reagan administration. Tangentially, some names are experiencing a renaissance. When I... Read More
COTW from nebulafox: How could the coronavirus be leveraged to this end, that of allowing those who want to work hard and to work honestly to support a family with dignity? The Fed and Treasury have pledged as much monetary and fiscal stimulus as it takes to get through this crisis--a crisis that is going... Read More
A plurality of Americans now believe coronavirus was "created in a laboratory". This doesn't necessarily imply a belief that it was intended as a bioweapon. Those who suspect it was used for other research purposes before spreading to the public through carelessness or disgruntlement will be included in the plurality alongside those who think it... Read More
From the GSS 2010 onward (N = 7,886), the percentage of native-born Americans who belong to or have spouses who belong to labor unions is 13.1%. For foreign-born residents, the figure is 9.3%. Natives are thus over 40% more likely to be union members than immigrants are. The AFL-CIO and Jeff Bezos are both big... Read More
Indulge a humble blogger by taking five minutes to watch this clip: We're witnessing an unWoke left in its seminal stages. After squirming and writhing, Dylan Ratigan and Jimmy Dore begrudgingly and implicitly concede that Wokeness + Power = Invincibility. It's not just the 19 year-old cashier at McDonald's who liked an edgy 4chan meme... Read More
Four weeks ago, we looked at the change in American sentiment towards China from the beginning of March, before the coronavirus shutdown, and again at the end of March, once shelter-in-place had been instituted nearly nationwide. Of mild surprise was the discovery that Americans expressed less hostility towards China after corona came to the US... Read More
Twitter is not real life: The question is a binary one, so the residual percentages--representing vast majorities of people of every race--are those who answered they do not in any way feel discriminated against at work on account of their race or ethnicity. Race is not merely a social construct. It's a biological one, too,... Read More
COTW two-fer, starting with an anecdote from Jay Fink: These unemployment-plus benefits are in place through July. Does anyone think that, three months out from the general election, anyone from either party is going to oppose extending them through the end of the year, or of even making them permanent? If we wanted to conjure... Read More
Bold Brian or Callous Kemp? Mostly the latter, though it depends on who you're asking. If it's people who voted for the Georgia governor, there's an elevated chance for the former, but the odds are still long. The following graph shows the percentages of Americans who believe it will be safe to fire things back... Read More
++Addition++As of a few hours subsequent to this post being published, Trends results for the month of November 2019 now return "Hmm, your search doesn't have enough data to show here". I’m 100% sure I entered those parameters multiple times by cut+pasting the URL as I was opening new tabs and running other potential search... Read More
According to the GSS, blacks are both more likely to commit adultery and more likely to morally condemn adultery than members of other races are. Asians, in contrast, are less likely than members of other races to both commit and to condemn adultery. At first blush, these results may seem contradictory, but that's not the... Read More
From Civiqs, perspectives on American race relations over time during Donald Trump's presidency: Charlottesville set American race relations back... three months? As the severity and prolonged nature of the econoclysm sinks in, the trend towards greater racial comity will reverse. Until last month, the US economy had ostensibly been good and getting better throughout Trump's... Read More
The following graph shows the percentages of people who prefer "the government respect civil liberties, even if that means accepting some risk to public safety". Residuals show the percentages who prefer "the government ensure public safety, even if that means limiting some civil liberties": Most Americans don't want a shot at liberty if it comes... Read More
Crude oil for May delivery plunged into negative territory today, the first time such a thing has ever happened. We have negative interest rates so why not negative rates for other prices? After all, an interest rate is fundamentally the price of money. I'm being facetious--mostly. The indications are everywhere. The global credit system is... Read More
This week's COTW duo is especially self-serving. Twinkie soberly urges patience and caution: It's obvious China has been underreporting its numbers for several weeks--even after adding around 1,500 Wuhan coronavirus deaths to the country's total death count, the number of confirmed cases remained unchanged. The cases had been identified from the beginning but no one... Read More
Filtering through the archives, it looks as though it has been over a decade since we've put together posts on rates of extramarital sex by ethnicity, and those were presented in a clunky table rather than in graphical format. You've come far Ness, so it's time to rectify that infidelity to the reader: GSS variables... Read More
Percentages of adults under the age of 40 who report having experienced poor mental health--defined as "stress, depression, and problems with emotions"--over the last month by race, sex, and political orientation: Black conservatives Jon Miller and Candace Owens come off as psychologically unshakable--archetypally so, it would appear. And then there's that iconic photo from early... Read More
One of the early analytical errors I made was in assuming guys like Heartiste were wrong about fundamental aspects of the modern sexual marketplace because the data showed, if anything, that the quantity of per capita sex was going down while the share of celibates was going up. Promiscuity? Ha, more like prudishness! Upon further... Read More
Bernie Sanders supporters are right now as angry and uncooperative as they're going to get. Time heals all wounds and in seven months most will have remembered nothing is more important than defeating Donald Trump. After all, that's what Sanders kept telling them--when he wasn't talking about how great a guy his good friend Joe... Read More
It's easy to feel like progressive morality is always advancing, sending the gods of the copybook headings heading for the hills and creating new gods in their stead. Writes dfordoom: Homosexuality went from being disgusting to ignored to tolerated to accepted to celebrated in remarkably short order. In considerably less than a single lifespan it... Read More
Amazon ships food, but the company doesn't grow it. Netflix has plenty of cooking shows, but the company doesn't do any cooking. While backyard gardens are quaint, serious food production isn't something that can be done by people who are sheltering in place. Domestic production is being disrupted: Similar production problems are happening in other... Read More
Iceland has a fortuitous combination of factors making it about the best place in the world to come by good data on coronavirus. It's an island, it has a small homogenous and cooperative population, and it is home to deCODE Genetics: Whatever the R0 of coronavirus is, the consensus seems to be that it is... Read More
Rusted Wardrobe? Rotted Retailville? Coin something as memorable and pithy as the phrase "Rust Belt" and you'll have made a lasting contribution to the lexicon, because the service sector shuttering is upon us. The desolation of the country's brick-and-mortar retail spaces, including bars, restaurants, botique shops, and the like will change the face of the... Read More
The COTW consulship includes Jay Fink: Whether it be immigration restriction or government wealth redistribution, the best way to increase white support is to focus on fairness. For immigration, that means a moratorium. For wealth redistribution, that means UBI. Charles Murray was a couple of decades early, Andrew Yang was a couple of years so,... Read More
Correlations with coronavirus death rates as of April 11, 2020 at the state level are weak across the board: Obesity rate -- (.13) Median age -- .09 Clinton's 2016 vote share -- (.04) Population density -- .13 White population % -- (.18) Black population % -- .20 Asian population % -- .13 Hispanic population %... Read More
Majorities favor closing everything putatively non-essential. The following graph shows an index by sex, race, and partisan affiliation who maintain the minority position and think various things should remain open. It is calculated by taking the simple average by demographic characteristic across the thirteen things the survey asked about keeping open. The subsequent table shows... Read More
I don't have a figurative dark horse to suggest. The four--or now five, with the addition of the Michigan governor--names being bandied about seem likely to include among them the eventual Democrat vice presidential nominee. Picking an unknown quantity is an unnecessary risk for the Biden campaign. Voters are wondering if Joe will still be... Read More