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Two American Christians Discuss Monica Witt/New Horizons Witch Hunt with Scott Bennett and E. Michael Jones
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The Justice (sic) Department just charged US military whistleblower Monica Witt with spying for Iran—and sanctioned the Iranian NGO New Horizons. The charges against Witt allege that Press TV news anchor Marzieh Hashemi is in the business of recruiting spies, and was somehow responsible for Monica Witt’s decision to move to Iran. Yet not a single shred of evidence supporting these allegations has been made public. And Marzieh Hashemi has not been charged with any crime—even though the FBI kidnapped her and held her for ten days as a “material witness” in the Witt case. It looks like Ms. Hashemi has a slam-dunk libel case against whoever wrote up the charges against Witt. (Oh, I forgot—the government can commit libel with impunity.)

First hour: US military whistleblower Scott Bennett, like Monica Witt, witnessed horrific crimes committed by the US government—and its ultra-corrupt contractor Booz Allen. And Scott Bennett, like Monica Witt, first visited Iran to participate in a conference sponsored by the New Horizons NGO. (Witt attended the Feb. 2013 Hollywoodism Conference, where I met her, while Bennett attended last May’s Palestine conference in Mashhad.) So let’s ask Scott Bennett what he thinks about the Witt case, New Horizons, and Iran. (Obviously if New Horizons were really a front for recruiting spies, they would have tried to “turn” Scott, who was in the thick of US military antiterrorism efforts before he blew the whistle on his Booz Allen boss Dov Zakheim’s financing of ISIS and al Qaeda.) We’ll also discuss the likely real reason for the whole Witt/New Horizons witch hunt: the initiative launched at the Mashhad conference by Scott and ex-US-military-intel folks to convince Iran to take the fight for 9/11 truth into an American federal courtroom.

Second hour: E. Michael Jones, editor of Culture Wars, participated in the 2013 New Horizons sponsored Hollywoodism Conference in Tehran where I met Monica Witt. Did he meet her too? What does he think of the US government’s claim that New Horizons is a front for recruiting spies? And how about its evidence-free calumnies directed at Marzieh Hashemi?

Spoiler: E. Michael Jones was so impressed by the New Horizons Hollywoodism conference that he started calling Tehran “the capital of the free world.” Why would a leading conservative Catholic intellectual be so impressed by Iran’s atmosphere of intellectual freedom in general, and the New Horizons NGO in particular? Could it be that the people leading the witch-hunt against New Horizons are terrified that Americans like E. Michael Jones will change their views of Iran after interacting with the Iranian NGO? Is the intellectual freedom available in Tehran a threat to the censorship-ridden American police state?

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: American Military, Iran 
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