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Ralph Cinque on Film “the Pro Bono Watchman” and the JFK Ice Bullet Theory
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Ralph Cinque of the Oswald Innocence Campaign and scriptwriter for the forthcoming film The Pro Bono Watchman (watch the trailer) thinks JFK got iced…literally. He argues for a new interpretation of the (edited-by-the-perps) Zapruder film, claiming that the first shot hit JFK’s back earlier than the official story and edited film depict, which shot consisted of an ice flechette that released a nerve agent paralyzing the president as the limousine slowed down for the kill zone. Sounds crazy? Maybe…but not nearly as crazy as the official magic bullet theory!

Note: The Pro Bono Watchman’s plot includes an ice bullet shooting.

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
• Category: History • Tags: Conspiracy Theories, JFK Assassination 
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  1. Forensic scientists have repeatedly reproduced the “magic” bullet path, right down to the shape of the bullet hole in Connolly’s back, the shattering of his wrist, and the “pristine” quality of the bullet in his leg . . watch

    By the way, the distance from the rifle to the car was 185 feet (about 50 paces). Ralph should try walking it, or visiting the book depository site . . it’s much closer than it looks on film. The shot could have been made confidently by a boy scout with a little rifle training. Ice bullets, seriously?

    • Agree: R.G. Camara
    • Troll: Kevin Barrett, gatobart
    • Replies: @dimples
  2. The problem with the single bullet theory is that there is no way a bullet could have exited the center of JFK’s throat without striking a vertebra first — and I’ve never seen a shred of evidence that the magic bullet did strike bone, because that virtually pristine bullet would have had some serious deformation if it had, creating a large exit wound and blowing up the theory.

    Josiah Thompson’s idea that a piece of bone from JFK’s skull caused the small exit wound makes sense to me. Or it could, in fact, have been an entry wound since it was so small and round.

    Sixty yards doesn’t sound like much, but even the Warren Commission’s “expert” riflemen fared poorly against a moving target with that crappy rifle.

    • Replies: @Emslander
  3. dimples says:
    @gar manarnar

    Those who believe in this type of reconstruction don’t realize they are always fudged by rearranging the positions of JFK and Connally enough to make it work.

    • Replies: @gar manarnar
  4. Given some of the stories out of the ‘50s and ‘60s that turned into out to be true, a nerve-agent-laced ice-bullet sounds reasonably plausible; however, how it was done isn’t really important. The only mystery behind the JFK hit was who ordered it and why.

  5. @dimples

    I think it’s the other way around . . in order for the bullet to appear “magic”, the “jump seat” needs to be in the raised (i.e., wrong) position. As I recall, they explain this in the video, and they also explain why the head shot came from behind, and from the same rifle.

    I have nothing invested in this, but it seems to me that people who do (like Ralph) should have been aware of these professional re-enactments, and should either accept the results, or provide a good reason why they don’t before adding to the confusion with e.g. “ice bullets” or some other nonsense.

    • Replies: @dimples
    , @dimples
  6. @The Alarmist

    No mystery there: “israel”, because of Dimona. Just ask Jacob Rubenstein. And wasn’t LBJ lucky!

  7. One of the details about the Kennedy assassination which always struck me as intriguing, is that apparently when Khrushchev heard about it, he assumed he was next.

  8. Crazy JFK theories are meant to confuse, and denigrate by association the more plain facts of a conspiracy, multiple gun-men, and a concerted cover-up, including numerous murders of material witnesses and others.

  9. @The Alarmist

    What would stop the ‘bullet’ melting, or sublimating, before hitting its target?

    • Replies: @Paul2
  10. LondonBob says:

    Chauncey Holt said he was asked to come up with some doctored ammunition, firing a bullet out of Mauser that had originally been fired from Mannlicher-Carcano without leaving the Mauser’s marks on it, just the original Carcano’s markings. The only issue was the bullet made a muffled sound and the shot was weak, this was thus the first shot, it was a muffled shot and barely embedded itself in JFK’s back, it was not placed there in the hospital. Like most things JFK this has been explained by an easily identified participant in the assassination but others prefer wild goose chases.

