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There was a mass shooting that they are going to blame all white people for. CNN: Ten people were killed in a racially motivated mass shooting at a supermarket in Buffalo on Saturday by a suspect in tactical gear who was livestreaming the attack, law enforcement officials said during a news conference. The shooting occurred... Read More
Maybe instead of condemning the black community for doing a mass shooting on white privileged Asian people, the Dallas government and cops should instead try to understand why blacks feel a need to shoot up the Asian hair salon? Fox News: Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson similarly addressed the possibility Wednesday’s shooting and the previous incidents... Read More
The Ukraine has lied about literally everything. From the start of this conflict, they were talking about the Ghost of Kiev, Snake Island, lunatic Russian casualty numbers, and basically everything else you can think of. They’ve lied about the treatment of their own people, they’ve lied about the state of their military, they’ve lied to... Read More
Numbers out this morning put inflation at an alleged 8.3%, and the whole media is claiming that this is “at a 40-year high.” It’s not actually at a 40-year high. It’s the highest inflation ever. When they claim it is merely a 40-year high, this makes people think “oh well, at least at some point... Read More
Regrettably, Putin did not use May 9 celebrations to officially declare war on the Ukraine. Maybe that isn’t regrettable – I don’t know. The operation is moving along. The issue is that the Ukraine is not in a vacuum and the West is flooding the country with weapons and troops. But I’m sure Putin knows... Read More
You’ve heard a lot about Javelins – for sure, we’ve all been bombarded with pro-Javelin propaganda. But have you sat and wondered how such a missile system would work in an urban environment, which is where a majority of combat is taking place in the Ukraine? If you haven’t thought about that, then you’ve probably... Read More
You’re already aware that the Republican Congressman Mike Turner has been shilling for war with Russia. He famously got into an argument with Tucker Carlson about the need for war with Russia last last year. Turner is paid by the arms manufacturers to do this, as you can see on his page. Turner appeared... Read More
The story of what is happening with the Solomon Islands and Australia is very important, given that it reflects the context of the Ukraine conflict. The Solomon Islands has ostensibly agreed to host a Chinese military base as part of a wider-ranging security pact with China. Australia is claiming that this is unacceptable, and that... Read More
Earlier this week, the New York Times reported that unnamed military officials were bragging about how the Ukraine military was using their intelligence to kill high-ranking Russian military officials. This has now spread out, with the Times going on to report that more or less everything the Ukraine has been successful at accomplishing is a... Read More
The censorious lo Latine lo Cubane DHS chief Alexander Mayorkas was questioned at a Senate hearing on Wednesday by Republican Senator John Kennedy as to whether he was aware of the TikTok videos posted by the new “Disinformation Governance Board” chief Nina Jankowicz. Kennedy described the videos as “really quite precocious,” a deadpan reference to... Read More
I think everyone knew that JD Vance had enough support that he was going to win the Senate seat. The Trump endorsement was a big deal allegedly, but he seemed poised to win regardless. There was another guy running, a Jew. The Jew had better positions overall, but was Jewish. The Guardian: What could be... Read More
The New York Times just did a big hate report against Tucker Carlson, claiming he is an evil racist hater or whatever. It’s really too long for me to read, frankly. I read it though – mostly. Most interestingly to me – the secret source of Tucker’s ideas was finally revealed…! It’s not that interesting,... Read More
The Ukraine is winning. Hard. Like, imagine if you went into a gas station and bought a scratch off lottery ticket and won $33 billion. Well, in the Ukraine, that’s just called “another walk in the park at night where a bunch of people are squatting around a trashcan fire huffing glue.” Ukraine people scratch-scratch... Read More
There are two popular clips going around on social media this week of Russians talking about the inevitability of nuclear war. They are both from Russia 1, which is state television. Remember that RT is also Russian state media, and not really very well-edited, in terms of promoting a consistent agenda, so given the “shrug”... Read More
There is technically still some possibility that the Elon Musk deal to purchase Twitter and reinstate freedom of speech could fall through, but this does not appear likely. What appears likely is that he is going to take over the company, and then probably be put in prison a few days or weeks later. However,... Read More
The two most pressing issues of the day are Elon Musk’s plan to reinstate freedom of speech on Twitter and an impending war with Russia. Maybe these two issues can be tied together? First, let’s take a trip down Memory Lane and remember how we got to the point where we are begging a billionaire... Read More
