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Vladislav Krasnov on Jewish-Gentile Relations..And Ron Unz’s Strategy for Defeating the Monologic Media
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Vladislav Krasnov writes:

“Dear Kevin,

“This is to invite you and your readers/listeners to a debate on Jewish-Gentile relations that my article ‘Ron Unz’s Strategy for the Alt-Media to Defeat the Mainstream Media Is Brilliant’ generated on the pages of Russia-Insider.

“So far there are over 150 comments, and it is good as far as hits are concerned. However, I’ve noticed a negative dynamics because emotional negativism toward Jews seems to predominate. I can understand that the anger toward Jews in general is, at least, partially understandable and perhaps justifiable. However, I am convinced that all Jews are not alike. Moreover, the number of Jews who challenge Zionism, especially its current pro-Netanyahu trend, is growing. Some Jews are even more forthright about secretive Jewish shenanigans than the alleged ‘anti-Semitic’ authors of The Protocols of the Wizards of Zion were.

“Therefore I feel that it is incumbent upon us– the ‘Whites’, Gentiles, Christian, Muslim, and secular non-Jews–to respond in kind and welcome such dissident Jews as Norman Finkelstein, Gilad Atzmon, Israel Shamir (whom I know more), Ron Unz, Brother Nathanael Kapner and several more into the community of truth-seekers.

And you are the person who is best qualified and positioned to do so. You’re converted Muslim familiar with Christianity. And you are a secular scholar. You work well with Veterans today and a regular author of Ron Unz’s site. What is personally very important to me, you know who Bakhtin, Dostoevsky and Solzhenitsyn are. You know that Russians were able to overcome Marxist-Leninist ideological and political monopoly (‘monologue’) via a dialogue and actually polyphony of many dissident authors as soon as glasnost was established. In the US we should be able to stave off the monologic tendency of Big Media by letting Christian, Muslim, Jewish and other genuine dissidents to speak up. And that’s what you are doing at TruthJihad Radio.”

Dr. Vladslav Krasnov (also known as Wladislaw “George” Krasnow) of was a dissident in the former Soviet Union, where deviating from the official Communist Party line was a serious thoughtcrime. He defected to Sweden and then the United States in the 1960s, earned a doctorate in Russian Literature at the University of Washington, and has written three books and worked for many leading think tanks and government agencies.

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: American Media, Israel Lobby 
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  1. How do we re-capture freedom of speech in this age of big tech censorship?

    The first amendment addresses government control of speech and not private actor censorship.

    The conservative/libertarian types don’t want regulation of these high tech companies and claim it will hinder growth of new technology.

    There is a simple policy solution that could address the problem–ban any government contracts/grants/loans to companies that restrict speech on their platforms. That would include any media companies that did not allow open comments on their websites on all of their reporting. (The lawyers would have to include language to cover any affiliates and other companies owned by major stockholders.)

    In this age of big government and huge government contracts this would be a de facto extension of the first amendment to large private actors.

    (I am too cynical to take any policy prescriptions seriously–so it is out of courtesy to our host that I offer this one. 🙂 )

    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
    , @Jayne Says
  2. Anonymous[408] • Disclaimer says:

    Sorry, but that Russia Insider article is just a horrible. Vladislav Krasnov managed to sound both ignorant and patronising at the same time. That’s a pretty ugly combination. Here’s a sample:

    anti semitism is not a working position. Jews are just specialised to understand the power dynamics of a complex society. If you don’t have any on your side you will always lose

  3. @Justvisiting

    “The first amendment addresses government control of speech and not private actor censorship.” Right. But monopolies are not legitimate private actors. The premise of antitrust law is that all monopolies must either be broken up or (if they are natural monopolies) seized and run as public utilities. Since social media fora are natural monopolies, they are de facto public utilities. Those running them as (bogus) private corporations are criminals, since they are violating antitrust law. And the Justice Department, which refuses to break them up or seize them, is also criminal. Given all of this, the criminal monopolists should be prosecuted for, among other things, violating the First Amendment, since the outfits they are running must be run as public utilities in conformity with the Constitution, the supreme law of the land.

