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Zafar Bangash on "Pakistan’s Unending Political Crisis"
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Zafar Bangash argues that since the founding of Pakistan in 1947 its leadership has blundered from crisis to crisis “like a corner drunk”—and the current catastrophe, brought on by corrupt leaders complicit in the anti-Imran Khan coup, is one of the all-time worst. His article offers an uncommonly blunt synopsis of the history of Pakistan, leading up to the recent coup by external forces (think US-IMF) and their internal collaborators: “When Imran Khan tried to chalk out an independent foreign policy by reclaiming some political space, a motley collection of criminals, murderers and money-launderers was cobbled together and placed in power by the army. Its claims to ‘neutrality’ find few takers.” Wait a minute! Would the CIA and its IMF friends really overthrow a government with the help of local army generals alongside “criminals, murderers and money-launderers”? That, of course, is a rhetorical question.

Zafar Bangash is Director of the Institute of Contemporary Islamic Thought, and president of the Islamic Society of York Region, a suburb of Toronto. His articles regularly appear regularly at, the best Muslim current-affairs publication in English.

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Imran Khan, Pakistan 
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  1. Pakistan is a Fake State composed of a multitude of different ethnic groups, speaking different, often mutually unintelligible languages. The only thing in common is that nearly all Pakistanis are Muslim. Even that has been forcibly created.

    Before the Partition of India, the population of Pakistan was about 30% non-Muslim, mainly Hindus, but also Sikhs, Christians and others. Now it’s less than 3%. Most non-Muslims were forcibly expelled, often with great bloodshed, or fled during and after Partition. Needless to say, many Indians remain deeply unhappy about this.

    While this Fake State – this Yugoslavia in the desert – remains in existence, Pakistan’s political crisis will indeed be unending. The solution is obvious, but not to Islamist loons like Bangash. Division of Pakistan into its constituent ethnic groups is more likely to create states to which its citizens will show loyalty. I’m not holding my breathe about this – the political and military classes gain too much from the present situation. It will take some external force majeure to change things – in the case of Yugoslavia, it was the collapse of Communism. I won’t hazard a guess as to what it might be in Pakistan’s case, but sooner or later, it will happen.

    • Replies: @Al Ross
  2. anonymous[605] • Disclaimer says:

    Yo Dr Barrett

    that site link you give for ‘’ which you say is ‘the best Muslim current-affairs publication in English’, does not work

    site confirmed as being down

    some old pages are available via the wayback machine at … but apparently they haven’t scanned it since June 2021, been blank since then

    have you indeed seen this site within the last year?

  3. Al Ross says:

    Pathetic analogy . How long did Communism last, compared with Islam ? Islam will never collapse as long as it has double digit IQ Third World adherents, tautologically speaking .

    Pakistanis are horribly insecure people mainly because they imagine that being Muslim accords them Subcontinental superiority.

    When Pakis go to Mecca for Haj or Umrah they learn that Islam does not confer any social status whatsoever as the Saudis treat them like serfs.

    Marry your first cousins for generations and observe subsequent IQ levels , now that’s Pakistan.

    They will be bosses in Islamic Heaven though.

    • Replies: @Verymuchalive
  4. Is this why Pakistan fosters such murderous intolerance that people will tear somebody limb from limb for a rumor of heresy? Or if some schoolchild dreams it? Rather than tolerating the murder of that provincial official, they should have closed the fanatic’s mosque and sent them all to a re-education camp.

  5. @Al Ross

    You don’t seem to grasp what I have written. Yugoslavia ( Land of South Slavs ) didn’t exist before 1919. The victorious Allies claimed to support national self-determination, but, as in this case, they usually punished the defeated Axis powers regardless. In 1919-20, the Kingdom of Serbia, one of the victorious allies, got a large tranche of territority containing Croats, Slovenes, Bosniaks, Macedonians, Hungarians, Bulgarians and Albanians, who had never been subject to Serbs in their history. This monstrous carbuncle was named Yugoslavia. The aim was to punish Austria-Hungary and Bulgaria.

    It probably would have collapsed after WWII, but a Communist regime was installed with the aid of that horrible POS Churchill. In the late 1980s Communism started to collapse, and officially ended in Russia on December 26 1991. The start of the break up of Yugoslavia occured from mid-1991, and , within a few years, it was completely over. It had lasted a little over 70 years.

    Likewise, Pakistan didn’t exist before 1947. Like Yugoslavia it was a completely artificial concoction, with the added complication that a lot of non-Muslims were killed and expelled to make this fake bake seem to work. But it didn’t work. Islam was meant to keep them together, but in 1971 East and West Pakistan bloodily separated. This is not at all unusual in the Muslim World. Yemen is still in bloody Civil War caused by sectarian strife, as is Syria. Iraq is de facto divided into different sectarian and ethnic groups, as is Somalia. I could continue, but it’s tedious to do so.

    The Captain and Tenille thought that Love could keep them together. It didn’t work – they divorced in 2014. Same with Islam. I hope that’s clarified things.

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