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Tony Hall and Matt Ehret Debate “Canadian Patriotism”
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Matthew Ehret of encounters another Canadian patriot, Anthony Hall, professor emeritus of Globalization Studies at the University of Lethbridge, author of The American Empire and the Fourth World: The Bowl With One Spoon, Part One and Earth into Property: Colonization, Decolonization and Capitalism. As it turns out, their respective approaches to Canadian patriotism are quite different! “Two Canadian patriots, three opinions.” And you thought Canadians were always ridiculously polite!

Matt Ehret writes:
Here are two pieces on Canadian History from my Untold History of Canada series which I published this week which you guys may enjoy.
1- Tomorrow’s Arctic: Theatre of War or Cooperation? The Real Story Behind the Alaska Purchase
2- Today’s Multi Polar Alliance and the Missed Chance of 1867

And for the 20th century, my two part Origins of the Deep State in North America report is fun, though a bit long so obviously I don’t expect you guys read this anytime soon… but now you have links to them:
Part 1: The Round Table Movement (1865-1940)
Part 2: Milner’s Perversion Takes Over Canada

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Canada, Nationalism 
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  1. TRM says:

    Always be proud of what your little subset of humanity has accomplished NOT at the expense of others. That is an important point. NOT at the expense of others.

    So what makes this Canuck proud? Insulin, basketball and Oscar Peterson. A drug that keeps millions alive, a sport that hundreds of millions enjoy playing and watching and one of the all time great jazz pianists. Not bad for such a small group.

    Of course I have absolutely nothing in common with any of those 3 other than a loose tribal affiliation yet it makes me proud that they came from the same neck of the woods as me.

    So what have your countrymen (and women) done that makes you proud? Again, NOT at the expense of others.


  2. I have not listened to the podcast, but I got most of the way through “Tomorrow`s Arctic”, and it is clear that Matt Ehret read different history than I did. The British “colonies” of Canada had been discussing amalgamation, off and on, for more than 20 years before the War between the States broke out. During the 1860s, US based Fenian raids, which Lincoln ignored, caused considerable problems in Canada. It was seen as another start to an American invasion, that was repelled in 1812-1814. By 1864, consensus had been reached on amalgamation, and the details ironed out over the next year. The legislation granting the new country, on the basis of the consensus of the provinces was passed, by the UK Parliament and the country officially came into being in 1867. The intent was always to include British Columbia at a later time. There was no desperation on Britain`s part. Britain did not buy the HBC land, the government of Canada did, and did so because a transcontinental railway was the price BC demanded. BC, up until the race replacement immigration programme started in Canada almost 50 years ago, was always the most “British” of Canadian provinces, by far. There was never any serious popular support for joining the US voluntarily.
    As an aside, the HBC had no problem selling the land. Unlike the British East India Company, it had no army. The US had already, through the Louisiana Purchase, bought land from France that included HBC lands, but the HBC had no way of enforcing its claim. That would also apply to parts of Montana and Idaho. The Canadian Government was in a better position to uphold the claims established by the 1818 treaty establishing the 49th parallel as the boundary.

    I am also somewhat familiar with Dr. Hall`s work. He is another historian that floats the narrative that millions of Indians were intentionally killed by the Canadian government.

    Quite frankly, from what I see, neither are Canadian patriots.

    • Replies: @Tony Hall
    , @Tony Hall
  3. PM Trudeau’s pretend concern for Palestinians isn’t fooling anyone.

    He wants to be seen to be ‘standing up to Israel’ to better Canada’s chance to get a seat on the UN security council.

    If Canada were to take the security council role it would cuck and shill for the Jewish ethno-state like nobody’s business, because the Zionist machine is firmly in control of Canada’s foreign policies. Trudeau is a puppet on a short leash.

    • Agree: Tony Hall, anonymous1963
  4. Derer says:

    A country used to be defined by the ethnicity, language and religion. Non of these apply to Canada so “Canadian patriotism” is a metaphysical concept. Governing elite keep celebrating multiculturalism without defining a single benefit of this disastrous phenomenon. Ask the inhabitants of Balkan or Northern Ireland or Palestine or even present Europe, USA. Multiculturalism is historically characterized by bloody conflicts that are usually final stages of brewing squabbles – present USA mayhem.