    There is also a libertarian argument that all limited liability corporations are in fact public utilities:

    • Agree: Tusk
    • Replies: @Fuerchtegott
    , @Talha
    , @Rurik
  4. Saggy says: • Website

    Krasnov is hopelessly naive ..

    #1 – In fact, he (Unz) does more to undermine the moneyed Jewish MSM establishment than many alleged or real anti-Semite.

    Unz has denied the holohoax. Even writing ….

    Both of these simple facts have been widely accepted in America throughout my entire lifetime. But combine them together with the relatively tiny size of worldwide Jewry, around 16 million prior to World War II, and the inescapable conclusion is that in per capita terms Jews were the greatest mass-murderers of the twentieth century, holding that unfortunate distinction by an enormous margin and with no other nationality coming even remotely close. And yet, by the astonishing alchemy of Hollywood, the greatest killers of the last one hundred years have somehow been transmuted into being seen as the greatest victims, a transformation so seemingly implausible that future generations will surely be left gasping in awe.

    Ergo, Unz is a ‘real anti-semite’, it doesn’t get any more antisemitic than denying the holohoax.

    #2 – Indeed, Jews are as divided on the vital issues of today as any nation on Earth.

    Good grief, this is preposterous. Jews support Israel nearly to the last person …. here is ref. if you want …… – read it, it’s a classic.

    Second, Jews lie about the holohoax unanimously with the exception of three (Unz, G. Menuhin, and one associate of G. Atzmon). Wake up, visit or watch ‘Questioning the Holocaust’…

  5. @Kevin Barrett

    This question is a bit unrelated, I’m rn listening to you and doctor Jones.
    Are you a ginger?

  6. renfro says:

    Krasnov ends by saying……”We all are in the same boat.”

    I take his essay as saying we must co-operate with Jews to solve our problems.
    (and we will lose if we don’t)

    I have seen this plea numerous times. As well as even stronger ones with implied threats…like ‘liberal Zionist Prof Jerome Slater saying if we don’t support Israel and the Jewish liberals the Dems will lose and the conservatives will win and starve American children and old people. Phil at mondo claims ‘only’ Jews can solve the US Israel problem.

    I am going to say this again….You Cannot end the Israel con and crimes by joining with the Jews, even the liberal or non Zionist or anti Zionist…BECAUSE…..even if they are against the occupation of Palestine and the crimes against humanity it commits, they STILL want Israel to exist and STILL want the US aid and support to continue. Iow they just want a ‘nicer’ Israel …..which they will never get without the US taking hard punitive actions against Israel. …and they will not support the necessary actions like terminating billions in aid, ceasing support at the UN and imposing sanctions.

    When Krasnov says…’Jews are just specialised to understand the power dynamics of a complex society”…..he is only half right. We gentiles who oppose Isr’merica also understand the dynamics and the dynamics are nothing more than….’Its the Benjamin’s baby ‘ combined with intimidating politicians and candidates and a control of the media.

    So I’m going to say it again…..what white/gentiles have to do is join and lead with other minorities, Blacks and Hispanics . We need the numbers, louder voices, minority complaints get more attention then middle class whites. Imagine Fox or CNN trying to explain a hundred or thousand Blacks or legal Hispanics publically protesting billions to Israel and promoting BDS…..and not being able to call them racists and bigots or white nationalist…LOL

    • Replies: @renfro
    , @Zumbuddi
  7. renfro says:

    You want to give the black and Hispanic voters to the Jews and their dominate the US for Israel agenda?
    If not I suggest you wake the f up and understand you need to stop the race shit talking and start to ‘lead’ these minorities in the American way.

    Having a great conversation on the growing American Electorate at #HispanicLeadershipSummit @AIPAC

    • Replies: @Iris
  8. renfro says:

    Several weeks ago Trump told Israel not to let Omar and Tlaib in Israel. Israel was going to let them in per the Israeli ambassador but has now said No. Trump continues his twitter war against them . Death threats against them keep mounting, one man arrested.

