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Rick Shaddock and Rolf Lindgren on Assange, Smollet, Moon Landing
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Rick Shaddock of wants to talk about:

“* Julian Assange, in Ecuador Embassy in London since 2012, new president Lenin Moreno
* Seth Rich murder – for releasing DNC emails to WikiLeaks
* Jussie Smollet case
* NAACP – I identify as a person of color. Member # 108682587 Color FFE0BD If you spin color wheel
* Affirmative Action inspires hate – My Pentagon computer training contract was given to an 8A firm
* Texas Tech Med School must stop Affirmative action, High IQ Asian students sued Harvard
* Answer by and purpose – to end skin color based organizations
* White birth rate decline Not hate, but #WhiteLove WarOnWhites
* “Supremacy” is about quantity, not quality, in your country
* Majority Privilege is the idea behind Democracy.
* We need more white babies to maintain population
* It would be interesting to hear how Kevin Barrett’s Muslim marriage works out (unless you did another show about this already.) Are wives more obedient? Can you have multiple wives? Can you have a lot of kids?
* Gender identiy 6th congress HR5 “Equality Act”, bad for women athletes
* Reparations HR15 ” – Sheila Jackson Lee
* Slavery is still going on in Libya today
* We are all one color in the Unified Field. Like a sphere, our core is all colors at once


Towards June 20, 2019, the 50th anniversary of the Moon Landing,
let’s have a talk about
I am also in the

Libertarian activist turned pro-Trump Republican Rolf Lindgren joins us in the second hour to agree with Rick on Trump/Assange, while disagreeing with Rick’s assertion that the Apollo moon landings were faked.

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Sam J. says:

    I looked at the links and they don’t do themselves any favors proving the moon landings were fake by lying constantly. For example they show massive amounts of tanks of air needed, using scuba tanks, to provide air. They conveniently skip that the space suits had rebreathers which scrub only the CO2 from the air making the oxygen needed much less.

    Their page

    Page where suit shows they used rebreathers.


    The obsession with the Van Allen radiation belts is handled here,

    They go on and on about the belts but don’t even comment on how you can just go around the worst parts avoiding the issue all together.

    Most of the issues raised are handled here,

    I know for a fact the government is evil and lies to us I just don’t think they did in this case and I see no issues that the Hoaxes bring up that can’t be explained.

    I wonder if this outpouring of “Apollo faked” is not some concerted effort to damage White people? White people have done some awesome things in the USA. What better way to demoralize them than to say that some of the the highlights of the White run USA were fake. This fits right in with the “fake news” meme, which unfortunately for them, was turned on the Jews rather easily.

    The objections to the Moon landing have a very Jewy way of presenting evidence. A lot of half truths and facts that have nothing to do with the actual equipment used. Going on about radiation belts that were flown around. Can’t tell if it’s Jews or that the whole country has become so Jewed up that they think this is the only way to argue.

    • Replies: @Macon Richardson
  2. Sam J. says:

    This is just another reason why the only solution to the problem with the Jews is to get rid of them. Peacefully if we can get it but they need to go no matter what. The Jews complain that we shouldn’t worry about their lies or be so stupid as to believe them but the fact is we don’t want to live in a Jewed up culture. Best to get rid of them and we can live in a trusting culture where Whites flourish.

    Living in a Jew culture is to the truth what scenic views are where everyone throws their trash down. Jews are cultural litterbugs.

  3. @Sam J.

    What a deceitful method of argument. “The objections to the Moon landing have a very Jewy way of presenting evidence.” Or, “The Jews deny the moon landing, therefore it must be true.”

  4. Republicans are obsessed with the white birth-rate decline, supposedly, but every policy they pursue undermines their professed concerns.

    Their concern for the white birth rate is put far beneath the economic perks for a few elites who benefit from undermining the white birth rate through a womb-productivity spoils system for the dual-earner parents who keep the few household-supporting jobs under fewer roofs.

    Their concern for the white birth rate is out beneath support for programs emsurinh government-financed bills for welfare-consuming single-breadwinner moms in voted-best-for-moms part-time jobs and immigrants (legal & illegal) who qualify for welfare and refundable child tax credits up to \$6,431 by keeping their traceable income below the earned-income limits for the layer cake of pay-per-birth welfare programs. This helps keep wages low, an overriding priority for the Corporate Uniparty.

    Republicans and Democrats have mapped out a strategy to ensure a lot of paid babymaking at the bottom and crony babymaking, securing airtight, high-wage employment regardless of absenteeism at the top.

