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Psychology Professor William Woodward on Beirut, Israel, & More
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Prof. William Woodward agrees with last week’s guests Anthony Hall and Gordon Duff that the “fireworks and fertilizer” explosion in Beirut was probably not accidental, and that Israel is the leading suspect. We’ll discuss the media coverup of evidence supporting the Israeli attack thesis—and the larger question of how powerful forces like the Israel lobby are able to censor the media and the academic community.

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
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  1. jsinton says:

    It doesn’t matter if the Israelis bombed it, or the CIA, or if a welder set it off with his blow torch. The fact remains that the Lebanese allowed all that ammonium nitrate to sit at the heart of Beirut next to an ammo dump or fireworks maybe. The fact is a de facto state of war exists between the Zionists and Lebanon. The fact is the Israelis warned them repeatedly against allowing Beirut as a base of operations, that the Israelis won’t allow collateral damage to stop them from confronting the threat. The fact is the Lebanese could care less about the Palestinian refugees in their own country after more than 70 years and treat them like dogs. The fact is Hezbollah is loyal to ayatollah Khameni and not Lebanon. That Hezbollah exists as a state within a state and ordinary Lebanese have no control over whether Hezbollah makes war with Israel or not. That the destruction of Lebanon is a foregone conclusion under the present state of affairs.

    So if the Lebanese politicians want to make a war with the Israelis and create all the necessary conditions to that end, then may God have mercy on their souls, because they have brought forth the danger and I don’t see where the Israelis have much choice in the matter. So I could care less for the politicians, or Hezbollah, or the Iranians. My concern is for the ordinary Lebanese who will suffer for it, for the evil that exists that have brought them peril.

    So I won’t blame the Israelis for anything. They have their own sins to answer for, and may God have mercy on them too. To take sides here is unworthy.

  2. @jsinton

    I Say you are full of it I will never forget what ISISraHELL did to te USS LIBERTY

  3. jsinton says:

    What Israel did to the Liberty would have never happened had it not been green lighted by Johnson. Johnson wanted in on the 6 Day War so he could kick the USSR out of Africa. The Liberty sinking was a perfect pretext to invade Egypt. The Liberty was small potatoes, a small price to pay for the rewards, except it didn’t sink so the plan didn’t work out.

    • Replies: @Iris
    , @anon
  4. Iris says:

    I am sure people often punch you in the face; God bless them for touching such a POS.

    • Replies: @jsinton

    Video Link

  6. jsinton says:

    Such a knowledgeable, thought provoking, intellectual, and interesting rebuttal. You must be a real force.

  7. sorry but this guest had zero to contribute to the “discussion”. fortunately, kevin had a lot to say all by himself

  8. anon[327] • Disclaimer says:

    green lighted by Johnson

    “Green lighted” after the fact.

    Wasn’t going to embarrass his mistress’s country.

    Shlomo J most likely Yid. So a total Yid action.

  9. Jsinton, I am trying to save my bitcoin for the central banking apocalypse, but your comment prompted me to send 6BTC to Quds Force. My name will be inscribed on a missile aimed at your people.

  10. R2b says:

    Mr Barrett offered a very plausible explanation, in why the Israelis blew up Beirut harbor. So there you have it. Plus all the side effects, if they won’t be pinned on it. Otherwise retaliation, as H. Nasrallah said. Next act in the waiting.

  11. Iris says:

    Great interview; in the current climate, it takes an amazing courage to have such a take on current affairs.

    The interview pointed that when examining possible false flags, it was more important to concentrate on the “whys” than on the “hows”. I think none of this approach has the power to positively influence Western democracies, which are way past reform; they can only change for the better because of an external shock.

    G. Duff’s opinion that nuclear weapons have been used in most recent false flag attacks should be discussed with a rational mind, as scary as it seems. What is the point burying our collective head in the sand until it gets blown up by reality?

    9/11 was a very straightforward nuclear false flag.
    Pr Hulsey, who directed the study concluding at “global failure” (controlled demolition) of WTC7 was asked the “How” question during his faculty presentation; he refused to reply.
    However, the 3 towers being demolished at basement level, with their footprint mapped as cavities by 3-D LIDAR scanning, where a protruding pile of debris would have resulted in case of conventionnal demolition, is an unmissable sign.

    Furthermore, the heat released by the Towers’ footprint, recorded by aerial thermography and calculated by standard thermal equations, returns a result equivalent to the energy produced by a middle-size nuclear reactor. No explosive other than nuclear could have produced such result.

    The Beirut bombing is of course still a mystery.
    But it is certain that, in 2006, an accidental technical breakthrough made by the Los Alamos Sandia Laboratories has made it possible to induce a fusion reaction without resorting to the fission triggering stage.
    Since 2006, it has therefore become possible to develop pure fusion thermonuclear weapons, dialled down at will, with no signature radioactivity; only a seismic effect.
    Jokingly; a scientist said that it would be almost impossible to differentiate between such a fusion bomb and a meteorite

    Actually, the only problem with these new nuclear weapons is that they could not be openly tested due to the ban treaties. So using them in real situations, against Yemen, the Iranian navy, the Beirut harbour, is in fact hitting two birds with one stone, almost a necessity for those who designed them. We can expect more Beirut harbour “events” in the future.

    • Agree: Tommy Thompson
  12. ATBOTL says:

    Ethnic Israelis, not Lebanese, are behind the cultural marxism that is destroying the West.

  13. sinewave says:

    duff was talking to people who were there, did he do the obvious and tell them to collect specimens for analysis ?

  14. Iris says:

    In the interview, when talking about gatekeeper Noam Chomsky, Dr Barrett mentioned his questionable position re the cover up of President Kennedy’s assassination.

    I would appreciate anybody with knowledge/opinion of the subject to comment on this. Thanks.

  15. As I recall, Tony Hall’s series on Chomsky touches on the JFK coverup.

    • Thanks: Iris
  16. @Iris #11

    G. Duff’s opinion that nuclear weapons have been used in most recent false flag attacks should be discussed with a rational mind, as scary as it seems. What is the point burying our collective head in the sand until it gets blown up by reality?

    Dr. Kevin, thank you for a nice and illuminating interview and discussion on the Beirut blast.

    I find the VT analyses including those on the employed nuclear weapons generally compelling and fitting the available evidence mostly closely. I find the disinfo agents, mainly liberal lefties always afraid to call a spade a spade and they dodge the issue and throw denial on those analyses, which generally have multiple lines of solid evidence. When VT gives this striking verdicts of nukes of various kind, the other cause and effect scenarios seem far less convincing to account for all the event and post-event physical evidence.

    I for one and probably many other listeners would expect the talk show host like yourself to take a firm position on newsworthy issues of the day one way or the way, not be seemingly so middle groundish, it diminishes your otherwise excellent insights and analysis.

    However, much people might disagree with some of G. Duff’s political positions like white-washing the Dem party now and then, his analyses on the military events and weapons technology are quite convincing from a purely objective, i. e. scientific view point. He is using evidence based analysis, like on the Beirut event, there were several lines of evidence provided. Admittedly, his write- ups are a bit dis-jointed and ad hoc, but that goes with the job, of trying to turn things around fast for publication.

    • Thanks: Iris
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