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Trump Campaign Activist Rolf Lindgren Debates “No Fan of Republicans” John Hankey
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Wisconsin-based Trump campaign operative Rolf Lindgren, debates conspiracy filmmaker John Hankey on the 2020 presidential elections. Will Wisconsin “swing” to Trump and help keep the orange archfiend in the White House? It will if Rolf can help it! A former Libertarian activist, Rolf now works with the Wisconsin Republican Party on the Trump for President campaign.

As for John Hankey, he has little use for Trump, having gone so far as to accuse our fearless leader of signing off on the COVID-19 strike on China and Iran and then getting vaccinated in November at Bethesda Naval Hospital. (That hypothesis took a hit from the recent news that Trump has allegedly contacted COVID.) Yet from Hankey’s perspective Trump is a lesser evil compared to other Republicans. Hankey writes:

“I DO think Trump wanted to end the war in Afghanistan (as Obama did) but they wouldn’t let him (though they probably didn’t threaten to kill him, as they did to Obama…) I do think that Trump/Bannon takes the position, on the right, that you don’t have to kill soldiers, to loot the treasury using the defense budget. You just loot. No war necessary. So we can agree that Trump is a million times better than a Bush or a Romney or anyone else from that cabal. Bannon sold the Republican rulers on the idea that if Romney lost by 8 million votes to a guy whose middle name is Hussein, you had to get a candidate who could imply that Bush did 9-11: Trump, if you wanted people to vote for a Republican. I think I’d rather talk about that stuff, than this virus bs.”

Interestingly enough, Lindgren and Hankey agree that COVID-19 was made in a lab under the direction of the Western power elite, and that it was designed to solve the looming demographic problem of baby boomers living expensively and unproductively deep into retirement age.

John Hankey is the director of Dark Legacy, The Assassination of JFK Jr., and COVID-19 Inside Job.

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Trace says:

    Kevin: I heard you challenge your guest by asking what the US President was doing to protect the Acqsa Mosque. It caught my ear. Then I realized that your argument has the same logos as Sheldon Adelson uses to manipulate Trump. For Sheldon, as with you, it seems, the best test of the value of a president is what he does in Palestine. And I’m here to say – nah, that’s not right. The Pres should serve the citizens of the US and what’s best for them . . . us.

    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
  2. What MADE MEN get away with.

  3. @Trace

    I was responding to Rolf’s claim that Trump is fighting the New World Order.

    The end-game of the New World Order is to “rebuild” the Blood Sacrifice Temple in Jerusalem and install Moshiach there to rule the world. Trump, following Zionist orders, is supporting the New World Order agenda, not opposing it.

    • Replies: @red rose
  4. Hi Kevin, Forgive me if I overlooked it but I think that on your shows there’s a lack of discussion on the hydroxychloroquine treatment combined with zinc and AZT. John Hankey, if I understood him correctly in his video doc on COVID, seems to not think much about it. Dr. Meryl Nass was on one of your shows Kevin and she spoke well of its benefits when taken early. She refers to peer reviewed studies from website c19study. Not to mention the Lancet scandal over hydrox .. They had to retract their article where they were dismissing it after critics found flaws in report. Dr. Josh Mittledorf wrote about it and many others including Elizabeth Woodworth’s articles on GlobalResearch. Global Research’s news hour audio show with Michael Welch has done a recent 4 part show on COVID with various medical doctors (including Dr. Nass). Welch interviews Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi and he’s quite critical of a COVID vaccine and doesn’t think of COVID being much of a threat to the overall general population to the point of current lockdown measures. There’s also the report from last week from the three epidemiologists from Oxford, Stanford, and Harvard who announced their Barrington Declaration in favour of a much less restrictive lockdown so that much of the economy can run like normal. Many doctors it appears are continuing to sign-on. Including Doctors For Open Debate in Europe. Masking has critics including many medical professinals which Hankey doesn’t citeIncluding Canadian constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati and Canadian physicist Denis Rancourt. One doctor from recent audio interview on GR noted that about 100, 000 Americans would have lived if they had been treated with the hydroxy ..
    -Part 4:

    Part 3:

    Sent from Outlook

    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
  5. red rose says:
    @Kevin Barrett

    Kevin – your hatred for the president is very obvious from your articles on

    If you are fighting for peace in the Middle East and voted for Hillary in 2016, then you have no self-respect. As you are aware, the chaos across Northern Africa and in the Middle East, particularly in Libya and Syria is because of Hillary and the Obama admin.

    Do you think Joe Biden – who has been in the government for over 45 years – is not owned by the Zionists/AIPAC?

    Nothing will change in this country until we ban all lobbyists, especially AIPAC, and install TERM LIMITS in Congress.

    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
  6. @red rose

    Never in my life have I voted for a major party candidate, and I’m definitely not starting now! I wouldn’t vote for Trump, Hillary or Biden. Why do you think I like Biden?!

  7. @Michael Peng

    That is pretty much what Meryl Nass says in my latest show, which should be posted here soon.

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