    Gen X Pre-Womb-Productivity (Feminist) Spoils System Population: 48 million

    Millennial Womb-Productivity (Feminist) Spoils System Genation: 76 million

    At the bottom of the economy, a web of unearned income streams from .Gov, rewarding womb-productivity and part-time work in single-breadwinner households, has created an explosion of births in non-white communities.

    Republicans support this pay-per-birth system tha5 disproportionately benefits minorités, including for noncitizens, since they prefer what they perceive to be a more subservient, groveling servant class to wait on the dual-high-earner parents. They prefer immigrant labor that does not complain since womb-productive immigrants need not worry about covering major household bills. The US government pays their biggest bills for them in exchange for their sex-and-reproduction output. So, it does not matter to them how cheap their employers are. They will still have a large free food budget, reduced-cost rent, subsidized electricity, monthly cash assistance and a big old check at tax time—assuming they are among the immigrants not working under-the-table—for the womb-prolific parents to spend on whatever they want, a refundable child tax credit maxing out at \$6,431.

    Never before in any generation has the white elite provided such a wide array of pay for sex and reproduction, mostly benefitting non whites.

    This is not to mention the destructive effect on single, childless citizens trying to survive on one, earned-only income. This is something that does not concern Republicans at all, though they claim to be for “the individual” more than the collectivist Democrats.

    Republicans just mean rich individuals; the “individual” just means money.

    It is also lost on Republicans who claim to be concerned about the declining white birth rate that—by undermining single individuals in forming economically viable, independent households—they also undermine the formation of new, white, middle-class households that can afford kids.

    Republicans put the cart before the horse, saying they must support “working families” through their rigging of the tax code an do through workplace hiring / retention / absenteeism privileges for working parents, when that is not how is not how it works with whites who are raised to put the “work” and the “family” in a different sequence. Whites (and more Blacks than Republicans realize) are pressured by their parents to form a middle-class household first—prior to pumping out the kids through w8mb-productive sex.

    Republicans, no less than Democrats, support “working families” polices that keep the anti-white status quo intact, caring less about the white birth rate than about cheap, welfare-assisted servants and snagging two, rare, householding-supporting jobs with above-firing absenteeism privileges fo4 their wives and daughters to ensure an upper-middle-class lifestyle, which is really a wealthy lifestyle in this era of crony-concentrated wealth.

    In a merit-based system—which Republicans purport to support—many of the current, dual-high-earner, white couples would not be able to retain two high-wage jobs per household, not without making sacrifices rather than being accomodated six ways to Sunday by society to “have it all.”

    More of them would end up having more children.

    Instead, others raise smaller numbers of children for them. NannyCam-surveilled babysitters at \$9-per-hour, low-wage daycare workers who cannot afford rent on their pay or elderly parents raise their kids, as they monopolize two household-supporting jobs with benefits—the type of jobs it takes to support a middle-class household of one, much less more than one.

    Despite all of the support for their hogging of household-supporting jobs—from everyone to absenteeism-friendly crony-parent bosses with dramatically different absenteeism standards for non-parent employees, to the low-wage daycare workers and the elderly grandparents babysitting for dual-earner parents for free in many cases, even during their copious vacation schedule—Republicans claim to be in a hand-wringing state of fear about the white birth rate.

    Yet, it was caused largely by fake, womb-centric feminism, a social-engineering project that Republicans participate in just as much as Dems via accommodating working mothers to the max, aiding dual-earner households with tons of non-refundable child tax credits and workplace absenteeism privileges galore.

    In the once-huge, white middle class and the white upper-middle class, policies that favor working moms and dual-earner households have not produced more children.

    Those policies have just narrowed the size of the white middle class by reducing the number of white households with a household-supporting job. Most of the household-supporting jobs are held by dual-earner parents, a group said to “need the jobs,” even when one spouse makes plenty to support a middle or upper-middle-class household.

    Most white, middle-class people were raised with strong social pressure to have a financially independent, married household in a safe (and now unaffordable) neighborhood before proceeding to put kids on the planet through the noble act of womb-productive sex. There is much less social pressure on some groups at the bottom whose womb-productive sex is celebrated, regardless of their ability to support the kids popped out.

    Even the whites raised by liberal / progressive parents were strongly pressured to stick to the middle-class responsibility ethos when it comes to breeding, putting that off until college graduation and marriage resulted in a set of above-firing crony-parent jobs and a big house.

    They served that up with a full plate of cognitive dissonance, as those same liberal / progressive parents worshipped at the virtue-signaling alter, proving their enlightened piety via benevolent tolerance for the welfare-supported, unmarried single mommas and the welfare-gussying immigrant womb producers. They should reproduce o’ plenty, even though they cannot afford to support one child.