    Israel Denies Entry to Omar and Tlaib After Trump’s Call to Block Them ……/trump-israel-omar-tlaib.html
    Mr. Trump’s call to bar the two congresswomen was an … Twitter post that “it would show great weakness if Israel allowed Rep. … leader, Representative Kevin McCarthy of California, told reporters … Just last month, the Israeli ambassador to Washington, Ron Dermer, said that Israel would not deny entry to …

    Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump
    Follow Follow @realDonaldTrump
    It would show great weakness if Israel allowed Rep. Omar and Rep.Tlaib to visit. They hate Israel & all Jewish people, & there is nothing that can be said or done to change their minds. Minnesota and Michigan will have a hard time putting them back in office. They are a disgrace!

    Elizabeth Warren‏Verified account @ewarren
    Follow Follow @ewarren
    Israel doesn’t advance its case as a tolerant democracy or unwavering US ally by barring elected members of Congress from visiting because of their political views. This would be a shameful, unprecedented move. I urge Israel’s government to allow @IlhanMN and @RashidaTlaib entry.

  9. Chicken or egg question.

    What came first? Jewish monomania or Jewish monotheism?

    Did monomaniacal personality lead to rise of monotheism among Jews?

    Or did monotheism turn Jews toward monomania?

    Latin American browns are Christian and believe in one God, but they are not monomaniacal and have no radical will. But even secular Jews who don’t believe in God tend to be monomaniacal and have radical will.

    Did Jewish community turn to monotheism as counter-force to Jewish tendency because they are independent and individualistic by nature? Without something powerful like faith in one God to keep things nailed down, it could be that Jewish people will bicker and disagree on everything and tear their community apart. In that sense, monotheism isn’t so much natural to Jewish character as necessary as restraint to prevent Jewish character from spreading dissension and turmoil in the community.

    Or is monotheism among Jews the product of monomaniacal mindset as a game theory?
    If every Jew believes “I AM RIGHT AND ALL OF YOU ARE WRONG”, he is going to fight with other Jews who thinks likewise: “NO, I AM RIGHT and YOU ARE WRONG”. Paradoxically, monomania leads to most dissension because everyone thinks he and only he is right. Every ego has a radical will. Therefore, the ONLY way to have peace among Jews is to project this monomania on some almighty Heavenly Figure of mystery and power. Before such a deification of the Jewish personality, all Jews could bow down and worship…. which is kind of like a collective self-worship since God would represent the abstraction and apotheosis of Jewish radical will and monomaniacal personality.

    Maybe one way to reduce violence among blacks is to create a Thug god. Every badass black ego thinks it is the ultimate gangsta, and all these ultra-badass mofos be blasting one another. But if all thugs worshiped the super-thug and the one and only thug god, maybe they will calm down a bit and stop trying to hard to be top thug theyselves.

    • Replies: @bjondo
  10. Tusk says:

    Jewish behaviour is tribal and mental that affects many whites too. The beliefs, actions and attitudes of many people such as Ron or Gilad is against the grain of the typical Jewish collective, to this end it wouldn’t be fair to judge a person not by their valid and important contributions but instead by something they have no control over. Of course we shouldn’t fall for the ‘Jewish osmosis’ trick as evidenced by the neocon switch to the Right, but instead accept that those who act in concert with our beliefs and helps further our goals is making an important contribution.

  11. Jewish lawyers use the law and the courts as a form of domestic terror.

    A group of female Jewish lawyers from New York formed an organization styled “Integrity First for America” (IFA) to “combat hate” — specifically, to sue 24 of the protesters in Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville 2 years ago.

    In a Feb. 2019 panel discussion chaired by a representative of ADL, Amy Spitalnik, who recently joined IFA stated that among the goals of the civil suit was to bankrupt the groups/persons, and also “to silence them, crush them” —

    “In the Summer of 2018, some of the defendants were trying to organize another . . . another Unite the Right rally. Some of the other defendants had said, We really don’t want to be sued again. That in and of itself is immensely powerful, and in some ways we feel like we’ve already been successful with this lawsuit.”

    Spitalnik and her co-panelists emphasized that ADL worked closely with FBI and with law enforcement, “educating” them to recognize “hate” and “call it out when they see it.”