    In Canada the uncontrolled influx of different cultures from Asians will results in major conflicts. For example, Chinese immigrants refuse to adopt and speak the two official languages. Vancouver is becoming Vankong, one can hardly hear official language spoken on the street. Those that are responsible for leaving this dilemma for the present generations are dead or dying out.

    • Replies: @anonymous1963
  5. Tony Hall says:

    TRM. So you think you are “somewhat familiar” with my work and that I am

    another historian that floats the narrative that millions of Indians were intentionally killed by the Canadian government.

    You explain you did not take the time to listen to the exchange before commenting. Please don’t paint me with the same brush as Mathew Erhet. Actually I agree with some of your comments on Erhet’s work. The geographic outlines between “Rupert’s Land” and “Louisiana” as it was conceived in 1803 were indeed overlapping.

    Mathew is attempting to apply the insights he has gained from his study of Lyndon Larouche to Canadian history, a project that strikes me as odd. He takes on Larouche’s rather intense hate on for all things associated with the British Empire and the City of London. My approach, you would find, is very different.

    What makes you think you are “somewhat familiar” with my work. What exactly have you read? If you have any interest in understanding something before you just say the first comment that happens to come into you mind, check out The America Empire and the Fourth World, and Earth into Property, a project published by McGill-University Press that took me 15 years to write. Earth into Property was chosen by the The Independent in UK as one of the best English-language books in the field of history in 2010.

    You’ve taken the first step TRM. It would be very nice to see you move from dipping your toe into the water towards plunging into some deeper literary explorations of Canadian history.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  6. Tony Hall says:

    TRM. So you think you are “somewhat familiar” with my work and that I am

    another historian that floats the narrative that millions of Indians were intentionally killed by the Canadian government.

    You explain you did not take the time to listen to the exchange before commenting. Please don’t paint me with the same brush as Mathew Erhet. Actually I agree with some of your comments on Erhet’s work. The geographic overlap between “Rupert’s Land” and “Louisiana” as it was conceived in 1803 were indeed quite marked.

    Mathew is attempting to apply the insights he has gained from his study of Lyndon Larouche to Canadian history, a project that strikes me as odd. He takes on Larouche’s rather intense hate on for all things associated with the British Empire and the City of London. My approach, you would find, is very different.

    What makes you think you are “somewhat familiar” with my work. What exactly have you read? If you have any interest in understanding something before you just say the first comment that happens to come into you mind, check out The America Empire and the Fourth World, and Earth into Property, a project published by McGill-University Press that took me 15 years to write. Earth into Property was chosen by the The Independent in UK as one of the best English-language books in the field of history in 2010.

    You’ve taken the first step TRM. It would be very nice to see you move from dipping your toe into the water towards plunging into some deeper literary explorations of Canadian history.

  7. Loved your two books Tony. I read 3/4’s of your two books. I’ve found it odd for years how the Larouche bunch repeat the rhetoric of British dominance in global affairs while avoiding Jewish power. In 2020, Jewish power is more dominant over USA affairs than any religious, ethnic, racial…group.. Kind regards Tony, Michael Pengue

    • Replies: @Tony Hall
  8. @Derer

    Non-whites were less then one percent of Canada’s population in 1961.

  9. Tony Hall says:
    @Michael Peng

    Hey Michael. Great to connect here after so much time. What excellent events and conviviality we all enjoyed when Montreal 9/11 truth was such a dynamic draw for us to meet up and do things together. As for the Larouche bunch, well Lyndon Larouche himself I believe often went head to head with ADL on many issues. The Executive Intelligence Review (EIR) was often following the money and did not shy away from identifying the lobby’s activities. The editor of, and frequent contributor to, EIR, Anton Chaitken, who was Jewish himself, didn’t shy away from close observance of the activities of the various Jewish lobbies. I used EIR quite a bit in my long essay on Barrick Gold.

    But for some reason the disciples of Larouche do seem shy of dealing with the subject of Jewish power, including, I noticed, Matthew Erhet. For some reason the Larouchites really concentrated on recruiting, public education and such in Montreal. Are they still active in this way? I haven’t seen that in any other Canadian city. Webster Tarplay was a Larouchite. I’m not sure if he still is. But he would argue vehemently against anyone who would argue for an Israel connection to 9/11. He would hold up his book, Synthetic Terror, and read the subtitle Made in the USA.

