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This week's Open Thread.
Jan 9, 2020 marks the 12th year since I began blogging about Russia in 2008, before expanding into broader geopolitical topics, HBD, and futurism within that same year. Here is a graph of my pageviews across my websites during this period. (I did not plot visits to my personal webpages and for 2019-20... Read More
I wish my readers the best of spirits and great success in 2021!
Merry Christmas to all my meritorious readers!
Krasnaya Presnya Park, Moscow. This week's Open Thread.
I appeared at the Russians With Attitude (Patreon) podcast, which is run by a couple of easygoing Russian nationalist intellectuals called pigdog (@diogen_tv) and Kirill Kaminets (@noetic_pirate). Also this week's Open Thread.
Monolith. Rift. Xenos.
Apothecary Garden, Moscow. I agree with Scholar's Stage skeptical take on Substack: The old blogosphere, consisting of clusters of people writing on topics of interest (e.g. the "Russia Watchers", the HBDsphere - to name the two I was part of) was killed off by social media. Substack is not going to revive it for the... Read More
This week's Open Thread.
Statue of Islam Karimov in Moscow.
It's now pretty clear that Biden is going to be the next POTUS. The only moderately interesting question is how long before Trump concedes. Anti-climatic as the election was for those hoping for a Trump set or a 269-269 troll map, there is interesting analysis to be done on: The fraud question - did it... Read More
Me in Nizhny Novgorod last weekend. On a related note, over the past month, I have created/updated several pages on my personal page: Russia Travel page, with ratings of Russian cities & links to those I've written travel reviews for*: Moscow Guide: Saint-Petersburg Guide: Many of the details have yet to be filled in, such... Read More
One of my more successful photos even if I do say so myself. I will be visiting Nizhny Novgorod this weekend.
На службе Израиля!
This week's Open Thread.
This week's Open Thread.
This week's Open Thread.
h/t "Horace Finkelstein" for the meme What I think is a major missed market opportunity: Bring poutine to Russia. Cheap, satiating calories Latitudinal compatibility (Canada) - as with technologies and many other things, it's often been observed that culinary foodways tend to spread most successfully across latitudes Fast food Can make Putin-related puns There are... Read More
Was diverted into another pressing project this week. Will resume regular posting soon, but for now, this week's Open Thread.
The town of Ozery. This week's Open Thread.
This week's Open Thread.
Posting the Open Thread a day earlier than the usual (Friday) to provide a space to avoid cluttering up the Belarus threads with discussions about the alleged Navalny poisoning. I have no particular "takes" to dish out atm given that it's breaking news and we know barely any details.
Noodle Shop Chiho, Moscow. I have written all the major things I needed to write about Belarus by now. There's little more left to do now except track events as they develop. I will aim to get The Great Bifurcation essay done this weekend.
Not many good recent photos, so reaching back to winter in my archives. Anyhow, the Museum of the Russian Diaspora is very good - strong recommend. *** I talked to Robert Stark on Scott Alexander's idea of the "Gray Tribe" and other topics on his podcast: Anatoly’s article No Country for Gray Tribesmen Gray Tribe... Read More
My Perekrestok supermarket now stocks Beyond Meat burgers. I am half way through Richard Lynn's new biography. Very interesting not just from as an inside view into the world of intelligence research, but as a running commentary on the changes in British society since the 1930s.
This week's open thread.
I'll resume regular poasting on the morrow, but for now, a shakshuka recipe: Fry jeera powder (cumin), paprika, chilli powder in butter. Add garlic, then onions, bell peppers & hot peppers. Then tomato sauce (though proper method is to use cubed tomatoes). Clear up gaps & fill them with eggs. Own "innovation": Add grated parmesan... Read More
I have been a bit busy the past few days, but for now a new thread, in which you can discuss my 2v6 skirmish victory in Mount & Blade: Bannerlord, as well as other, invariably much less important topics.
Moscow installs Monument to the Courier, who made self-isolation possible (via Актуальная Россия). This is this week's Open Thread. As Steve Sailer just noted, this month has been record breaking for the website - despite a ~30-40% loss in traffic that we would otherwise have thanks to the Facebook ban and Google deranking. It was... Read More
This week's open thread. UR commenter Atavisionary says that we are now apparently "soft banned" on Reddit as well (click to see thread): We are rapidly becoming one of the most persecuted websites in the entire world, and quite possibly in all of history.
First time on Moscow Metro after couple of months on June 12 (Russia Day), within minutes have ascertained for myself (n=~50) that Corona will rage here until herd immunity. Mask wearing at ~60% (well short of the needed 80%), of which a quarter wear them opened up anyway. At this point - well, actually, as... Read More
So it's Russia Independence Day today: *** In other news, I have been shadowbanned on Twitter. This basically means that I am invisible on the platform to anybody who doesn't follow me there (that is, all of Twitter minus ~7,000 people), and even they will see my poasts much less frequently. I am attaching the... Read More
Time for a new Open Thread, I suppose.