    Spitalnik related that the Jewish lawyers had already won several significant decision; most notably, the judgment that the defendants must grant access to their social media accounts and devices; she said the case was to be heard in Charlottesville in July, 2019.

    As I understand the case, several of the defendants have negotiated settlements, agreeing never to organize or appear in protests in Charlottesville.
    However, apparently Matthew Heimbach and Elliot Kline have refused or merely failed to comply with demands to produce documents; an NBC report says they “failed to fulfill their basic obligations in the case and take part in evidence discovery.”
    For this offense, a federal court has decreed that they must pay the Plaintiff’s legal fees, and they may be subject to additional sanctions.

    SO — if the “good Jews” that Krasnov represents really wants to demonstrate their bona fides, how about getting some smart Jewish lawyers to put their legal talents to the defense of the Unite the Right protesters; how about some wealthy Jews starting a fund to pay off those sanctions / plaintiff’s fees.

    There is much more at stake than just punishing Matt Heimbach, Eric Kline and Vanguard.

    Integrity First for America’s agenda is to impose a chill on the right to protest, to organize, and to speak freely. IFA is demonstrating that there is no private space where protesters can organize, and that American institutions ostensibly established to protect the American people — FBI and police departments at all levels — take their marching orders from ADL and Jews.

    This is intolerable.
    It will only provoke more violence.

    And if the gods are kind, it will come back to bite legal terrorists like Spitalnik & IFA in the ass: eventually, a tipping point will be reached and some law school or other organization of attorneys will sue ADL and “organized Jewry” for their conspiratorial activities in promoting war, or subverting First Amendment rights.

    How ’bout it, Krasnov: you just talking a good game or are you up to gathering Jewish lawyers and Jewish money to counteract the terror campaign mouthy Jewish lawyers are carrying on in Charlottesville?

    • Replies: @bjondo
  12. @Justvisiting

    Actually there is a first amendment way around this. And that is that those platforms, by virtue of being PUBLIC platforms — and I suppose we’d need to explore what the status of the Internet is in terms of the so-called law, but does it matter? Common sense says it’s a public forum, means of communication and even survival at this point for those doing business predominantly online. But, by virtue of being or appearing to be public communications platforms, they are indeed publishers who must uphold the First Amendment. Our media law is the best in the world. This is how we should attack this issue. As for other countries, speech laws would be applicable. We should sue them all bigtime — Why isn’t anyone suing under this? This requires organization. Plus the banning contracts to them is also great. But an enforceable court order is better. And there is even the possibility of using the UCC and commercial law and alleging harm.

    Second, demanding the FCC enforce these laws and holding those officials individually to account in lawsuits alleging harm. Specifically operating at the higher level of international law as the US and others are CORPORATIONS. Please see the documentary Take Back Your Power (2015) by Josh Del Sol featuring Cal Wachington, who discovered this means of taking back power.

    Third, Demand the restoration of Smith-Mundt and hold officials to account for revoking it. Further the First Amendment should be amended to include strict prohibitions on state lies of any sort.

    Fourth, whistleblower protections. Need to update the law on that.

    These are my ideas for the moment. But we’ve got to think creatively, look at the law ourselves, look at new possibilities of contestation and transformation, outside the box of “policy prescriptions.” And we have to be bold and blunt in demands and write about them, repeat repeat repeat over and over and over.

    • Replies: @Jayne Says
  13. @Jayne Says

    I meant to add after the edit thing timed out that the UCC/merchant law applies to all countries as corporations, so this is applicable in all countries. I am verifying that this is true. Many say it is and Cal’s experiences prove it might be. Personal harm alleged against individuals, breaking a contract. They managed to effect the resignation of utility CEOs and city council members and shift the position of a governor in re: smart meters.

  14. Zumbuddi says:

    Mostly AGREE but It’s more than the Benjamins, It’s Abrahamism– Jews believe to their core that they own the lock on God and morality, and that their Millenias-long mission — tikun olam — is to bring all mankind to their “morality” with Jews in charge.

    The story of Esther is one of inserting Jewish power & dominance, even over the cultures & sovereignty of others, even when Jews have their own place to be.

    Jews crave power.

