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Rolf Lindgren on the Conspiracy to Turn Republicans Into Conspiracy Theorists; Joel Hirschhorn on "Data Manipulation Pushed Pandemic"
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First half hour: Republican Party activist Rolf Lindgren has been organizing well-attended meet-ups in Dane County, Wisconsin—and educating fellow party members about 9/11, the New World Order, the Great Reset, the USS Liberty, the Pearl Harbor “Day of Deceit,” and other controversial topics. Rolf says the Republicans have changed quite a bit since they witch-hunted me out of the University of Wisconsin in 2006 (for “corrupting the youth of Athens” with non-mainstream interpretations of 9/11). So…Is the mainstream media right about the Republican Party becoming the party of “conspiracy theorists”? And is that such a bad thing?

Final half hour: Ph.D. metallurgical engineer and venerable activist Joel Hirschhorn, author of a 9/11 Truth Manifesto, recently submitted an article to World Net Daily. Joel’s headline was “Data Manipulation Pushed Pandemic.” WND published it as “How 1 Big Lie from Fauci turned the world upside down.” Hirschhorn argues that Fauci, the CDC, and the mainstream media echo chamber deliberately confused COVID’s infection fatality rate (IFR) with the much higher case fatality rate (CFR). Hirschhorn quotes Fauci: “The seasonal flu that we deal with every year has a mortality of 0.1%,” whereas coronavirus is “10 times more lethal than the seasonal flu…The stated mortality overall of [the coronavirus] when you look at all the data including China is about 3%.”

Fauci’s math doesn’t add up. Worse, he seems to be intentionally confusing the CFR with the IFR. While the CFR—the percentage of people who die after being officially diagnosed—may indeed be somewhere in the neighborhood of 2% to 3%, there are a great many people (such as yours truly) who catch COVID but never get officially diagnosed. Meanwhile, almost all severely ill people do get diagnosed and become “cases.” That means that the actual mortality rate of COVID, the Infection Fatality Rate (IFR), is probably about one-tenth of the CFR, i.e. around or under .5%.

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Walker says:


    You make the claim that John (RIP) dies of covid and that you had covid in July. How do you know these things?

    There is NO WAY to know if someone “had covid” or “died of covid.” These are claims that are constantly made with no unequivocal evidence to support them.

    Maybe you say, a test came back positive. So what? What is the evidence that the test is accurate, or that it works at all?

    Maybe you say, the symptoms match those of covid. So what? The symptoms of covid are, for one, nebulous and wide-ranging. Furthermore, these wide-range of symptoms match many other other diseases including cold, flu, pneumonia, strep, various toxicities, etc.

    My point is that a central component of this psyop is to get people believing that when people get sick of anything that it must be covid. I reject this outright and assume NO ONE has covid until I am given solid supporting evidence for it, which I have yet to see.

    How grave an injustice to diagnose someone INCORRECTLY with covid when they could have had a number of other illnesses?

    There is no covid – a most obvious and trivial observation at this point.

    • Replies: @Jihadijew
    , @Kevin Barrett
    , @EH
  2. The left engages in this obvious ploy all the time. It’s easy to do when you have the so-called establishment media, ALL on your side. Their method is simple and I notice it all the time. They take a story whose outcome they don’t like and begin simply lying about the facts of the story and claiming it is just a conspiracy. How many examples can you think of without even trying too hard? People have always had the natural tendency to believe something someone tells them. Since most of us have a short memory, the left’s lies and control of the nation wide media, are even more effective. Most of the conspiracy stuff they site, was made up by them!! For example, they released a report on one of the leftist channels in Florida stating that hospitals were over flowing with corona virus patients. A woman doctor decided to check on this. She drove around a fifteen mile area checking the hospitals. Most looked like ghost towns, only the county hospital had a modicum of patients.

    • Replies: @Veteran Aryan
  3. @Dr. Charles Fhandrich

    It’s easy to do when you have the so-called establishment media, ALL on your side.

    I blame Merle Haggard. If he wasn’t such a coward, he would crawl out of his grave and lead the revolution.

