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Tribute to Andre Vltchek: “West’s Sadistic Personality Disorder”
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One of the most vibrantly alive people I met, André Vltchek, just died. Though he barely made it past his mid-fifties he got in a lot more living than a hundred average Americans who live to collect their pensions. Allah yarhamhu.

In honor of this great Truth Jihadi we’re replaying this 2018 interview:

André Vltchek on West’s sadistic personality disorder (originally broadcast May 2, 2018)

The West claims to be the “free world”—the global leader in human rights, humanitarianism, and free expression. Globetrotting independent journalist André Vltchek, who joins us from Borneo, isn’t buying it. His latest essay begins:

Western culture is clearly obsessed with rules, guilt, submissiveness and punishment.

By now it is clear that the West is the least free society on Earth. In North America and Europe, almost everyone is under constant scrutiny: people are spied on, observed, their personal information is being continually extracted, and the surveillance cameras are used indiscriminately.

Life is synchronized and managed. There are hardly any surprises.

One can sleep with whomever he or she wishes (as long as it is done within the ‘allowed protocol’). Homosexuality and bisexuality are allowed. But that is about all; that is how far ‘freedom’ usually stretches.

Rebellion is not only discouraged, it is fought against, brutally. For the tiniest misdemeanors or errors, people end up behind bars. As a result, the U.S. has more prisoners per capita than any other country on Earth, except the Seychelles.

Andre Vltchek’s latest book is : The Great October Socialist Revolution: Impact on the World and Birth of Internationalism

Information on his other books and films

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy 
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  1. Can’t wait for the hippocrats on here to start jumping on him.

    He criticized a lot of people, so the suspects are legion.

  2. SteveK9 says:

    His death has been labeled ‘suspicious’ by Turkish authorities. Very sad.

  3. Andre Vltchek was in poor health for quite some time based on his reporting on 21stCenturyWire. He had developed an eye infection that blinded him in one eye during the height of the covid lockdowns. I think that he was in Malaysia at the time. He was also a diabetic. WaPo said that he was paralyzed in one leg, but did not say how long he had been paralyzed for, neithe did other sources that I had read.

    Andre was kind of like a more rebellious version of Anthony Bourdain who also died mysteriously and visted Iran and after that visit became increasingly sympathetic to the Iranians as well as critical of the Zionist regime.

    It was mysterious how it was that Andre was able to support himself financially and travel the world without any solid foundation or roots. It is a very fast paced and dangerous life style in an increasingly dangerous world. I had suspected that Andre worked for the CIA because I do not undertstand who would have financed such a lifestyle, knowing that Andre was not from a wealthy family with an enormous inheritance that could explain such a lifestyle, or a large corporate employer which was the case with Bourdain.

    I would imagine that the CIA offering to finance world travel of a starving artist from a humble background would be a tempting offer for some, particularly the way that they lie and manipulate people.

    I suspect that they have been attempting to get me to join them in order to shut me up. Vault 7 technology is being used on me and DEWs, and illegal surgery, and repeated breakins, theft, vandalism, spying with gas lighting, and stalking. I refuse to be a part of it. They have destroyed my life, so why in the hell would I want to associate with or work for the psychopaths that have destroyed not only my life, but much of the world? I wouldn’t!!!

    Andrea Iravani

  4. Andre taunted rightwing elites and illness – with a passion. I guess one of them caught up.

    Living hard seems like a death-wish, maybe it was. Staring at darkness messes people up and he traveled again and again into the hearts of darkness across the planet because he wanted to be a modern Wilfred Burchett. He was one of the greats. My condolences to his family and friends.

    Peace to Stephen Cohen too. You both will be missed.

    • Agree: Robert Konrad
  5. I am shocked: I had no idea he had so many medical problems. To me, he was a rare hero: a truly independent, fearless journalist. Oh man, what a loss! One is left speechless.

  6. Murdering a guy with medical problems really makes it easy.

  7. André Vltchek was not an intellectual heavyweight. What is fascinating about his life-story is how and who financed. That should be easy for insiders to fish out, and insiders there be.

    As to my humble opinion, Chomsky was neither. From all angles, his pre-fabricated prestige, his in-group attitudes, his encrusted prestance, pettiness, pedantry, always within convention, his factoid approach, the channels of communication, the lack of any systemic approach, his “good guys bad guys” copper´ approach, did not warrant the few hours listening in on his tune and omni-presence. His numb personality, contrary to the combative Vltchek is noted as a minor.

    Some “intellectuals” have half a page of original content in them over the course of a life-time (not the same as career (n´est ce pas Pinker?)), most have none. “History repeat itself”, …through the bull-horns of public intellectuals. They both practiced a sort of journalism that is superficial (accent on the superficial) agenda driven.

