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Radio Islam Interviews Kevin on Coronavirus Conspiracy; Ron Ridenour on the “Russian Peace Threat”
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First 15 minutes: Radio Islam International interviews Kevin on his “coronavirus conspiracy theories” that were recently deplored by The Algemeiner.

Final 40 minutes: Ron Ridenour discusses his book The Russian Peace Threat, which makes the case that the US has been the aggressor, and Russia the wannabe peacemaker, since at least the beginning of the Cold War. And when the Cold War finally ended, the more things changed, the more they stayed the same. Ron does not shy away from “conspiracy theories,” i.e. the forbidden truth about such events as the JFK and 9/11 coups. Below is the book’s table of contents:

The Russian Peace Threat: TABLE OF CONTENTS


CHAPTER 1—Russia Sends Yuri Gagarin Around the World for Peace: US invades Cuba CHAPTER 2—Bay of Pigs Invasion: Retake Cuba
CHAPTER 3—U.S. Subversion Leads to Cuban Missile Crisis
CHAPTER 4—The Cuban Missile CrisisCHAPTER 5—Vasili Arkhipov: The Man Who Prevented World War Three CHAPTER 6—CIA Complot Murders JFK over Cuba-Vietnam


CHAPTER 7—October Revolution: the West Prohibits Socialism’s Natural Course CHAPTER 8—U.S. Capital plans fascist FDR coup; Finances Hitler-Mussolini
CHAPTER 9—Soviet sides with democratic Spanish Republic: U.S. helps fascist victory CHAPTER 10—World War II; Soviet Union pre-war internal developments

CHAPTER 11—Cold War (A)
CHAPTER 12—Cold War (B) Vietnam War 1961-75: US-VN-Soviet-China

(Includes 19 sub-subjects: Churchill Iron Curtain speech and his Operation Unthinkable; Truman Doctrine/CIA; Greece Civil War 1946- 9; Palestine-Israel 1947-8; Czechoslovakia 1948; Italian elections 1948; Berlin Crisis 1948-9; NATO 1949; USSR nuclear bomb/Rosenbergs; China Communist Party victory, 1949; Korean War 1950-3, post-war Stalin & his death, Khrushchev 1956; Berlin Crisis 1958-December 1961; Soviet (Cuban) solidarity with African independence movements; Vietnam War, Cambodia & Laos, S.U., China; 1968 Year of Upheaval; Greek Junta 1967-74; Afghanistan-S.U. War against Mujahideen/U.S., Pakistan, China; Reagan- Gorbachev, end of Warsaw Pact and Soviet Union.)


CHAPTER 13—1990s: Betrayal of Russian Sovereignty with U.S. Intervention CHAPTER 14—President Putin’s First Terms
CHAPTER 15—Russia Averts War Against Syria, Iran
CHAPTER 16—Ukraine: The Last Straw

CHAPTER 18—United States of America Military Empire CHAPTER 19—American Exceptionalism

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
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  1. polistra says:

    Russia’s peacemaking tendency started long before the Cold War, and even before our 1918 invasion.

    Tsar Nicholas 1 was a peacemaker. English writers bashed him in the same way that they now bash Putin, but some Americans understood what he was doing….

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