    How is Ken? Patrick? Tell them I said hello. A Montreal 9/11 Truth reunion? E-Mail me please Michael at [email protected].

  10. Yes. I recall vividly when I had Webster Tarpley speak in Montreal in 20o7. He was big on the British power while avoiding, as Gilad Atzmon rightfully says, Jewish power is in the open(in our face) but too many are afraid to talk about it, including the Larouche people. Interesting as you write that the Larouche people have been very active in Montreal . More than any other Canadian city. Some say that Montreal is a key espionage region. The UN’s IATA is here. The illicit activity going with the two big ethnic groups of Jews and Italians here, the port of Montreal. Remember the the assassination of Banco Ambrosiano head Roberto Calvi? Well his son and wife later moved to Montreal while investigations went-on in Italy. The Israeli spy Ari Ben-Menashe had his Montreal home fire bombed in 2012. Quebec investigative journalist Mauruce Phillips wrote a book in regards to the Montreal connection to the JFK assassination. Book title De Dallas à Montréal. Phillips reveals figures like Bloomfield and Bronfman of Montreal. Quebec community radio host Benoit Perron often covered the shadowy world of covert ops, espionage, finance ,illicit activity in Montreal on his shows and periodic lectures . He suddenly died in his 50’s of heart failure a few years ago. James Earl Ray(MLK Jr. ”assassin”) fled to Montreal after escape from Missouri state penitentiary I wonder if the Larouche people are also a tool of the Mossad to , in part, deflect attention from Jewish power in Montreal, Canada and the globe. Ken’s mom compared British imperialism to American imperialism as follows: Gandhi kicked-out the British with a walking stick. On the other hand the Americans would have torched the place

  11. Tony, in addition I just bought myself Graham Hancock’s ”America Before: The Key to Earth’s Lost Civilization.”; Great addition to expand further from what I learned in your two books. The Americas appear to be much older and fascinating. It wasn’t just Greece: Archaeologists find early democratic societies in the Americas.

  12. In the description to the Radio show above, there are four links to some major historical discoveries I made over the course of several years of research. I would recommend actually reading them and discussing their content rather than not reading them and simply brushing off my work and research simply because “I like LaRouche”, or because I think that British Intelligence is more of a causal hand in world affairs than the zionists. The two most important of the links above are entitled Origins of the Deep State parts one and two. They are chapters of a larger 4 volume series of books and I made them freely available for people to discuss the content. I understand that Mr. Hall doesn’t like it when people characterize him without actually studying his work, and I must say that I also find it distasteful… especially when an esteemed colleague like Anthony Hall does it.

    On the issue of the zionists, ADL, Bnai Brth, Mossad etc, I laid out my view of them here:
    Chaitkin, whom Anthony Hall points to as a great researcher produced a class on this topic which I found very persuasive but he also proved in dozens of writings how the Bnai Brth was itself a British Freemasonic operation. Louis Mortimer Bloomfield’s Permindex assassination bureau in Montreal is something I’ve written extensively about (and it is linked directly to the Montreal confederacy assassination bureau of 1865 that carried out Lincoln’s murder under the watch of arch Bnai Brth freemasonic sociopath Judah Benjamin (the Southern Confederacy’s Secretary of State who lived out his days in Britain as a barister after Britain’s failure to break up the Union during the Civil War. I tell that story in the link below the radio program above entitled “the Missed Chance of 1867”. Its a 12 minute read. Try it out. While Bloomfield was a big promoter of zionism along with his Bronfman cohorts in Montreal during the 1940s-1960s, he was first and foremost an asset of British intelligence and protege of Sir William Stephenson (Intrepid) who set up Camp X in Ottawa during WWII as an early black ops control point which Bloomfield played a major role in. The point I’m trying to make (and Chaitkin does quite well in his 1993 class is that the Zionists and jewish bankers are a problem but not themselves a causal nexus. Placing them into a causal nexus is a slight of hand that blinds the victim who does that to the actual causal role of the British oligarchy and their religious-like committment to the ideology of global depopulation and the destruction of those creative/cultural powers of the mind that give birth to upshifts in the qualitative and quantitative nature of the human species.