    They both are within the K. B. range.

    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
  8. @PetrOldSack

    André’s gift was not for abstract logic or philosophizing. Unlike most intellectuals, who live on a plane of abstraction that blinds them to what is going on in front of their noses, André could see and feel concrete realities, and convey them in words and images. His reports about what is really going on here on earth are worth a million erudite tomes.

    Like Linh Dinh, André was a global nomad with a gift for conveying what he saw and felt. Though not as good a writer as Linh (who is?) I think André’s view of things was more accurate. André’s guiding perception was that the world we have created for ourselves could be vastly better than it actually is. He hated those who have made it so bad and are making it worse, and fervently sided with those trying to make it better.

    As for the question “who financed his travels”: If you are an even moderately well known alternative journalist, like Andre or Linh or yours truly, you couldn’t do it without a base of supporters, in which case it isn’t all that hard to find folks willing to cover basic travel costs if you are willing to sacrifice your health on the altar of jet lag.

    • Replies: @PetrOldSack
  9. Now I’m curious about the Seychelles.

  10. The interview,

    Thanks for showing the underbelly of middle class confusion incorporated. In this podcast, apparently the arguments of Kevin are not grasped on the intellectual level by Andre. Then he could be safe-guarding his sponsoring base. My take: rectal extraction is the way, intuitive feeling out the underground of spoken en written data, arguments, opinion. While listening, while reading, the only place of progress is between the lines. Andre surely has a sense of territory, but little of time-lines and layers of structured cross and parallel loyalties.

    To say it in a single sentence: Everything in the public domain is a lie. A poor one.

  11. @No Friend Of The Devil

    “I had suspected that Andre worked for the CIA because I do not undertstand who would have financed such a lifestyle …”

    If you don’t have any evidence, then go, hit the road, “Friend of the Devil.” And don’t come back. Clearly, this is not the only thing you don’t understand.

  12. Ko says:
    @No Friend Of The Devil

    If they wanted to “shut” you up, you’d be last person to know about it.

  13. @Kevin Barrett

    Thanks, Kevin, that about sums it up. Chomsky is sadly missing. Yes somebody as Vltchek was of use to the general public. Agreed that Linh is a far better writer, nobody points to decay and morbitity as Linh. And yes, his environment (Vltchek) probably sustained his (narrow) essentials.

    When talking about intellectuals, and spinning, spinning out nothings, evade core issues, elaborate into nothingness, Chomsky was a major intellectual. If half a page, he sure knew how to paste it out in a library of knitted factoids, the reverse he pretended at, being of value in shaping synthesis and worldview.

    • Replies: @Aristotle1
  14. @Robert Konrad,

    Ex-CIA John Kiriakou stated that the CIA was attempting to recruit just about anyone that they were able to starting in the sixties ranging from Hollywood actors/actresses, musicians, writers, journalists, artists, business people, just about anyone. Operation Mockingbird is still widely used even if it is no longer regerred to it as Operation Mockingbird.


    The CIA is obviously primarily filled with people well below average intelligence. If you have any doubt about that, you are not dealing with a full deck. The state of affairs proves it beyond a shadow of a doubt. There have been numerous murder attempts on my life including being hit by a bus that was stopped at a red light, and I crossed the street when the walk sign came on and the bus slammed on the gas peddle and rammed into me and flew me several feet in the air, leavng me with a concussion and passed out at the intersection of Water Street and Wisconsin Avenue in Milwaukee, then about a year or two later, I was driving up Kilbourne Avenue, and I had no stop sign and a
    woman that was stopped at a stop sign also slammed on the gas and rammed into the gas tank of my

    There have been other murder attempts against me as well. See deceased and ex-FBI Ted Gunderson on youtube who they slowly murdered by arsenic poinsoning.

    Andrea Iravani

    • Replies: @Jack Garbo
  15. Here is Andre Vltchek reporting a tragc tail of utter despair and hopelessness traveling around the world in 8 days at the height of the lockdown hysteria over the coronavirus in a world that has totally ceased functioning as a result of it clashing with health problems common to world travelers, in Andre’s case, parasitic infection contracted in Borneo. This was obviously far more serious than an eye infection and Andre also was suffering diabetic attacks and was telling everyone that he was sick. He chose not to see a doctor. I believe that he suspected that he was targeted for murder by the medical mafia, otherwise, he probably would have seen a physician. Andre was writing a book about Borneo.

