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Randy Short on Race & Religion; Eric Walberg on John Walker Lindh and Bowie Bergdahl
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First hour: Washington DC pastor and activist Dr. Randy Short, a leader of the Gone2Far movement opposing the “Equality Act”, joins us to discuss the latest gossip from our nation’s capital. For instance: Did you know that Donald Trump is part African-American? That’s according to the research of legendary attorney Alton H. Maddox Jr. Dr. Short also discusses the surprising racial diversity of America in general and its founding fathers and other notables in particular. Towards the end of the show we discuss religious trance and its relation to Pentacostalism.

Second hour: Eric Walberg, author of The Canada-Israel Nexus, From Postmodernism to Postsecularism, and Postmodern Imperialism, comes on to discuss the only two American heroes to emerge from the 9/11-inside-job-triggered criminal war of aggression against Afghanistan: John Walker Lindh, freed today (alhamdullilah!) and Bowe Berghdal. (But have Lindh’s captors been using MK-Ultra methods to turn him into an ISIS zombie?)

We also discuss my controversial Unz Review article “The European New Right: Symptom of the West’s Decline?” and the reaction it elicited from readers, some of them virulent Islamophobes.

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Afghanistan, Donald Trump 
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  1. Rational says:


    Sir, you are falling into the trap of supporting Islam. Islam is a backward religion and their alleged Mohammad, was a pedophile, a rapist, a mass murderer. Yes, yes, so was Moses, I understand.

    It promotes killing all infidels, and promises them raisins (hoor), no fairies (hoories) in heaven for doing so.

    No wonder the Muslims are raping girls in Europe and attacking boys in Pakistan and giving them HIV:

    • Replies: @homahr
  2. Rational says:


    Here are some great articles online by some great Muslim writers like Zulfikar Khan and Sina Ali to become more aware of the criminal cult of Islam and its terrorist raping alleged “prophet”, Mohammad.

    They are on the site

    Muhammad was a Mass Murderer & a Terrorist (Ali Sina)
    Muhammad was a Misogynist & a Sexist (Ali Sina)
    Muhammad was a Narcissist & a Cult Leader (Ali Sina)
    Muhammad was a Rapist & a Pedophile (Ali Sina)
    Muhammad was an Assassin & a Thief (Ali Sina)

    Why I have Left Islam? Autobiography of a Dissident (Anwar Shaikh)
    Incest in Islam (Ali Sina)
    Why I Left Islam? (Ali Sina)

    Wondrous Treatment of Kafirs (Non-Muslim) In Islam (Zulfikar Khan)
    Muhammad – A True Saint (Zulfikar Khan)
    Wondrous Treatment of Women in Islam (Zulfikar Khan)
    Muhammad’s High Regard for Women (Zulfikar Khan)
    The Excessive Kindness of Islam! (Zulfikar Khan)
    The Violent Truth Behind The Sufi Mask (Zulfikar Khan)
    Quran – The Ultimate Truth! Contradictions in Quran! (Zulfikar Khan)
    The X-Rated Paradise of Islam (Zulfikar Khan)

    Prophet of Terror and the Religion of Peace (Zulfikar Khan)

    Books at other sources:

    Did Mohammad Exist?
    Koran and the Kafir.
    Koran—a work of multiple hands?

    Mr. Barret, it is very important you study Islam carefully before you promote Islam and resort to name calling intellectuals, knowledgeable in these matters, as “Islamophobic”.

    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
    , @bjondo
  3. German_reader says:

    and the reaction it elicited from readers, some of them virulent Islamophobes.

    I wonder, if I got a mention, but I can’t be bothered to listen to your stupid one and a half hour podcast.
    Podcasts are for low-IQ people anyway. Just like Islam.

  4. Talha says:

    LOL! Your stuff is triggering folks – hilarious! Hope the fasting is going well. Just one suggestion, ease back on the use of “Islamophobia”, it’s not a very good term and comes with a heck of a lot of baggage:

    May Allah swt accept your fasting and all your efforts.

    Wa salaam.

  5. @Rational

    I have a Ph.D. with an Islamic Studies focus, have read the Qur’an numerous times in the original Arabic, and am well acquainted with moronic Zionist-funded anti-Islam hate literature. We (religious studies scholars) used to laugh and scratch our heads about Zio-Islamophobes like Daniel Pipes and his idiot friends in the 1990s. Then 9/11 “changed everything” and suddenly legions of not-so-bright folks started buying their worthless wares.

  6. homahr says:

    Wouldn’t happen if the euro-cunts didn’t support israel.

  7. bjondo says:

    you’re obviously intelligent, highly informed by the very best.

    a higher life form, surely.

    when will you tell us more?

    use another article.

    this one is probably complete.

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