This week's Open Thread. EDIT: Well I am sorry for maligning ~20% of my readers - actually explanation is that we have not only been zucced, but also Googlehammered. Blackpill - even on a "based" website such as The Unz Review, it appears that too many of our readers are weak Facebook drones. My visitorship/viewership... Read More
coronopoasts incoming
So as you might have heard Facebook has banned The Unz Review from its entire site. You can't link to it on your Wall, in closed groups, or even mention it in private communications. It has become The Website That Must Not Be Named, like South Front just a few days ago - another website... Read More
Ironically, despite the retreat of globalization in the past couple of months, Corona-chan has if anything shrank the world. For instance, I started participating in Zoom meetups with my old futurist group from the Bay Area again, four years after leaving the US. Which is not, I suppose, a bad thing. As many of us... Read More
Greenland was infected a few days ago. Madagascar closed its ports. But their heresies did not avail them, for Our Lady will not be denied her mite. Her loyal servants took her munificent blessings to the people of Madagascar. So ensuring that the entire world is soon set free. Pray for your salvation while time... Read More
Warsaw by Night. Happy New Year to all my loyal readers! Just returned from Poland. Will have an extensive writeup (see Romania) soon, though you already saw glimpses of my impressions at the comments to the previous Open Thread and on Twitter. While in Poland I had an interview with South African expat Radio Hussar... Read More
I will be in Polska on Dec 17-30 (itinerary: three days Krakow; pass through Oswiecim, Katowice, Wroclaw; the rest in Warsaw). Will be happy to meet up with Poland based readers. szopen? Polish Perspective? I will need to get myself this powerful Jew talisman. It is ironic how I planned to do the Habsburg Reunion,... Read More
PISA 2018 results dropping in a few hours. Use this thread for discussing them. In particular, I am excited to finally get some definitive answers on the Ukrainian Question. (And Belarus). *** UPDATE: The results are in. Raw data. *** My classic IQ related articles: Through A Glass Ceiling Darkly: Racial IQ Disparities And The... Read More
I was mostly traveling the past ten days, including another stay in Saint-Petersburg (where I made a speech on IQ & Dysgenics and attended a national conference, as well as participated in a couple of Russian podcasts), as well as Tver and Torzhok. Regular posting will resume imminently. *** More notable posts since the last... Read More
I will be in Saint-Petersburg next week (Nov 18-25), where I will give a talk on dysgenics at an event organized by the Chernaya Sotnia publishing house, but otherwise engaging in touristy pursuits. (Funny how both my two trips to SPB since 2017 are to be at the invitation of nationalists who want to hear... Read More
I am again working on a longread - a few of them, actually. No worries, just one of them is about transhumanism/futurism. But for now, a new open thread.
Russia blogger Paul Robinson was in Moscow, presenting his new book on the history of Russian Conservatism. I will post about that shortly, and will review the book once I read it. A large group of us ended up going to Staryy Sichuan, which is the successor to Druzhba and what is IMO the best... Read More
Good things come to those who wait! I haven't been idle. I wrote a ~12,000 word mega-longread on a novel solution to the Fermi Paradox. It is probably my most K-selected text yet. t's ready to go and I was actually planning to post it today, but a couple of people were kind enough to... Read More
I have been doing some useful "infrastructure" behind the scenes that will be revealed in another 1-2 weeks that be of use to my readers. More immediately, I have a good feeling that this weekend I'll finally get my "Great Bifurcation" concept written up, as opposed to cryptically mentioning it in the comments every so... Read More
OK'ing the Russian Occupation Government from the 52nd floor of Federation Tower. *** More notable posts since the last Open Thread in case you missed any of them. Book Review: Arthur K. Kroeber - China's Economy Navalny's "Smart Vote" Won the Moscow Opposition Just 3 Seats (Out of 45) *** A Second Interstellar Object Has... Read More
View from Ostankino Tower. I am back. Happy 88th OT! This break from blogging, which was not 100% voluntary, gave me the chance to reflect on my content and how I can improve it going forwards. Though it may not seem like it at this moment, my output has been steadily increasing the past few... Read More
I suppose I should get another Open Thread going before people begin to think I got Mossaded (bearing in mind the topic of the previous post). Speaking of that, a recent poll found that 42% think he was murdered, vs. 29% who buy into the suicide theory. Is this the US general public's most significant... Read More
Anatoly Karlin
About Anatoly Karlin

I am a blogger, thinker, and businessman in the SF Bay Area. I’m originally from Russia, spent many years in Britain, and studied at U.C. Berkeley.

One of my tenets is that ideologies tend to suck. As such, I hesitate about attaching labels to myself. That said, if it’s really necessary, I suppose “liberal-conservative neoreactionary” would be close enough.

Though I consider myself part of the Orthodox Church, my philosophy and spiritual views are more influenced by digital physics, Gnosticism, and Russian cosmism than anything specifically Judeo-Christian.