    An exerpt from Andre Vltcheck on Borneo:

    “He talks big. He shuts up his critics. Journalists and activists are disappearing, or outrightly getting murdered. Laws muzzling any criticism are being introduced, gradually and consistently. Nobody dares to guess what may come next. New Order (“Ode Baru”) – the fascist pro-business regime of General Suharto, is being re-introduced.”

    “In this political climate; in a climate of fear, intimidation and corruption, the new capital city of Indonesia is expected to rise.”- Andre Vltcheck

    I believe that Andre Vltchek died from Gnathostomiasis and diabetic complications, whether it was a deliberate assassination is a mystery unlikely to be solved.
    Andrea Iravani

    • Replies: @Robert Konrad
    , @republic
  16. Dear Andre Vltchek,

    Rest in peace, my friend. You were a magnificent man, an extraordinary human being, a real hero. Not only Russia but the whole world should be proud of you. Here you are in your own words:

  17. @No Friend Of The Devil

    Thank you for your useful, informative post. I will make the most of it.

  18. André Vltchek (1962-2020) was the son of a Czech nuclear physicist father, and a Russian-Chinese artist-architect mother, born in Soviet-era St Petersburg (then Leningrad). He spent part of his childhood as well in the famous Czech beer city of Pilsen.

    Here, an article where Vltchek talked about his roots, and his nostalgia for life under Communism in eastern Europe

    Eulogy for André Vltchek by China expert Jeff J Brown

  19. Adûnâi says: • Website

    Western culture is clearly obsessed with rules, guilt, submissiveness and punishment.

    What culture is not? Every single population on Earth wants to survive, Westerners want non-Aryans to survive, but the mechanism is always the same. The Stasi, the Gestapo, the CIA, the KGB – they all breathed air, and they all tortured dissenters. Turkey was almost overthrown in 2016. The Shah of Iran was, as were Hosni Mubarak and Gaddafi in Egypt and Libya. Bashar is facing quite a lot of criticism for being free – that critique comes in the form of bombs and jihadi freedom fighters. The Saudi Prince is wise for strangling and beheading Khashoggi. The USSR disintegrated after they had shut down the GULAG.

    As a result, the U.S. has more prisoners per capita than any other country on Earth, except the Seychelles.

    In 2012, the U.S. Committee for Human Rights in [the DPR of Korea] estimated 150,000 to 200,000 are incarcerated, based on testimonies of defectors from the state police bureau, which roughly equals 600–800 people incarcerated per 100,000.

    The World Prison Brief puts the United States’ incarceration rate at 655 per 100,000.

  20. @PetrOldSack

    What do you think about Chomsky’s “Manufacturing Consent”?

    • Replies: @PetrOldSack
  21. Anon[790] • Disclaimer says:

    Okay. If the West is the least free society on the planet, why the heck do all these third-world people keep trying to move there? It is plain that Vltchek’s thinking flunks the real-world reality test.

    The reality is, the rest of the world is worse off than the West, or people wouldn’t keep trying to leave the third world for the West.

    • Replies: @Robert Konrad
    , @obwandiyag
  22. @Anon

    Who told you the people in general are wise? Maybe they move to America because they are stupid. Maybe they move to America because they just want to make money, the only real passion they have (which is evidence of how stupid they are).

    Do you really think that most of these people moving to America do so because they love “the First Amendment” and because they really would like freedom of speech? Or because they would like freedom of–and from–religion? No, they are usually too stupid to try to be intellectually free. No, they move to America because they want to have freedom of their stupid religious beliefs, not freedom from religion. They still don’t know that freedom of religion is not worth anything if it also doesn’t guarantee freedom from religion.

    Thomas Jefferson tried very hard to explain this to them, but Yankee morons have never learned what Jefferson tried to teach them. (With some notable exceptions, though, who, however, have absolutely no political power.)

    Vltchek is/was right: American/Western civilization [sic] (siphilization, rather) is bankrupt and inhuman. It can only offer an abundance of material goods and military weapons as if the only goals of human life were material things and warfare.

  23. @No Friend Of The Devil

    I’d guess your psychiatrists have hired a hitman because you’re not paying your bills.

  24. @Anon

    You’ll notice the French aren’t “trying to move” to the US. Nor the Swedes. Nor the New Zealanders. And Mexicans, well, half of it is their country.

    • Troll: GeneralRipper
  25. @I,Libertine,


    Thank you so much for your typically American humanitarian gesture of concern. Really moved by your kindness and good nature that is so typical of Americans. What ever would we do without people like you? I would love to find out.