Do you want to find out if Ivan is bluffing, Yankee? Because I want to find out – and I already know the answer. Fox News: In a direct threat to the West Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin pledged “lightning” fast strikes on any nation that “interferes” with Russia’s war in Ukraine. “If anyone ventures... Read More
Everyone is sort of waiting to pull the trigger on going back on Twitter, because the team was still banning people up until a few hours ago. But we’ve now got a high profile hero returning with an unmolested account. We’ve got many others if we search “I’m back.” Along with making new accounts, people... Read More
Is it really actually happening? It feels like a dream. I’m waiting to make my new account, because apparently Twitter mods are doing a “last watch” and still banning returning heroes. There is no “except for Anglin” clause in Elon’s pitch, and at this point, he is in so deep there is no reason to... Read More
You can go back and see that I said repeatedly, from the beginning, that there was no way Le Pen was going to win this election. Frankly, I didn’t even bother covering it very much, as the only interesting part were the Zemmour memes. But frankly, I had no idea that the gap was going... Read More
Fake President Joe Biden announced he’ll be sending more and more and more weapons to the Ukraine. He also announced American taxpayers will now be paying the salaries of Ukrainian government officials, because that’s our values and who we are, because of democracy. Meanwhile, the government is admitting that they have no idea where any... Read More
Does Putin even read this website? I agree that there is no reason to waste a single Russian life rooting out Azov from Azovstal. But I’ve given the solution to the Azovstal problem: flood the tunnels and drown them like rats. There is a river that can easily be diverted into these tunnels. Granted, it’s... Read More
Coach Red Pill, also known as Gonzalo Lira, has appeared on a 4-minute livestream early Friday morning (it would have been afternoon in the Ukraine) with “The Duran” (don’t know who that is). He said the date and said that he is physically fine but rattled, after having been picked up by the SBU and... Read More
Marc Andreessen is another “founder of the internet” who is unhappy with the direction it has taken and has spoken out about this dark moon rising. He recently posted to Twitter that the “Stormer treatment” is coming to the rest of the internet, where people who the government/media disagree with will be totally banned from... Read More
Daily reminder: Coach Red Pill AKA Gonzalo Lira said in no uncertain terms that the Daily Beast would be responsible for his death, as they had written up a hit piece on him and then contacted the Ukrainian security services (SBU) with it and asked them why they haven’t stopped him yet. The Coach has... Read More
Previously: Is Coach Red Pill Dead? To be fair, all pro-Russian accounts on Twitter are being systematically deleted. You can’t even try to be neutral. If you post anything negative about the Ukrainian terrorist regime, you are banned. They ban people slowly. It’s part of a strategy of demoralization. You can still find Ukrainian atrocities... Read More
In Colonel Douglas MacGregor’s latest interview, he debunked the moronic claims that Russia is “committing a genocide” or “doing war crimes,” and also the stupid claim that Russia is planning to nuke the Ukraine. He then explained, as we’ve explained in detail, that we are at the final phase of this conflict, with between 40... Read More
Coach Red Pill AKA Gonzalo Lira has gone AWOL, and is presumed dead or captured. Coach was broadcasting from the Ukraine, mostly from Kharkov, since the beginning of the conflict, giving critical commentary on the conflict. We’ve posted a lot of his material here. He would also say that if you didn’t hear from him... Read More
Zelensky should have tried to make the lie a little bit more believable, no? RT: At that point, he might as well just say he’s only lost 25 soldiers and Russia has lost 20 million. Many of the “soldiers” in the “Ukrainian forces” are just civilians armed with select-fire rifles. And of course, Zelensky immediately... Read More
Max Boot allegedly listens to Burzum when he is writing columns for the Washington Post about how we have to go to war with every country not run by Jews. But will he join his cousin Sean Penn in his planned siege of Moscow? From what I’ve read about how much he wants to kill... Read More
What is this man’s game??? I don’t really *believe* the conspiracy theories about Musk being a complete frontman and a shill offering controlled opposition. Those theories might be true, but I don’t believe them based on the amount of evidence currently being offered. What I do believe is that Elon has not followed through with... Read More
I love watching Colonel Douglas MacGregor, because I’m certain he’s not a reader of my website, and yet he reaches all the same conclusions as me. It’s also good for you, the reader, to realize that it isn’t just me that is saying this stuff. The only high ranking military official who is willing to... Read More
Never forget that the same people who told you that the vaccine was safe and effective and that men can become women by cutting their penises off told you that Russia was losing the conflict in the Ukraine. Literally nothing that these people say is true. You can basically determine the truth of anything by... Read More