    • Replies: @Tony Hall
  13. @Tony Hall

    I’ve read a number of your articles, which presume genocide. I am acquainted with a few people who attended the live in residential schools, and they said it was the best thing that happened to them. They came from dysfunctional families or were orphans. In high school, my locker mate was a Cree from a remote Northern Manitoba reserve. He lived in the residence on Academy Road that was about a mile from the school. He was a very troubled teen that I tried to convince, unsuccessfully, to stay in school. Residential schools weren’t perfect, but in context, only the wealthy sent their children to residential schools. Many children in rural Manitoba had less access to education, residential or otherwise.
    I took History courses while at the University of Manitoba 50 years ago. Some of that work involved reading the differences between what actually happened in Quebec during the 1838 rebellion as opposed to the glossed over version in history books in general, and compare that to what happened in Ontario. In the 80’s I took an interesting course on Labour history taught by Nolan Reilly, who, as you may know is a proponent of oral history. Oral history often differs from written history, but like all history, is subject to interpretation.

    • Replies: @Tony Hall
  14. Tony Hall says:

    Thanks Curmudgeon.

    My most recent peer-reviewed article in Genocide Studies International does make the point that Canada’s imposition of mandatory education for registered Indians in Christian residential schools after 1948 does obviously fulfill the terms of the Article 2 (e) of the Genocide Convention.

    Article II

    In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

    a.Killing members of the group;
    b.Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
    c.Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
    d.Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
    e. Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

    I was pushed into the whole question of what is “genocide” and what is “Holocaust” by B’nai Brith Canada. With B’nai Brith Canada as the chief assailant, I experienced the brunt of an effort by the Israel Lobby to shut down free and open debate on a broad array of issues. The assault on academic freedom at many universities in many countries including USA and Canada has a well developed history in my own country. The Israel Lobby in Canada seeks to exploit the criminal law as a means of pushing its own propaganda into a monopolistic position across large swaths of the curriculum of higher learning.

    B’nai Brith and related agencies enjoy the status as “charities” in Canadian tax law. They enjoy, therefore, a federal subsidy that backs their longstanding and many-faceted assault on the conditions of academic freedom. Finding myself targeted in one of their campaigns, I was drawn to explore the implications of various definitions of genocide and holocaust.

    I have asked, for instance, is there one Holocaust above all others, or are there many? Are Palestinians the subject of an intergenerational Holocaust? How is it that many Palestinians are being formally removed by the Israeli government at this very moment from all protections of international law? How is it that occupied Palestinians in their own Aboriginal territories on the West Bank of the Jordan River are being rendered “subjects” of Israeli law. These “subjects” are being terrorized; they are being subjected to a 24/7 regime of military repression without even the safeguard of formal outside monitoring by the international community.

    In my view the intergenerational treatment throughout the Western Hemisphere of Indigenous peoples since 1492 surely fulfills the definition of genocide. There is no explicit definition in law of “Holocaust” but if its going to be applied in one situation it raises the question of whether its a singular or multi-faceted concept applicable to different peoples in different contexts of time and place. How many Holocaust museums are devoted to the looking at the intergenerational genocide of Indigenous peoples throughout the Western Hemisphere or in, say, Australia?

    One of the least genocidal phases of the history of the imperial, national and corporate colonizations of Indigenous peoples in the Western Hemisphere is the period when the fur trade prevailed over lands in the process of becoming Canada in its various incarnations. The fur trade was integral to the genesis of the Royal Proclamation of 1763, a constitutional instrument in sharp contradistinction to the Declaration of Independence. In his American Manifesto of July 4, 1776, the US founders accused King George III of “bringing on the merciless Indian savages whose known rule of warfare is undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes and conditions.”

    This exclusion of Indians from the nationality of “life liberty and the pursuit of happiness” and the recognition of all men as “equals” established a pattern that continues to this day. That pattern leads to the the US demonization of a stream of enemies, most recently the Muslim targets of the “Global War on Terror.” The archetype of this ongoing “war” against “terrorism” is to be found in the Declaration of Independence. There is an obvious equivalency between those defined in law as savages and those defined in law as terrorists.