    Agree that cooperating with Jews is a sucker bet.

    • Replies: @Oscar Peterson
    , @anon
  15. bjondo says:
    @Priss Factor

    What came first? Jewish monomania or Jewish monotheism?

    When did Jew become monotheistic?

  16. bjondo says:

    Jewish lawyers use the law and the courts as a form of domestic terror.

    Jew perverts law to benefit Jew.

  17. Iris says:

    If not I suggest you wake the f up and understand you need to stop the race shit talking and start to ‘lead’ these minorities in the American way.

    Well stated, Renfro.

    So-called “Racialists” and other “IQ’ists” are at best useful idiots of the Zionists, and more often than not Zionist shills in Caucasians/Whites’ champion disguise.

  18. Poor Krasnov.

    He wrote a short article at Russian Insider proposing an alliance of non-Jews and “good” Jews which was savaged by the commenters.

    Then he dropped a note here lamenting that the response at Russia Insider was almost uniformly anti-Jewish. And what response does he get here? Almost exactly the same as he got at RI.

    No doubt readers of both Russia Insider and Unz Review feel gratitude to Ron Unz for the truth-platform he has provided. But I think very few believe that there are enough Ron Unz’s within American Jewry to constitute anything like a critical mass worth allying with. Unz is a renegade Jew and does not represent much of anything beyond himself. Phil Weiss at Mondoweiss is similar. One can respect the few instances of renegade Jews who are willing to forsake the Jewish power networks, but a few renegades do not create the critical mass of Jews willing to diverge from the Judeo-supremacist ethos that Krasnov is fantasizing about.

    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
    , @bjondo
    , @Alden
  19. anon[339] • Disclaimer says:

    > Jews believe to their core that they own the lock on God and morality

    That’s exactly what the fictional character Rabbi Jewsus said in the Jew Testament, “Salvation is from the Jews.” The Bible is the original Jew-owned Hollywood story.

  20. @Oscar Peterson

    Actually Jews are overrepresented among renegade free thinkers, just as they are in so many other fields.

    The problem is the power of organized tribal Jewry, representing a tiny fraction of the Jewish population, not Jewish individuals. The vast majority of individual Jews are just ordinary folks, who could and should wake up, in ever greater numbers, to the necessity of putting the criminal overlords out of business.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Oscar Peterson
  21. bjondo says:
    @Oscar Peterson

    My understanding of Weiss:
    he does what he does to protect Judaizm and Israel.
    Go to his site (same with Tikun Olam/Silverstein) and say, “Israel has no right to exist”.
    You will be banned. Maybe a warning first.

    Weiss and Silverstein are the “good” Jew.

    They are part of the Jew control of the spectrum of whatever issue.

    Not even close to R Unz.

    • Agree: Zumbuddi
    • Replies: @Oscar Peterson
  22. Anonymous[656] • Disclaimer says:
    @Kevin Barrett

    You’re hopelessly naive. I’ve lost count of the Jewish organisations whose job mostly consists of gagging, deceiving, corrupting, enslaving, bombing, infiltrating or genociding virtually every goyim subgroup you could imagine. Jewish organisations on the other side of that field are nonexistent or barely symbolic.

    Also, the vast majority of individual Jews are more than happy to continue parasitically gorging themselves on their hosts through hyper-nepotism and corruption. They might not be personally plotting the goyim demise in smoke-filled rooms but they do know which side their bread is buttered on.

  23. @bjondo

    Well, OK, for the sake of argument, if I concede that Weiss or anyone of the handful of Jews one might nominate as candidates for renegade status might, in reality, be pseudo-renegades instead and ultimately protective of Jewish group goals, that underlines the point that there is no critical mass of enlightened Jews with whom to “ally.”

    Whether the pool is Ron Unz and Phil Weiss or just Ron Unz or no one at all doesn’t really change the bottom line.

  24. @Kevin Barrett

    “The problem is the power of organized tribal Jewry, representing a tiny fraction of the Jewish population, not Jewish individuals.”

