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Here’s a new Open Thread for the Karlin commenting community, jump started with a relocated comment from the previous thread. — Ron Unz
As a New Year's present, here's a new Open Thread for the Karlin commenting community, jump started with a few relocated comments from the previous thread. --- Ron Unz
Here's another Open Thread for the Karlin commenting community since the previous one has gotten very long and sluggish to load, jump starting it by moving a couple of the previous comments. — Ron Unz
The previous Open Thread had passed 1,000 comments and was getting very sluggish to load. Since Anatoly is apparently very busy working on crypto-currency projects, I've gone ahead and opened this new one for his commenter-community, moving a few of the last comments over to it. --- Ron Unz
There's apparently popular demand for a new Open Thread so here you go! Though I probably won't be checking up on the comments here much. I needed to recharge the past month. But I'll start writing much more frequently on the Substack from next Friday on.
This is presumably my last Open Thread on Russian Reaction (posted on on A123's request). As I said in the previous thread, after 7 years of blogging, I will be leaving The Unz Review. Though my original intention was to focus on other, non-blogging related projects, there was such a large outpouring of demand for... Read More
* In his latest newsletter, Adam Tooze points out that the Chinese government is asserting greater state control over the economy, including the power of Chinese business magnates to "cash out" of their holdings. In retrospect, this is perhaps the most logical explanation for the crypto crackdown. * Diana Fleischman has a good article in... Read More
🇷🇺💪🇮🇳 * As usual, "real result" of United Russia would have been around 35% instead of 50% (and a simple majority instead of a Constitutional majority). But Western criticisms much less effective in the wake of analogous - if statistically implausible - claims about the 2020 US elections. * EVERGRANDE. I was a China bull... Read More
Another pilgrimage to the Fortress Monastery. *** * AOMI. Robin Hanson: The Insular Fertile Future. Reproductively successful cultures are insular from the global culture. * Scott Alexander: Book Review: Modi - A Political Biography * AFGHANISTAN. Apparently internal frictions amongst the Taliban, with Pakistani-backed hardliners winning out and filling the Cabinet exclusively with Taliban (in... Read More
I was at the Army-2011 expo this week. Very cool, sort of like a military-themed Geek Picnic. *** * POWERFUL COMMENT. Thorfinnsson on the Japanese economy. * Adam Tooze: Chartbook #35: It's not the fall that kills you .... Afghanistan's looming triple crisis. "Afghanistan as a country where the costs of central governance exceed local... Read More
*** AFGHANISTAN * The terrorist attacks today. The Taliban did free all those Islamist militants, not all of them would have been strictly suborned to the Taliban themselves. What's so surprising? * Notable foreign relations developments. Tajikistan has adopted a cold tone to the Taliban, accusing them of gong and has reportedly supplied the NRF... Read More
*** * MUSTREAD. @pseudoerasmus thread on the history of the Taliban. * Steve Sailer on Pashtun proverbs. * Erik D'Amato: 20 Hungarian Lessons the West Is Still Missing * Noah Carl: Observations on Afghanistan * Lyman Key thread on Chinese TFR. We still don't really know what's going on there. * MUSTREAD. Philip Lemoine: Why... Read More
*** * Emil Kirkegaard: The ‘Hereditarians bad people’ objection. On the recent spat between Cathy Young vs. Charles Murray, Steve Sailer, and other hereditarians. Ended with Steve being blocked by Cathy. * Hungary has become an object in the culture war. Their demographic problems long predate Orban, who was actually more successful on the economy... Read More
Rosatom HQ. *** * RIP. Sam Dickson: William H. Regnery II: A Hero’s Life. A Hero’s Death. I intersected with him in Moscow in 2018 at the end of a transit of the Trans-Siberian with a friend. Too little to get a know a person, but my impressions were positive, FWIW. On a non-political tone,... Read More
Time for something more stereotypical. *** * The AK. About a couple of months ago the National Bolsheviks ("Other Russia") had me round to their "bunker" for a podcast. It's now been released, you can listen to it here. (Obviously only in Russian). Alt Right columnist Tobias Langdon "featured me" as a Jew besmirching the... Read More
*** * I think travel in much of Europe will remain significantly restricted as Delta makes its way from UK/Portugal to mainland Europe. * Nature - Mounting evidence suggests Sputnik COVID vaccine is safe and effective. But Europeans still not rushing to approve, with France being intransigent in particular. Seething over Sanofi failure? * Aeroflot... Read More
*** * Scott Alexander - Welcome Polygenically Screened Babies. First baby polygenetically screened born to a family with a history of breast cancer which wanted to reduce to reduce those chances. SA implies the client was a reader. Eventually it could be possible to do this for intelligence and other personality traits. * Putin's Q&A... Read More
*** * Press F for John McAfee. Even NBC acknowledged he was suicided (if briefly). Certainly a very colorful character. * @BirthGauge with new table of preliminary TFR estimates for first few months of this year. Germany will have a higher TFR than the US for the first time in more than a century this... Read More
Prestigious. *** * Putin-Biden summit in Geneva. No surprises to the upside or the downside (if you credited the theory that Biden wants to curtail the breakdown of US-Russian relations to slow down its drifting alliance with China). $150M in weapons aid to Ukraine canceled, on top of the dropping of sanctions against German companies... Read More
The weak should fear the strong. *** * Richard Hanania had a podcast with Sean McMeekin about his new book. (I made some comments on that post). Incidentally, I have started reading Stalin's War. Not far in, but my initial impressions are that McMeekin is weak on military realism - he seems to think that... Read More
