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Randy Short Asks: Are Special Ops Sparking Chicago Gang Murders?
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Washington, DC based activist and pastor Dr. Randy Short is circulating a letter from Rev. Martin Hunter and activist Paul McKinley to Sen. Timothy Scott requesting an investigation of allegations that US Special Forces ops have been selling military-grade weapons to Chicago gangs and inciting violence there. Could such things really happen? Ask Pulitzer Prize winning reporter Gary Webb, who broke the story of the CIA running heroin into African-American neighborhoods. (Actually, we can’t ask Gary Webb, since he died of a two-bullet-to-the-head “suicide.”)

Is Dr. Short pushing a “conspiracy theory”? No, it’s a conspiracy felony charge! Check out the news story “3 US Army Soldiers Accused of Illegally Selling Weapons Used in Chicago Shootings.” (Conspiracy is the most-charged federal crime…which makes federal prosecutors and judges America’s leading “conspiracy theorists.”)

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Mr. Grey says:

    Goodwhite Gary Webb diminished the role of master entrepeneur Rick Ross, who built an empire out of nothing. Now in Chicago we are supposed to believe them po blacks can’t do nuthin’ on they own. When is massa gonna help his chillun? I guess the new Secretary of Defense is just a house negro selling his own folks down the river.

  2. polistra says:

    Wouldn’t be surprising. The Feds have been sponsoring gangs and “terrorists” at least since 1855, and probably longer. DEA always runs one side of gang wars.

  3. “3 US Army Soldiers Accused of Illegally Selling Weapons Used in Chicago Shootings.”

    These guys were probably not special ops. I might be wrong, but I would hazard a guess that they were members of the sustainment brigade. Blacks tend to serve in support units rather than frontline combat units.
    They were not selling military weapons, they were buying firearms at local gun stores in Tennessee and Kentucky and sending them to Chicago.

    From the released phone conversations it sounds like they were buying handguns “17’s and 19’s”. Probably a reference to two popular Glock models.

    They got caught because five of the 91 firearms they moved were found at a crime scene and tracked back to the 4473 on file at the gun shop.

    Looking for particular weapons was their downfall. Person to person sales between Kentucky residents are legal. They should have bought used weapons on the private market. But that would have produced a variety of different firearms and very little ability to trace to the buyer.

  4. @Chris Mallory

    As you say. “Military grade weapons” that you can’t buy across the counter would be full auto or burst mode rifles and carbines, general purpose machine guns, grenades and other explosives, and rocket launchers for a first pass off the top of my head. Pretty sure I would have heard if any of those had been deployed in Chicago criminal circles.

    Rev. Martin Hunter and Paul McKinley need to get out more and outside of their Blue urban bubbles including their gun control, which went as far as a total ownership ban in Chicago until the 2010 McDonald v. City of Chicago ruling. And still has a state ID card system to even buy/own a gun, and less overt suppression of gun culture in Chicago. Kinda pathetic after the whole state had shall issue concealed carry imposed on it by the Federal Courts, which the police and prosecutors of that city are generally cool with when it gets used on the streets in self-defense.

    • Agree: El Dato
  5. MarkinLA says:

    Did you read the comments Truth? So stupid they are funny.

  6. @Chris Mallory

    Demarcus Adams, 21, Jarius Brunson, 22, and Brandon Miller, 22

    Maybe a white supremacist plot, as well..?

    The notion that the Military is going to tell these morons to go buy handguns – apparently in their own names – and then traffic them to Black criminals in Cook County, where it is absolutely guaranteed that many if not all, of these handguns will be involved in and recovered after use in mindless street crime, is absolutely nonsensical.

    This was not a scheme that had the most remote potential for long term success / enrichment. It was a guaranteed short term payoff for a long term indictment.

    The notion that some shadowy, malevolent Govt entity needs to encourage violent savagery in Cook County is like conspiring to import snow into an Eskimo settlement.

    Looking for particular weapons was their downfall. Person to person sales between Kentucky residents are legal. They should have bought used weapons on the private market.

    Looking for Glocks made no difference at all, however you are right that anyone seeking out some desperate Armslist seller could have left the original purchasers holding the bag once the gun was recovered after a crime, but these guys were not smart enough to frame anyone, anymore that the ‘Crook’ Co. denizens that they sold the guns to were smart enough to avoid getting locked up for mindless violent acts.

    • Replies: @Chris Mallory
  7. Blacks need outsiders to boost Jafric violence? ROTFL

    • Replies: @Genrick Yagoda
  8. @Trial by Wombat

    Looking for Glocks made no difference at all

    Looking for particular weapons, 9mm Glocks in this case, meant they went and bought them from dealers instead of taking potluck on the local classified website.

  9. @Priss Factor

    I haven’t been posting enough lately to use the LOL button. But there you are 🙂

  10. LOL More F’in excuses for black low IQ idiocy and degenerate black “culcha”….always excuses…never hold blacks accountable for their own degenerate LOW IQ monkeyshines. When are you weak White cucks going to stop getting on your knees and making excuses for black ghetto trash “culcha”. You weak White cucks make me sick.

    • Agree: disemelevatorized
    • LOL: Truth
    • Replies: @Truth
  11. I wish this guy wouldn’t assume so many white folks are just ok with experiments on blacks. We’re not.

  12. Alright this guy can go get fucked. He’s racist against Whites.

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