    Polls show over 3/4 of Jews identify with the Judeo-supremacist state of Israel. Orthodox Jews flow out of NYC and conspire to take control of up-state NY towns for their own colonies. Jews make up 1.5% of the US population and are clustered around NYC and a few other cities on the coasts, and you are saying that an imagined silent majority of this minority are just good folks who want to sit under their olive trees?

    Jewish collective action has historically been central to their group functioning and identity–fund raising for Israel, support for other populations of transnational Jews in other countries and for in-group organizations. There is an infinity of Jewish-identity sites on the web. So a tiny minority of a tiny minority has somehow managed to enslave the US to Israeli goals and banish Christianity from the public sphere?

    Jews were resented by the Greeks in the Hellenistic world 2000 years ago, because the Romans allowed them to pay their allotted taxes to support the Temple in Jerusalem instead of the Greek cities in which they mostly lived. The entire Jewish population of the Pale was dedicated to living off the immiserated goy peasantry in collusion with the ravenous Polish aristocracy. But somewhere along the way, all this changed and now they’re just good folks?

    What evidence has convinced you of this?

  25. Adûnâi says:

    It seems to me somewhat weird to present the homosexual ravens of Perestroika such as Solzhenitsyn as an example to follow for those folks in the West intending to stem the tide of degeneracy.

    Also, can someone explain to me this peculiar sentiment of hatred towards Zionism? Wikipedia says the ideology in question supports emigration of all Jews to Israel. Does any White have a problem with that? And if that is so, why? Or do folks here throw “Zionism” as a meaningless buzzword? Methinks, it’s the latter…

    I doubt Jews can ever be Elf-friends or honourary Aryans, so to speak. Any reemergance of Whites as a force must inevitably lead to the abandonment of Rabbi Jesus’ values and thus to embracing Führer Hitler’s outlooks on life. And that is a direct threat to the existence of the Jewish race.

    Jews can’t win (unless Hispanics suddenly turn into spiritual Jews when that cursed throne becomes vacant). But that is irrelevant to us and to them. A scorpion ought to sting. Even if the frog is his venerable host.

    • Replies: @Oscar Peterson
  26. Republic says:


    This is slightly off topic, but could you tell me why the complete you tube channel of Dr E Michael Jones has been purged suddenly?

    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
  27. @Republic

    I would guess the ADL was responsible. They are in total panic mode, going all out to destroy the free internet before it destroys their crime network.

    • Agree: Republic
  28. Talha says:
    @Kevin Barrett

    Wow – excellent points!


  29. @Adûnâi

    “Also, can someone explain to me this peculiar sentiment of hatred towards Zionism?”

    In general, no one would much care, all things being equal, which group of repellent Semites rules in Palestine. But in a competitive world, there is no long-term benefit to the US–or anyone else–in ramming European Jews down the throats of unwilling Arabs/Muslims. (Palestine, after all, was well over 90% Arab at the end of WW I.) Alienating much of Muslim world, as we have done, is a luxury which we are less and less able to afford and never should have done, on strategic grounds, in the first place.

    Zionism is also an expression of Jew totalitarianism which threatens OUR liberties. The power of organized Jewry to suppress American freedoms of speech in order to ensure that its supremacist project is safeguarded is the consummate example of Jew goals being imposed on the goyim with no benefit to the latter at all and much increased risk. There is no reason for US taxpayers to subsidize a Judeosupremacist state that is a strategic albatross around our neck.

    But of course, sweet one, you already knew all that.

  30. Alden says:
    @Oscar Peterson

    I agree that Ron is a renegade. Some Jews don’t tolerate any criticism at all. A few Jews are not rabidly pro Israel. Everyone I’ve ever met (and that’s a lot) firmly believes that they were a poor, pitiful, pathetic persecuted minority in Poland instead of running it for hundreds of years and were unjustly thrown out of Spain by the wicked witch Isabella.

    They just will not believe that Jews ever sold Christian Spanish 10 to 14 year old girls to the harems and brothels across the Mediterranean.

    So, fogeddah abut i. They’ll never unite or work with us.


    I read a 1895 edition of the Protocols. The 4th Protocol was ” We shall see to it my brothers, that they, (the goyim) appoint only the unfit and incompetent to official and government positions and thus we shall conquer them with little effort.”