    Unlike Matthew Erhet, I look to Canada ‘s constitutional inheritance from the British Empire as a sound basis for the development of Canada as a more sovereign and independent and benevolent national identity. Maybe I can influence Matthew to move in this direction if he ever gets the time to check out my big books. Meanwhile I’ve been dipping into his essays on the net here and there and learning some things that are new to me. Thanks Curmudgeon for taking the time to comment and for helping me appreciate your considerable depth of background in the study of Canadian history.

    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
    , @Curmudgeon
  15. British imperialism began a few centuries ago and was later taken over by the Americans. When this Jew or that Jew is labelled as a British agent,freemason spy or whatever under the sun by Larouche supporters I ‘m compelled to wonder what outspoken Jew Gilad Atzmon would say to this. Atzmon, in reference to Israel Shahak’s work on the Jewish religion and tribe said that his tribe has been playing power politics for 3000 yrs. I also read sometime ago by a Larouche writer that Hugo Chavez was a British stooge, or maybe the person making that accusation was a Mossad stooge !!!

  16. @Tony Hall

    Good points, Tony! Glad to see you could get your paper published in a refereed journal. I wrote an introduction (including a critique of big-H Holocaust orthodoxy) for Gideon Polya’s new book US-Imposed Post-9/11 Muslim Holocaust & Muslim Genocide that would be “academically unpublishable” except maybe in Iran:

  17. Canada is a pitiful british colony in service to the Pentagon at home and abroad.

  18. Anonymous[885] • Disclaimer says:

    Anglo Canadians have a distinctly more English character in my experience than white Americans do. I also don’t find Canadian and American accents particularly similar, I can usually tell a Canadian accent easily. Mainly because the pronunciation and intonation of Canadian English is somewhat closer to British English than American English is.

    I think the idea that the Canadian accent is basically identical to the “General American” accent comes from the fact that Canadian media personalities in the US usually adopt a General American accent, and also because Vancouver and Toronto have become significantly Americanised, and have had a significant influx of Americans over the decades, so the accents there are closer to General American than a pure Canadian accent.

  19. @Tony Hall

    OK, now that I understand your starting point, I will concede that, based on the UN definition, there has been a genocide. Your points on what constitutes a Holocaust” and Palestine are entirely accurate. However, I would go one further. Based on the same UN definition, how many major events in the world’s history have


    constituted genocide? Wasn’t the forced spread of Islam genocide? The same can be said about the forced spread of Christianity. Were Roman invasions genocide? When the Maori invaded 800 years ago New Zealand and replaced the population living there, wasn’t that genocide? How about the Bantu (Mandela’s tribe) and Zulu massacres as they moved southward into the Khoi-San territory on the Cape about the same time the Boers were trading for land? How many genocides are in the Old Testament? The list of “genocides” is endless.

    I recall reading Thor Heyerdahl’s Kon-Tiki and Ra Expeditions, and was struck by his “contrarian” theories of the early migrations of people. Brad Steiger’s Worlds Before Our Own documenting out of place artifacts came between. We presume much, but actually “know” little. That also applies to North America. Only recently has the Smithsonian admitted that it “misplaced” things sent to it. Among those “things” are skeletons of giants, some with red hair, found in the upper Missouri Valley. Who are/were they? Were they genocided by the Asian invasion from the west? Recently, the documentary on the Solutrian Theory was deemed “racist” and insulting to the “First Nations”, except one of the “First Nations” the Hurons/Wyandot say their oral history tells of their ancestors coming from the East. DNA testing on pre-contact remains revealed ancient European DNA. Were those “First Nations” genocided by the Asian invaders?

    Coming into recent times, if the UN definition fits retroactively, does it not fit contemporaneously? Doesn’t the mass immigration of the last 50 years qualify for both the “First Nations” and the 95% of the Canadian population of 1970? Shouldn’t the Canadian government, at minimum, be seeking the approval of the “First Nations” for its Immigration Policy?

