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Thaddeus Kozinski: "Foucault Told the Truth"
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Prof. Thaddeus Kozinski says “Foucault Told the Truth.” Subhead: “About the Kingdom of Darkness.” The essay begins: “Michel Foucault was committed to the ‘truth’ that discourse is nothing but the surreptitiously coercive use of power, and the more hidden the power, the more effective the coercion. The power hiding behind claims to truth is so all-pervasive and effective that the very person who speaks and listens to discourse is itself its product and mouthpiece.”

Kozinski argues that Foucault’s words apply in spades to the scamdemic era: “2020 was the inauguration of the global institutionalization of the corruption of discourse, and the Plandemic was its inaugural event. Domestic terrorism by the government (shutting down businesses, imprisoning the healthy, imposing the wearing of oxygen-depleting masks, etc.) and the deliberate democide of the world’s population through a mandatory poison injection were successfully translated into the discourse of ‘public health.’ And in case there were still some leftover non-corrupted elements of discourse lying around, as well as to reinforce the mass corruption to irreversible levels, in 2022 they held the second inauguration in Ukraine, wherein supporting a literal Nazi genocide of Russian-speaking Ukrainians was successfully translated into ‘fighting for freedom.’ In the meantime, self-mutilation became gender-freedom, conditioning children to tolerate and even desire being molested, inclusive curriculum, and let’s not forget the less-recent transformation of child-murder into reproductive health and elderly-murder into death with dignity.”

Did the oligarchs who orchestrated the scamdemic read Foucault (alongside Orwell) as a how-to manual? Let’s ask Prof. Kozinski!

Note: The conversation references this Vanity Fair piece by James Pogue about the New Right.

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Conspiracy Theories, Foucault 
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  1. R2b says:

    Great conversation!
    How important it is, to have basic concepts.
    When there is no truth, result matters.
    You can build a world, on falsehood.
    Because when you’re there, a trail of bodies is your road.
    It is and will always be, one step at a time, and regret, confess your sins, and then go further.
    But this was all sold out, so there is no natural way, but to become hermits, monks, refusing artificial living.
    Or, as you americans should do, get together and form a basic party.

  2. WmBlake says:

    The pendulum is swinging back further than ever before in America and washing all the garbage off of the streets and out of the Kleptocracy masquerade.

    I refuse to write or say the United States of America because it is not now united in any form or fashion. Let God bless America again and forever.

  3. All power turns fascist.

    Only options are gangster fascism(what we have in the West under Jews) and humanist-fascism.

  4. Foucault was a pomo French faggot who died of bad meat in the can, and

    was never right about anything.

    he said nothing truthful about the actual owners of ZOGovernment and (((MSM))):

    the Jews.

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