    • Thanks: Iris
  11. dimples says:
    @gar manarnar

    I haven’t watched the video since it would be junk. A problem is that the head wounds were moved around during the later HSCA investigations. The original autopsists had the head shot entry wound low down at the back of the head. This position was untenable due to the impossible angle, so was altered by the HSCA medical panel to the bullet coming at the top rear of the head (as per the fake autopsy photos) and coming out the right side. This provides the rationale for the (probably fake) massive right side head wound explosion as seen in the Zapruder movie.

    To me the great curiosity is the throat wound. If JFK was shot from the front, the bullet going through the windscreen of the vehicle, the bullet hole being seen by witnesses, why no damage to JFK’s vertebra? The bullet, including the rear back wound bullet are therefore assumed to have been slow moving ‘short rounds’ which did not penetrate much and were removed during the pre-autopsy. This theory is found in a book about the assassination by a sniper type whose name I cannot recollect but will try.

  12. Paul2 says:
    @Mulga Mumblebrain

    Apparently the “dart” is frozen in such a way that it remains intact until it hits the body. It must be capable of penetrating the skin and then melts inside the body.

  13. anon[363] • Disclaimer says:

    A hail of bullets struck on and around the limousine. Yes, the back shot was too early for the single bullet theory. But there was a shot before that too as the limo was making its sharp turn (which Secret Service ordinarily would have avoided). You can see a dust cloud. You see Kennedy stop waving. The back shot can be timed by the girl running next to the car in the Zapruder film. She stopped running when she hear the shot as Kennedy began to react.

  14. Shel100 says:

    Another crazy,preposterous conspiracy theory without evidence.Face reality – Oswald acted alone as he had in his previous assassination attempt.

  15. dimples says:
    @gar manarnar

    There is a discussion of the positions of the parties in the limousine on the website of Pat Speer which covers the deceptions in the Dale Myers animation.


    Sniper book is:

    Kill Zone: A Sniper Looks at Dealey Plaza by Craig Roberts

    • Replies: @gar manarnar
  16. @dimples

    I haven’t watched the video since it would be junk.

    Well, you should watch it . . it’s not based on a computer simulation. A forensics team creates bodies with the same consistency as human bodes (including anatomically correct skeletal bones, etc.), and a marksman fires a shot using the same type of rifle and ammunition from the same distance and angle . . they recreate all the wounds.

  17. The simplest conspiracy is the most probable : LBJ had clearly determined that by his own non-existent merit and his most detestable image he had no chance to win any campaign to presidency. His only chance was to start as a non-elected president. He thus had the intention to terminate JFK’s mandate right from 1960 or before. JFK was already suffering from a series of lethal diseases and took heavy drugs to alleviate their pain, so there was no qualm to have. LBJ needed that JFK die in function as a hero, because as a living president he was absolutely none : hadn’t be assassinated he would have passed to history as a kind of Obama (all beautiful words, empty promises, wars against windmills for general virtues such as courage and hope, no substance, no merchandise delivered except to the oligarchy) at best.

    JFK never endangered the FED by any significant move : he only enabled the American state to emit bonds payable in metallic silver, which is way different from taking back the control of money supply : anyway the said measure failed to attract customers and died of disuse. Its aim was only a discreet avowal that American coinage despite Bretton Woods was no longer worth its metallic value and that the silver was to be replaced with nickel and steel as everywhere in continental Europe.

    JFK never made any move that irksome to the world Jewry. He had been the first in that domain to hire Henry Kissinger on a regular basis and to consult Edgar Bronfman, who had been the father’s chief business partner from the Prohibition onwards, on all matters pertaining to the Jewish powers. At that time absolutely everything related to nuclear industry was in Jewish hands exclusively as stipulated in the patents conceded during the Manhattan project : goys were not allowed to even teach about that matter. Nuclear industry was so exclusively Jewish in America that mainstream antisemites suspected it to be nothing but a scam based on no true physical phenomenon and atomic bombs, real though they were, not to owe their explosive power to Einstein’s laws. Therefore that Dimona explanation didn’t hold any water : at worst it was a squabble between Jews and Kissinger as well as the Bronfman clan judged Israel to be a state still too young too leftist and too idealistic to be entrusted with all the tools at the American Jewry’s exclusive disposal. More generally JFK feared to contradict any predominant opinion among the Hollywood crowd. JFK was actually the first 100% media-manufactured (mostly CBS-NBC-ABC) president and he was allowed to win by the most probable biggest electoral fraud of US history with only a minority of official popular votes. Before he was killed so gloriously and enjoyed apotheosis JFK was facing mounting accusations in that respect.