    Yes, the fur trade was important, and many “First Nations” Chiefs willingly gave up their women to be country wives or concubines to cement relations with the fur traders. However the 1763 Proclamation did not apply to privately owned land. Rightly or wrongly, the Hudson Bay Company owned more land than Canada at Confederation. Unlike the East India Company, HBC did not have an army defending its claims, which is why parts of their territory were ceded by Britain to the US. When the Government of Canada purchased the HBC land, it is inconceivable that they were interested in returning huge tracts of land to the “First Nations” including the Saulteaux and Ojibwa who were essentially chased out of what is now Ontario by other “First Nations” long after the “White Man” had arrived, and after the HBC took ownership in 1670.

    The problem as I see it, is that pretending that we know better than the people who were living at the time things were done, is dangerous. Part of that has come by way of judicial activism, which, thanks to our “new” Constitution has been massively politicized. I bear no ill will to the “First Nations”, but the reality is that invading tribes usually slaughtered most of the populations they invaded. Ötzi the Iceman is proof of that. His tribe’s DNA no longer exists. The “First Nations” in Canada were spared that fate by Whitey, and were more likely to be genocided by their own.

    • Replies: @Tony Hall
  20. Tony Hall says:

    Thanks Curmudgeon for sharing with us a very adventurous and thoughtful commentary on “genocide,” the term first coined by Raphael Lemkin in 1944 in his book, Axis Rule of Occupied Europe.

    I agree with you, Curmudgeon, that First Nations in Canada should have a formally allocated place at the table where Canadian immigration policy is formulated. I have written that in several places but of course scam artists like Justin Trudeau simply refuses to walk his talk when it comes to the core issues of Aboriginal self-determination in Canada. I anticipate Trudeau Jr. was pretty much socialized along the antifa line. We citizens, I expect, are about to have a particularly rough ride with his leadership in the weeks and months ahead. I expect Trudeau Junior will be with Dershowitz imagining himself empowered with a divine imperative to plunge the needle of submission into our arms. Justin is definitely for sale to the likes of Gates and Soros. I’d be happy to be proven wrong on this.

    The formal adoption of a UN definition of genocide has, I have observed over the years, given representatives of often small and overwhelmed Aboriginal groups throughout the world a formal legal footing to bring forward grievances against the folks dispossessing, disempowering and disentitling them. Of course a lot of pointless wheel spinning tends to take place but, nevertheless, having some coherence of conviction and action is better than having none at all.

    I have been stimulated to start contemplating the nonsensical term “Holocaust denial” since B’nai Brith Canada’s “League of Human Rights” Director, Amanda Hohmann, decided without doing any research of her own to hurl this molotov cocktail of a term at me. In 2016 B’nai Brith Canada’s CEO, Michael Mostyn, decided to give the green light to Ms. Hohmann and Ryan Bellerose, to go ahead with a professional guillotine drill gone live. Mostyn empowered Bellerose to hold forth on the CBC and other PR venues of the Israel Lobby to advance B’nai Brith’s smear campaign developed in close collaboration with the administration of the University of Lethbridge.

    Bellerose is an outspoken Metis man from Alberta who is such an extreme Zionist that he regularly attacks the human rights of Palestinians to advance his theory that Jewish immigrants from Europe and their descendants are the sole legitimate Indigenous people of Palestine/Israel. This well known bounty hunter was for a time hired by B’nai Brith Canada to attack me. Ryan Bellerose was quickly dropped from employment, however, when genuinely religious and conservative Jews in Israel started to mock the people at B’nai Brith Canada for lowering themselves to the level of the zany antics of the Metis Rent-A-Aboriginal.

    After the term, “Holocaust denial,” was thrust my way I, of course, began to think about this concept more deeply than I had before. The idea that it all comes down to a thumbs up or a thumbs down conclusion, a yes or a no, a black or a white but nothing in between…. all that is really stupid. My encounter with this intellectual and ethical depravity made me start noticing the bankruptcy of so many commentators inside and outside the academy and in agencies like the CBC. B’nai Brith’s resort to the linguistic absurdity made me aware of the widespread nature of the moral cowardice that currently prevails in Canada and most everywhere else these days.

    On the other hand, finding myself in the headlights of B’nai Brith Canada’s attack made me reflect on the fact that we in Canada have twice given genuine hearings to many core questions of historical interpretation concerning “THE Holocaust.”