Why not add actual subtitles, Max? RT and other English language outlets are totally banned in the West, because the rulers of the West don’t want the people of their countries to understand the logic behind this conflict. Much of the Western population are such babies, and basically believe that the entire world is like... Read More
I’ve only met two people in real life who were able to communicate this level of calm ferocity in their physiognomy and facial expression. One was my maternal grandfather, and the other was an Australian Vietnam veteran I met in a village in [redacted]. I did not ever have a meaningful conversation with either, as... Read More
Instead of doing a chemical weapons false flag, the West has decided to do random traditional weapons attacks against civilians in the Ukraine. I don’t think anyone who isn’t a totally brainwashed American believes this garbage. RT: A Tochka U ballistic missile, which reportedly killed dozens of civilians in the Ukrainian city of Kramatorsk on... Read More
During an interview with Jackson Hinkle this week, retired Colonel Douglas MacGregor was asked about the alleged Bucha massacre, which the Ukrainian government and international Jewish media is blaming on Russia. MacGregor said that it made no sense that the Russians would do this. He also noted that many of the bodies were wearing white... Read More
You don’t really need an investigative news report to tell you that the intelligence services are leaking fake information to the media as part of an “info war” with Russia. Because: They did this exact same thing in the lead-up to Iraq (literally the exact same thing), and We saw that the reports were fake... Read More
As I’ve said: it will be difficult or impossible to prove that the Russians didn’t do Bucha, because the Ukrainians refused to allow any independent investigators in before destroying all the evidence. It’s obviously a hoax, because the Russians left Bucha on March 30, then on March 31, the mayor of the town confirmed that... Read More
Well, I saw a bunch of Mexicans getting shot and thought it could have been Mexicans doing the shooting. But no. Blacks again. New York Post: It looks like most of the victims were not even Messican. [image][F]htt
The Ukrainian forces have shown consistently that they are willing to slaughter their own people in order to blame Russia. This has been the one constant. These are the people using human shields. There was so much of this leaking out on social media and Telegram that even the Washington Post last week was forced... Read More
Zhao Lijian on Friday made some rather poignant statements about the behavior of the West in response to the ongoing border skirmish in the former USSR, calling it “insane.” Zhao said: Whatever you think of either side of this conflict, there cannot be any claim that the West has not consistently violated its own supposed... Read More
Sino-Friendship is Magic
Zhao Lijian is China’s Troll-in-Chief. This role he’s taken on and played so well demonstrates that China has really started to understand how to interact with the West. He says purposefully provocative things constantly, which are also true. The Jews are currently obsessed with trying to get him banned from Twitter, because his Twitter is... Read More
We’ve talked a lot about Donald Trump’s failings since the election. Particularly, he failed to do anything about the election fraud, then he refused to help the people who were thrown in solitary confinement in a gulag for protesting election fraud. Then he went on a maniac spree shilling for Pfizer. Then he started endorsing... Read More
I can’t keep quiet anymore. As we reach the final hour of the Illuminati’s plan to enslave humanity through divide and conquer, I must reveal what I know about the Jesuit agenda. I’ve kept this back, pretending to blame the Jews, because I knew that if I told the whole truth, I would be targeted... Read More
I’ve yet to see anyone other than leftists, Jews, neocons, and satanic neo-Nazis actually “Standing with the Ukraine.” I’ve seen some allegedly “nuanced” takes on the Ukraine intervention. People seem to want to make themselves feel smart by saying “I understand Putin’s motivations, but I’m not going to support either side.” This isn’t really nuanced,... Read More
You just can’t help but have a deep respect for Ramzan Kadyrov. He is like something ripped out of ancient history – the Warrior King. He’s probably the closest thing to Conan you’re going to find on the earth. Conan also had a beard after he became king of Aquilonia. The Chechen leader has gone... Read More
Well, at least we know he can still see well enough to read relatively small words. That’s good. We need a leader with reasonable eyesight. New York Post: President Joe Biden once again referred to a printed cheat sheet sheet as he doubled down on his unscripted weekend claim that Vladimir Putin “cannot remain in... Read More
Does the US have any understanding of what is going on? I think these people are stupid. They are sitting around saying, “hahaha, we are Great Resetting them good now!” without comprehending the implications. RT: A system allowing direct rupee-ruble payments in trade between Russia and India could be launched this week, the president of... Read More
The Ukraine is a democracy. One of the key values of democracy, alongside gay anal and women and Jews ruling over you, is brutal torture. That’s who we are. RT: Russia has launched a probe after graphic video emerged online, purporting to show the torture of prisoners of war at the hands of Ukrainian servicemen.... Read More
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