  4. Suggest reading Claus Kohnlein, MD’s, book Virus Mania, where in he describes the multitude of virus hoaxes perpetrated by Big Pharma on the public: chickenpox, polio, HIV, Swine Flu, and on and on. There is no novel Corona Virus 19 other than the seasonal flu or cold which is also a corona virus.

    A statistician has requested verification from 104 labs and public health agencies in the world of whether they had evidence that the coronavirus 19 was sequenced and isolated? All the 104 responses were that there was no such evidence.

    What people are dying of is the same as happened during the Spanish Flu of 1918: medical malpractice and vaccines. In 1918 those who were sent to sanitariums for rest, sunlight, water, and fasting, all survived. But 60 million people died world wide of hospitalizations. Today, people are dying of fallacious PCR and antigen tests. Without those tests there is no coronavirus 19. There is an epidemic of testing, not virus.

    The urban myth of a virus leak from a lab in Wuhan China is a psy ops meant to make us believe the evil Chinese Communists unleashed a deadly virus on the world. Similarly, in 1918, pharmaceutical companies dubbed the so-called world wide epidemic the Spanish Flu to associate it with a superstitious Catholic country that was averse to vaccinations. The epidemic of 1918 started in Kansas as 1 million soldiers returned from WWI in a malnourished condition and were medically genocided to reduce population.

  5. Dumbo says:

    Whatever. The official data from Italy (who are now locked in some absurd Green Pass jail) shows that even until October 2021 the average age of death “with Covid” was 82 years old. 82 years old!

    And I say “with Covid” and not “from Covid” because, again according to official data, 95% out of those dead had other pathologies, so you can’t really say for sure what they died from.

    It’s all a freaking scam to a) make money with their demonic vaccines and b) create this new “Green Pass”control system, which will remain in place long after “Covid” is gone.

  6. Jihadijew says:

    Very reasonable point. The inventor of the PCR test, Kary Mullis a Noble Laureates for PCR, himself ridiculed the idea idea and he publicly challenged Fauci to debate. Of course Fauci has other big fish to fry. One can find his challenge to Fauci on youtube in fire chat.

    Three presidents in African countries who were against vaccination in their countries. All died of Covid, according to Western propaganda/media. I am not sure of the number of Presidents who died (app0gies). One of them was the one who announced that his team found covid in Mangoes and other produce.

    In my view there are three Collaborators in the big covid scheme. China and US on top and then Russia. What happened to all those fake videos in Wuhan of people dropping like flies on the streets. I remember distinctly a Chinese woman falling from a bicycle in front of her young kid. Dont forget, those were the creation of Chinese. Wuhan lab, University of North Carolina, NIH funding or outsourcing of Gain of Function projects to China and other countries (it is not only China). Covid related patents that were awarded to various US Agencies (Agriculture, Defense, Home land Security etc) just disappeared from goole search and reappeared under different Names.

    Ron Unz to his Credit wrote a thoroughly in his American Pravda series. But never addressed the question of those fake video produced and supplied by Chinese. I dont thing we ever hear from Ron on the fake videos.

    People are focused on micro instead of Macro issues.

  7. @Walker

    In July my whole family caught a flu-like illness that ticked off all the COVID symptom boxes, especially the unique, incredibly annoying dry cough that slowly faded over two months. The weird Lyme-like weakness and brain fog, and oxygen down to 93%, were also strikingly unpleasant. So unlike Jim Fetzer who was actually hospitalized for COVID but still doesn’t believe in it, I found that actually catching it provided pretty good evidence that it’s real.

    • Replies: @Walker
  8. EH says: • Website

    COVID-19 in its serious form actually has a distinct radiographic appearance: chest CTs show airspace opacification and diffuse bilateral lower and peripheral “ground glass” appearance, typically without the more opaque pleural effusion of pneumonia and other conditions causing fluid to accumulate in the chest.

    This radiopedia pagegives some examples. (Link for the radiograms – there is a great deal of official misinformation in the text, though, such as the supposed sensitivity and specificity of the PCR tests and the idiotic idea that radiography isn’t the best primary diagnostic for a supposedly pulmonary disease. Read skeptically.)