    I am not aware that there has ever been as full a hearing on these core contentions from the era of of World War II, hearings involving the creation of full transcripts on competing interpretations, cross examination of experts and eye witnesses etc etc… the full treatment in terms of the British common law tradition. No longer are such procedures existent on controversial matters especially after the gross misrepresentation of the false flag terrorist events that took place on September, 11, 2001. The system has become so rigged that there is no capacity in our fake democracies for anything like the Ernst Zundel trials to happen again.

    As I recall it, the first time I ever heard the term, “holocaust” thrown around was in relationship to the possibility of a “Nuclear holocaust.” It was Deborah Lipstadt who basically thrust the issue into the realm of impoverished yes or no thinking with her book, Denying The Holocaust first published in 1993.

    Lipstadt’s substandard book was in significant measure a response to the trials in Toronto in 1985 and 1988. She was anonymously sponsored to write the book for a fee. The Toronto trials of Ernst Zundel constitute a very significant event in world history, in Jewish history and also in CANADIAN history.

    The detailed records of those court proceedings and the public debates generated by the Zundel trials constitute a vital chapter of Canadian history. Everyone but especially Canadians have an inherent right to study and discuss and debate the substance and context of these trials. Paid agents of the Israel Lobby like Bernie Farber should not be allowed to intimidate us into thinking there is only one acceptable interpretation of what transpired.

    Interestingly, Zundel once ran against Pierre Trudeau for the leadership of the Liberal Party in Canada. Zundel’s story is a very significant one in Canadian history, a history that must not be allowed to fall under the exclusive proprietary claims of any religious, national or ethnic group.

    • Replies: @Jon Baptist
  21. Thanks Tony. Your battle against our ZOG will be ignored by the MSM, but keep digging. As for Junior, forget Dershowitz, he’s been under Irwin Cotler’s spell for some time. I recall reading several years ago, (possibly in Ha’aretz online English edition) that Cotler, former leader of the Knesset within Parliament, was so popular in Israel that he could have been elected President. Ironically, Ha’aretz is more critical of the Israeli government than anything we see in North America.
    As for the Zundel trials, the incredible bias of the judges stands as testimony to how the system is manipulated to get the judge the prosecution wants. People forget the Lipstadt trial was about her defaming Irving beyond being a “denier”, and that Irving couldn’t find anyone competent to represent him, so he tried himself. I believe Robert Faurisson offered advice that he did not use. If I recall correctly, Faurisson’s preferred response to “denier” was to refer to those like Lipstadt as “promoter” and stick to his famous “show me, or draw for me, a Nazi gas chamber” for which he claimed never to have received a reply.
    Back to the Aboriginal issue for a second. Whether I agree with their grievances or not, old stock Canadians have, since John A., have had an understanding, often imperfect, of what our responsibilities are. That was developed over hundreds of years of contact. Our “new” Canadians during the last 40 years of mass immigration, do not have that understanding, and in the age of multiculturalism, don’t want to know about it, because they are focused on promoting their own political agenda. As bad as they think “Whitey” may be, they will be much worse off with the “new” Canadians.

  22. @Tony Hall

    the CBC and other PR venues of the Israel Lobby to advance B’nai Brith’s smear campaign

    Dr. Hall, the international-fraternal brotherhood that has no power whatsoever is at it again. They’re now playing the victim in Toronto while striking out at another professor.

    Faisal Bhabha, associate professor at York’s Osgoode Hall Law School, commented during an online forum that “Zionism isn’t about self-determination, it’s about Jewish supremacy.”

    What correctly proves Prof. Bhabha’s remark about Jewish supremacy is what happened after the event. The B’nai B’rith are going after Bhabha’s livelihood as a professor. Sounds familiar. The B’nai Brith continually provides proof of their extreme privileged status in Canada, and worldwide for that matter, because they have no reservations about attacking Bhabha while he made comments during an event initiated by Centre for Free Expression and co-sponsored by Canadian Civil Liberties Association .
    June 23, 2020
    B’nai Brith Canada
    TORONTO – B’nai Brith Canada is calling on York University to ensure that a lecturer (Faisal Bhabha is an associate professor at York’s Osgoode Hall Law School) who smeared this country’s Jewish community during a recent online panel be disqualified from teaching a human-rights course.

    It’s no coincidence what is happening now. Keeping students ignorant is the key to a generational power reset.

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