This week's Open Thread. *** * Zach Goldberg, the guy who coined the "Great Awokening", is now blogging at Substack. You should give him a follow. * Alex Tabarrok observed that it is "depressing" that you'd have done better investing in Dogecoin this year than in Pfizer. I think this is a function of (1)... Read More
*** * CORE. Richard Hanania - Freedom House, Woke Imperialists. Traditionally, Freedom House just penalized countries for not hewing to American geopolitical interests (e.g. see What I Learned from Freedom House…). Now, it's transitioned to also penalizing them for opposing liberal/Woke positions, such as Poland's opposition to "LGBT and gender ideology", while the "connection between... Read More
This week's Open Thread. ~ Emil Kirkegaard - Meta-compilation of HBD related materials. Very useful link. Also dug up this Blast from the Past: Who’s afraid of the big bad data? ~ NEW PAPER. Rieger, M. O., Wang, M., & Hens, T. (2021). Universal time preference. PloS One, 16(2), e0245692. (h/t @whyvert) ~ XENOS. Pop... Read More
  ~ Fake News. Final unraveling of the Russian Bounties "story." As I said from the beginning, if you believe that the Taliban need Russian rubles to kill Americans, you're either a neocon or a moron. Glenn Greenwald on this topic. ~ Scott Alexander - Prospectus On Próspera. Think of the flies. (Or, why I'm... Read More
This week's Open Thread. (1) Vitalik Buterin - Prediction Markets: Tales from the Election. Best explanation of why predictions markets were giving Trump 10% well after it was clear it was <1%. (2) Balaji - How to Start a New Country. One of my favorite Indians. He discusses his new website (amongst other things) with... Read More
I know this will come as a shock to many of my regular readers, but I will nonetheless ask you to respect my new identity as a Black Trans Russian (#BTR, pronouns: she/her) and support me in my transition. You can do that verbally, or even better, financially. Those surgeries don't come cheap. Black Trans... Read More
Interesting links. (1) Len Sassaman and Satoshi: a Cypherpunk History. This is, I think, the strongest case for someone being Satoshi that I have read to date. All I can say is that IF it was him, he played the double act VERY well. (2) Gregoire Canlorbe (Postil Magazine) - A conversation with Emil O.W.... Read More
This week's Open Thread. Philippe Lemoine - The Case against Lockdowns. I don't agree with all of it (e.g., Ctrl-F for "centralized quarantine" shows zero hits and in retrospect, that and masks really seem to be key). But I have long since started to oppose lockdowns. If you're not fundamentally serious about or incapable of... Read More
This week's Open Thread. Some interesting posts of note: Glenn Greenwald - Journalists Start Demanding Substack Censor its Writers: to Bar Critiques of Journalists Patrick Armstrong - Lab Rats to the Front. Written at about the same time as my own Woke Mil, so I'm not the only one noticing this phenomenon. [twitter] @TheDailyMao -... Read More
This week's Open Thread. Links: spandrell: We don't have to tweet like this. urbit is probably the future of social media just like #DeFi will replace TradFi. Scott Alexander: Shilling For Big Mitochondria. Fat loss pill that actually works - and invented (and banned) during the 1930s to boot. Minor problem? 0.01% mortality rate. Seems... Read More
I didn't take any good photos recently, so here's a video with creepy music instead - the better to with this scifi horror short story that I read recently, "Lena" on ems by qntm. Much darker vision than Hanson's. Though I suppose if there are trillions of ems, only a small percentage of them will... Read More
This week's Open Thread.
Sorry for the lack of new posts recently, have been occupied with a few other matters. Will resume very soon.
This week's open thread.
This week's Open Thread.
This week's Open Thread.
This week's Open Thread.
Jan 9, 2020 marks the 12th year since I began blogging about Russia in 2008, before expanding into broader geopolitical topics, HBD, and futurism within that same year. Here is a graph of my pageviews across my websites during this period. (I did not plot visits to my personal webpages and for 2019-20... Read More
I wish my readers the best of spirits and great success in 2021!
Merry Christmas to all my meritorious readers!
Krasnaya Presnya Park, Moscow. This week's Open Thread.
I appeared at the Russians With Attitude (Patreon) podcast, which is run by a couple of easygoing Russian nationalist intellectuals called pigdog (@diogen_tv) and Kirill Kaminets (@noetic_pirate). Also this week's Open Thread.
Monolith. Rift. Xenos.
Apothecary Garden, Moscow. I agree with Scholar's Stage skeptical take on Substack: The old blogosphere, consisting of clusters of people writing on topics of interest (e.g. the "Russia Watchers", the HBDsphere - to name the two I was part of) was killed off by social media. Substack is not going to revive it for the... Read More
This week's Open Thread.
Statue of Islam Karimov in Moscow.
It's now pretty clear that Biden is going to be the next POTUS. The only moderately interesting question is how long before Trump concedes. Anti-climatic as the election was for those hoping for a Trump set or a 269-269 troll map, there is interesting analysis to be done on: The fraud question - did it... Read More
Me in Nizhny Novgorod last weekend. On a related note, over the past month, I have created/updated several pages on my personal page: Russia Travel page, with ratings of Russian cities & links to those I've written travel reviews for*: Moscow Guide: Saint-Petersburg Guide: Many of the details have yet to be filled in, such... Read More
One of my more successful photos even if I do say so myself. I will be visiting Nizhny Novgorod this weekend.
Anatoly Karlin
About Anatoly Karlin

I am a blogger, thinker, and businessman in the SF Bay Area. I’m originally from Russia, spent many years in Britain, and studied at U.C. Berkeley.

One of my tenets is that ideologies tend to suck. As such, I hesitate about attaching labels to myself. That said, if it’s really necessary, I suppose “liberal-conservative neoreactionary” would be close enough.

Though I consider myself part of the Orthodox Church, my philosophy and spiritual views are more influenced by digital physics, Gnosticism, and Russian cosmism than anything specifically Judeo-Christian.