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Prof. Michael Brenner Deconstructs “transgender”; Rashid Daoud on Police Oppression of Blacks, Bilal Sunni Ali & Brother Lakeem from ImamJamilActionNetwork.Org
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International Relations professor Michael Brenner discusses the “downgrading of precision in use of words and terms” including transgender, crisis management, and genocide. Read his full article below (or HERE). Then in the second half-hour Rashid Daoud, and Bilal Sunni Ali (of Gil Scott-Heron’s band) and Brother Lakeem of the Imam Jamil Action Network discuss the ignored-by-MSM background of the George Floyd shooting and similar cases: The longstanding war by FBI and police on black empowerment, including assassinations, frame-ups, cointelpro infiltration, and incitements to violence. See also:

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: Blacks, Political Correctness, Transgenderism 
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  1. harker8 says:

    It is difficult to take these people seriously when they say George Floyd was murdered. A police officer had his knee on his “neck area”, footage from other angles showed that the knee was on his upper back, in order to restrain him because he was resisting arrest. He wasn’t being suffocated otherwise he wouldn’t be able to speak. He was having a heart attack because of the drugs. Saying Chauvin was too aggressive with him is pointless. What would you have done. Chauvin did what anyone could reasonably expect in order to restrain Floyd. Chauvin is innocent.

    And at the end the complaining of voter suppression when you had an obviously fraudulent election in 2020. You people are living in an alternate reality.

    • Agree: Bernie, Colin Wright
    • Replies: @Bernie
  2. Bernie says:

    Anyone who fights back or defends themselves against blacks is “oppressing” them.

    • Replies: @Badger Down
    , @Colin Wright
  3. D. K. says:

    “. . . discuss the ignored-by-MSM background of the George Floyd shooting . . . .”

    It is utterly mind-boggling that you could print such a shamelessly bald-faced lie. If you had a conscience, Dr. Barrett, you would “delete your account” and “retire to Sussex to raise bees.”

    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
  4. @Bernie

    Your face is oppressing them.

  5. @Bernie

    ‘Anyone who fights back or defends themselves against blacks is “oppressing” them.’

    Blacks should be ‘oppressed.’ So should large dogs.

  6. profnasty says:

    Black Muslim, “Black can do no wrong.”
    Altamonte. First, Black boy was with White woman. He knew dam well the Angels were there. He left to get a gun- pulled it- was stabbed, not beaten, to death. I don’t think Sympathy for the Devil was the song. (It may have been.)
    How many Whites were murdered by Blacks, LAST MONTH? About 30. White on Black? One.
    This for 160 years.
    Kevin is a Moor.
    And Brenner. Jew minimizes men publicly dressing as women. There’s a surprise.
    Hoo boy!

  7. @D. K.

    I don’t see any MSM coverage of the FBI/CIA/Pentagon’s murders of Malcolm, Martin, Fred Hampton, etc. etc. Do you?

    • Replies: @D. K.
  8. D. K. says:
    @Kevin Barrett

    What does your (inane) question have to do with your defamatory claim that violent career criminal George Floyd (P.B.U.H.) was shot (presumably to death?) by the Minneapolis police, last Memorial Day (Observed), Dr. Barrett? (He did claim, that evening, while still sitting in his Mercedes SUV, “high as a kite” on multiple illicit drugs, that he had been previously shot by the police– presumably during one of his many earlier arrests. How are you and your guests [supra] coming along on substantiating that uncorroborated claim?)

    Malcolm X was murdered, in public, by his fellow Black Muslims of the Nation of Islam:

    Martin Luther King, Jr. was murdered, outside of his motel room, by career criminal James Earl Ray:

    The federal government could have easily destroyed King’s public career as a civil-rights agitator by merely publishing the audio tapes of his F.B.I. surveillance– surveillance that was authorized by the Attorney General of the United States, Robert Francis Kennedy (or, as you doubtless refer to him, ‘Bobby’), during the nepotistic administration of his older brother, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Sr. (or, as you doubtless refer to him, ‘Jack’).

    Fred Hampton was killed in a police raid, under the auspices of the Cook County District Attorney:

    Calling famous murder victims by their first names, as if they were personal friends of yours, is exquisitely poor form, Dr. Barrett.

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