    Andrea Iravani

  26. Andre seemed so positive and optimistic in his writings, and that is what most appealed to me, rather than what he was writing. Although he was reporting on depressing topics, he seemed to believe that there was an answer and that revolution was just around the corner. But it looks as if the Covid global lockdowns threw him into a severe depression, shattering all the hopes he may have had of the people of the world rising against their rulers, even provoking a writer’s block. The realisation to what extent the global population could be so easily controlled, manipulated, and unquestioningly placed under house arrest at a moment’s notice, and even the few freedoms and liberties rescinded with nary a protest, must have been the greatest shock of his life (but then wasn’t it so for everybody?), and must have made all those other goals and aims he was hoping for seem evermore unattainable. Unless he was outright murdered, which is a possibility, then I guess despair at the prison planet he witnessed unravel in front of him with all these billions of inmates voluntarily giving up their freedoms instead of becoming the rebels and revolutionaries he expected must have sapped his life force. You could say Covid interfered with his plans, but is has done that to many others in other walks of life. Sure he wasn’t an armchair intellectual but more a man of action type. RIP.

  27. @No Friend Of The Devil

    Alex Constantine seems to have been a victim of similar CIA attacks. But then he wrote books exposing them

    What did you do to attract their attention?

  28. @No Friend Of The Devil

    You’re probably one of the people furthest from an easy diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia that comments on these articles. And yet you should probably look into it. The oppressive forces out to recruit you are your own unconscious, but you may need medical attention to allow you the breathing room to realise that.

  29. republic says:
    @No Friend Of The Devil

    That article from 21st century wire was very good

  30. Intitially, after discovering that the MIlwaukee Police Department was involved in a human trafficking cover-up, after reporting this to higher and higher authorities and then eventually to the CIA in 1986 would have probably been the start of it, as a guess, which I then discovered that it went all the way up to the U.S. Treasury in 2017 after discovering on their website under a link for small businesses, which I clicked on wondering why there was a small business link on the Treasury website, then found a document with Jack Lew’s and Loretta Lynch’s signatures on it for minority women small business owners that did business in foreign countries that permited forced child labor, child labor, and forced adult labor and was seeking contracts for oil, gold, and other natural resources, then I called the White House and was posting it everywhere that I could and on Zero Hedge and Fox News, and nobody reported it, and the White House asked me to e-mail the President with the link, which I did, then it was removed from the website, but the link was still active, so I called and e-mailed the White House again to let them know, then vault 7 technology started being used on me with them hacking everything and using DEWs on me. 

    It was right on the Treasury website! If someone placed it there as a leak which was not supposed to be known to the public, I have no way of knowing, but it pretty much seems that way.

    So, I believe that they want to murder me, and if that happens to entail getting me to join them as a way, it seems to be the case, based on my life which the psychopaths that are insinuating that I am crazy would know absolutely nothing about, unless they are illegally spying on me and know that everything that I am saying is 100% true and correct and would like people to believe that I am crazy because it makes them all look like shit for being exposed as the evil scum bags and complete frauds that they are, but there is no denying it now, after 9/11 controlled demolition, the 7 false flag wars that ensued, the loss of liberty, the looting of the treasury, and the high crimes, the covid fraud, the lockdown fraud, the continued looting, and on, and on, and on.

    They have no way out! 

    • Thanks: Commentator Mike
  31. @Aristotle1

    Noticed this comment late, of course what he states in the book is right. The problem with Chomsky is that he himself is steeped in convention, it turns a strong stomach to hear the introductions to the interviews with his. He, as a strategy, hangs on to factoids, and strays away over decades of suggesting anything further then “solutions” but within the same conventions he denounces. Admittedly all others with a paycheck, salary, tenure, sponsoring do. Chris Hedges as an example. Let´s say Chomsky is the precursor impersonated. The tactics to his strategy are fine-tuned over a career, again that is probably his merit, being an example to other Pinker´s.

    …That said, the man is at the end of it, and we should not be too harsh on his daughter.

    • Replies: @Aristotle1
  32. @PetrOldSack

    Well I remember David Horowitz’s argument against Chomsky which is actually pretty good (though from his biased persepective). Chomsky goes on about how bad the United States is whilst completely ignoring the “other side” of the conflict, i.e. the Soviet Union. The picture produced is therefore heavily distorted.

    Now it is clear that you can bite off more than you can chew and perhaps rather that trying to solve the ills of the world you should try to solve the ills of your country within it.

    Nevertheless, there is something about Chomsky’s “idealism” which is disturbing. He is trying to attack and break down the US whilst not criticising the Soviet Union. He also doesn’t recognise that the same sort of “intellectuals” and “social engineers” are responsible for the same crap in both empires. All in all, it’s tricky. He’s done some good work – on US imperialism, Darwinism and media control as examples – but he does deliberately seem to fall short in his criticism.

  33. New listener here, I liked the screaming match! very honest and raw

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