    This setup has been very good for the top 20% of dual-earner, above-firing, “professional” parents and the single-breadwinner, pay-per-birth crowd in the bottom 80% lack the chi chi lifestyle, but do get to enjoy the laxity of very low social pressure as celebrated “working moms”—————working so hard, part time, to stay under the earned-income limits for welfare in their discriminatory, voted-best-for-moms jobs with a workforce composition of 90–100% childbearing-aged moms like them.

    They aren’t the only ones—those single moms working officially part time to keep their paycheck stubs under the earned-income limits for welfare bill-pay. We also have the crony job network of moms with spousal income or child support sufficient to provide a middle-class lifestyle, watching each others’ backs in excused absenteeism gangs. These moms also hire / retain mostly fellow moms, but their part-time jobs are often unofficially part time.

    Republicans are well aware of the crony, wealth-concentration system that keeps the few, decent-paying, full-time jobs under fewer roofs and exploit it on behalf of their own wives and daughters, making sure that—once married and in babymaking mode—they have two household-supporting jobs with benefits per household.

    Republicans are well aware that this has crushed the reproduction of several generations of whites, raised with middle-class values, facing an economy with a 40-year wage decline that was aided and abetted by so many citizens and noncitizens who can afford to work for low pay, part time, due to the womb-productivity-based welfare and child tax credit cash that pumps up their wages, rewarding them for irresponsible womb-productive sex in single-breadw8nner households.

    Republicans know that rent / housing costs have increased by 72% since 1995, making independent household formation even less likely for whites raised by middle-class parents who did not face such runaway housing inflation—the kind of housing inflation that soaks up half of monthly pay for thos3 with one, earned-only income stream, no5 just the throw-away single, childless people over 40, but the young, wrote, potential womb producers.

    It is not just rent; it is most major expenses.

    Cars now cost a quarter of what a ghetto house costs, even though most of the middle-class automaking jobs—like so many jobs in the USA—have been offshored to nations with low-cost labor to pump up the stock portfolios of the dual-high-earner parents, the group taking all of the household-supporting jobs. .Gov—working with big business—must ensure that dual-high-earner parents have two streams of SS income and two big fat 401k streams per household after retiring, just like they ensured that they had two high-paying jobs all through their absenteeism-friendly childrearing years.

    Sure, a few of the working moms are among the small group of hard-working women, with truly top-rate intelligence and skills, who would have made it without rigging the system for dual-earner crony parents. The rare, exceptional talents just made the necessary sacrifices in previous eras. That’s the way a few women ascended to the top in the past, rather than “having it all” via a comprehensive social-engineering rigging to ensure that the benefits of work are spread out over fewer households.

    Today, if you have reproduced for the motherland, the government must reduce your sacrifices as much as possible while glorifying you as a “working family,” regardless of how hard you do or do not work, muffling statistics that suggest any lag in performance in highly paid professions, like 3 years of life expectancy declines for white Americans despite the most highly paid and racially / gender diverse medical professionals on planet Earth.

    That’s just one example, with our nation’s topsy-turvy, Fed-controlled-crash, rigged-casino economy being another example of how keeping wealth concentrated at the top to reward two-professional households with kids has not resulted in more stability for our economy. And the Republic, too, is in peril, due to economic rot at the growing bottom despite the enlightened stewardship of the most highly educated group of men and women in human history.

    Is it possible that rigging the economy to benefit dual-earner parents in the top 20% has just led to an outsized, out-of-reach definition of upper middle class, ramping up the social expectations to Princess-palace size, with every-kid-in-Harvard pressure points to prove you are in the highest ranks. Is it possible that it just concentrates statuc wealth without creating general prosperity through an open and incentive economy?

    Dual-earner parents now hog the few household-supporting jobs—two to a family, in workplaces that are all about family and not work—with little chance of firing since working moms are mostly above firing in the fake-feminist era, even though many (most) of them miss tons of work (mornings, afternoons, days and weeks of absenteeism) beyond their PTO and pregnancy leave(s), saying it’s for kids even in cases where rigged leniency is used for vacationing and other mom-pampering activités.

    This corrupt cronyism is not producing more white babies, Republicans, and non-womb-productive likely voters, like me, who crossed parties to vote for Republicans are just getting more of the same neoliberal, fake-feminist, pro-workplace-rigging, pro-mass-immigration, pro-pay-per-birth policies that rig the economy against non-wealthy individuals and most of the womb-productivity-aged whites raised in middle-class households, too, even though Republicans claim to support that group of sex-and-reproduction-aged non-likely voters.

    White birth-rate mourning—-I don’t think that’s their real motive.

    Surely, voters will figure it out, with the continued pro-mass-immigration policies of the Republican half of the Uniparty belying that entire argument.

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