    JFK was namely entrusted with an important mission as a nominal Catholic : seeing that the Vatican II Council would take place as promised as per the Bnai Brith’s directions, so as to neuter the US’s chief ideological enemy in the world since their foundation. He pulled off his part in a brillant way, killing many prelates who were rather of anti-american and anti-liberal “fascistic” and pro-Franco theological outlook. The Catholic Church turned into a big tepid protestant thing as most of the Orthodox representatives within the ecumenical movement were already neutered by their belonging to the Eastern Bloc. John XXIII couldn’t have started his thing without JFK’s armed backing. JFK was Catholic in one respect mostly : by intimate contact with the Catholics mafias which he knew how to use like Roosevelt knew how to do with Lucky Luciano. Both John XXIII and JFK had to be disposed as soon as possible after use as they had pulled off the most catastrophic transformative operation in the history of the Catholic Church for the Bnai Brith’s exclusive benefit. In parallel JFK was also the first who promised to the US they would win the space race by putting a man on the Moon while in private, he admitted that was impossible by the current state of science and that only an iron man or a probe could do it, and that the war to win against USSR was that of propaganda. If he took that decision consciously of pulling off that millenium-size lie, he had to die as a perfect hero as soon as possible. LBJ was already in charge of the executive since 1960 as regards secret services and directed the whole thing, including the Republicans’ choice of an unelectable candidate in 1964.

    It must be noted that the image of JFK as a generous and idealistic “liberal” was right from the start a CBS-NBC-ABC fabrication : the real character beneath the role was just tight-fisted, mean and nasty to the utmost. In economics he championed austerity to the point he considered the repeal of nearly all the New Deal measures beyond what Reagan would do only in the 1980’s. He would not engage into radical desegregation right away but first divide White America into several contending segregated cultural ghettoes (he even praised India as a timeless model of multiculturalism to imitate) and then give the Blacks an equal status in that ghetto system. But he would introduce right away on a grand scale affirmative action, as he, as an Irishman, had an axe to grind against white Anglo-Saxons whom he considered as enjoyers of undeserved prosperity. His idea was to Americanize Porto Rico and more and more Mexican and even Central American territory such as Panama so as for the Protestant Whites to become a minority like any other. JFK also wanted to promote Liberia into American statehood as well as Haiti under the pretext of delivering that country from the infamous Duvalier dictatorship.

    • LOL: Iris
    • Replies: @Sparkon
  18. Sparkon says:
    @Francis Miville

    Pres. Kennedy had ordered the U.S. to pull out of Vietnam by the end of 1965.

    Pres. Kennedy refused to send in the Marines during the designed-to-fail Bay of Pigs fiasco.

    Pres. Kennedy was trying to keep Israel from obtaining nuclear weapons.

    Pres. Kennedy had reached a modus vivendi with Soviet Premier Nikita Khruschev after the Cuban Missile Crisis.

    Pres. Kennedy had signed the Limited Nuclear Test Ban Treaty on Aug. 5, 1963.

    Pres. Kennedy had spoken out against secret societies.

    Pres. Kennedy had his Sec’y of Defense Robert McNamara give a speech at the Waldorf Hotel in NYC in mid November 1963 wherein McNamara reduced by half estimates of Red Army divisions facing NATO in Europe, and said the United States would be cutting back on “defense” spending.

    In December 1963, the Soviet Union announced it would be cutting back on “defense” spending by 10%, but by then, of course, Pres. Kennedy was dead.

    • Replies: @Sparkon
  19. Sparkon says:

    I wrote:

    In December 1963, the Soviet Union announced it would be cutting back on “defense” spending by 10%

    That is incorrect. In Dec. 1963, Khrushchev announced a 4% reduction in defense spending for 1964.

    “Khrushchev’s plans for boosting he production of chemicals and consumer goods and an announced 4-percent reduction in its official defense budget convinced the US Intelligence Board that the USSR “would make every effort” to hold down outlays on defense and space. The estimate declared that while defense outlays might decline, it was more likely they would grow at a slower pace. In any case, Khruschev [sic] was ousted within the year, and the decade of the 1960s produced the highest average annual growth in real Soviet defense expenditures in the postwar period….”

    [PDF p. 6; my bold]

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