    That chest radiograms were not used for diagnosis and more particularly for differentiating causes of death is sufficient evidence by itself to show intentional fraud in the COVID-19 case and fatality numbers. The monetary incentives to ascribe cases and deaths to COVID-19 gave and give hospitals and medical groups a criminal motive and actual monetary benefit for misdiagnosis and mistreatment. Doing so in turn gave them a strong motive to cover up what was and is being done, up to and including dismissing and revoking the credentials of those medical professionals who threatened to expose the widespread criminal conspiracy by disputing their malpractice, lies, frauds, misrepresentations, concealing information and other offenses.

    The entire medical field will be put on trial, and those who acquiesced in the frauds will lose not only their livelihoods but privilege, freedom and wealth.

    • Replies: @Happy Tapir
    , @Walker
  9. Dumbo says:

    I think Covid is a specific flu strain. Perhaps created in a lab, perhaps not. It’s like a bad blu, but considering that the median age of its victims is 83 years old (and most of them with co-morbidities), it’s not the worse bioweapon ever invented. I still think that the Amish are the ones who did the right thing. No need to panic and destroy the world in the process, or use it for a “great reset”. There were other bad flus before, none required lockdowns, social distancing, vaccine passports or forced vaccination. It’s weird that a lot of people still believe in what the media and governments tell.

  10. @EH

    Are you a radiologist? You are kind of out there with your real name and face.

    I enjoyed this podcast. I find the arguments compelling.

    • Replies: @EH
  11. The only thing I wonder about on this conspiracy to turn Republicans into conspiracy types, is how the left plans to convince people that all of the violence and crap they OPENLY commit are somehow just conspiracies that the right is spreading. It is true that the lying establishment media always plays there part but all of the wireless technology, the net included can’t help but trip the left up on this plan. That is why these things must remain free. That is why all public school classes need to be recorded and made available to parents, each and every day. Conservatives are right in trying to constantly create their own media to trip up the lies the clones at the establishment media report.. Everyone knows who they are by now.

  12. Walker says:
    @Kevin Barrett

    When you say you had Covid or that Jim was hospitalized with covid, what is the slam-dunk evidence in either case that a microscopic, tasteless, untouchable, invisible and odorless virus got in your body, hijacked your cells and began replicating itself causing severe respiratory illness?

    And, even if I spot you the claim that it was indeed a virus, how do you know it was this particular coronavirus?

    Conveniently, all the symptoms associated with covid are an amalgamation of symptoms from so many other common illnesses. The only thing that makes it covid is that people believe it to be so.

    Quite the psyop.

    Reminds me of all the people so sure that muslims were piloting the planes they saw that ran into the WTC.

  13. Walker says:

    So they find some folks that have covid and perform CT scans on them. How do they know unequivocally or with a high degree of certainty that these folks have been infiltrated by and are reacting to a specific coronavirus?

    Prove to me first that you can demonstrate presence of this coronavirus before you begin telling me anything else about it.

  14. EH says: • Website
    @Happy Tapir

    Not a radiologist, done a fair bit of medical reading, other medical experience. The specifics in that comment come from the linked source plus a few other articles.

    I seldom listen to podcasts or watch videos due to having only a cell internet connection with download limits, but the description of this one looks like I would agree with the points on data manipulation.

    What I find most useful in spotting a fake narrative is when evidence, data or figures that should be there, aren’t — especially when they could easily have been collected or calculated but weren’t, or were mangled (standards, techniques or scales changed, “corrected”, etc.) only when convenient for the narrative. For instance, the first clue I had that the COVID response was fake was the way that every other nation in the world had plenty of tests which appeared as if by magic, while in the US, even people with all the supposed symptoms couldn’t get tested until around summer. Testing was prohibited by CDC fiat. Then the first batch of tests from them was defective. Then they set the PCR cycles at ~40 (10^12 amplification), while keeping the cycle number secret. No figures provided on sensitivity or specificity; most “cases” were false positives. By which time the difference in attitude toward the BLM riots vs. any other gathering made it clear that facts were irrelevant to the narrative.

    • Replies: @Happy Tapir
  15. @EH

    Your comprehension of the issue was so on target that it made me think you must be a professional. I’ll certainly take your comments seriously in the future!

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