    Before that, pursuant to a plan some law enforcement friends and I had, I borrowed a lawyer friend’s password and got into all the school desegregation, school bussing and my bete noire, affirmative action lawsuits.

    When a suit is filed, the clerks make up a separate sheet with name firm and address phone now days email of the attorney or attorneys who filed the suit. When the response comes in, names of responding attorneys are added. The lists of attorneys on these endless major lawsuits with the appeals to the federal courts is hundreds.

    So, I sat in the federal courthouse for the federal suits and in the law school library for the state lawsuits. And I printed out the lists of all the attorneys. I’t was exactly as I surmised. The attorneys on the anti White side in all those lawsuits were about 90 % Jewish I didn’t even count names like Berman, Becker, Kaufman or anything ending with sky or vitch that might or might not be Jewish.

    If anyone wonders who the desegregation,, school integration, school bussing and affirmative action attorneys were, it was Jew Jew Jew Jew. All following the 4th Protocol of the enemy appointing none but the unfit and incompetent.

    That’s why I’m one of those who believe American Jews are the enemy of the White Goyim.

    Jews lawsuits condemned hundreds of millions of White children to the horrors of integrated schools with lifelong effects of hearing loss due to the screeching, howling and yowling and life long bladder infections due to being unable to use the school bathrooms due to the animals lying in wait and Jew attorneys suing the schools for attempting to keep the schools safe.

    Jewish attorneys filed the affirmative action lawsuits that resulted in the court orders that the most incompetent and totally unqualified black be hired over the most qualified White.

    That’s what Jews did. Never forget it.

    PS Guess who funded the school integration lawsuits and Brown vs Topeka?

    The American Jewish Committee. Started in the 1940’s.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  31. Rurik says:
    @Kevin Barrett

    The premise of antitrust law is that all monopolies must either be broken up or (if they are natural monopolies) seized and run as public utilities. Since social media fora are natural monopolies, they are de facto public utilities.

    imagine if Ma Bell used their monopoly to decide who they allowed to use their phone lines depending on if that person or group’s politics coincided with the owners of Bell Telephone.

    ‘Sorry, your phone service has been cut off because we’ve been listening to your conversations, and we don’t approve of your views.’

    And all the government regulators went along with it.

    That is effectively where we’re at today.

    • Agree: Ron Unz, Talha, Kevin Barrett
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  32. Zumbuddi says:

    Apparently CAMERA did in E Michael Jones.
    Dexter vanZile, shabbos goy in chief, wrote,
    Why is Patrick Coffin turning a blind eye to E Michael Jones’s antisemitism

  33. Anonymous[105] • Disclaimer says:

    Good post.

  34. Anonymous[105] • Disclaimer says:

    Perfect analogy. The biggest difference is that it would have caused a revolution in those times.

    It’s amazing how docile we’ve become. We’re living in a clown world where obvious corruption, naked criminality and open treason are seemingly invisible and out of reach of “our” governments and too few people are ready to act.

    I blame it on xenoestrogens and the accompanying 50% testosterone loss for Western men in the past 50 years.

    • Replies: @Rurik
  35. Rurik says:

    We’re living in a clown world where obvious corruption, naked criminality and open treason are seemingly invisible…

    Sadly, I’d say it’s all too visible, for all to gape at, slack-jawed and doe-eyed.

    The difference is as you say, like the frog in the pan, the cultural/spiritual slog into depraved apathy, has been a slow but carefully crafted outcome. And you’re right about the soy-boy cucks we see all over the place, as a phenomenon of our moral rot. Who knows how much of that is due to chemical manipulation vs. ((Hollywood, et al – cultural inundation)). It seems you can’t look at a screen today without seeing homosexuals frolicking or effeminate losers as the typical American male new normal,

    and traditional, (especially white) male traits as a menace.

    Case in point is this exchange between a congressman (with his ball sack clearly intact), vs. the doe-eyed, soy-boy Google lawyer.

    I suppose it’s a combination of those things. Chemicals in consumer products (perhaps in chemtrails and such) and deliberate cultural programming.

    From Davy Crockett to David Spade.

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