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Peter Myers on “possible False Flag” Notre Dame Fire; Greg McCarron on Mueller Report and Russia-gate vs. Israel-gate
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First hour: Australian NWO researcher Peter Myers writes of the tragic Notre Dame fire (and the simultaneous al-Aqsa fire, along with the earlier St. Sulpice fire and wave of attacks on French churches):

“Consider the possibility that some of these are False Flag attacks like 911. Certain interests want Christians & Moslems to fight each other. The most important real estate in the world is the Dome of the Rock & Al Aqsa Mosque; some fanatics want to replace them with the 3rd Temple – from where, they believe, the Messiah will rule the world. Trump has already signed up to the Noahide Laws. But pulling it down means war with Islam. Maybe they want to stir up the Clash of Civilizations so that ‘Christians’ do the dirty work, pulling those buildings down for them; or that Christians side with Jews who pull them down. At least some of ISIS were Mossad agents. You may condemn me for this post; but better wake up before it’s too late.”

We will also update Peter Myers solves the Malaysian Airlines MH370 Mystery.

Second hour: Greg McCarron of The Antedote joins us to break down the Mueller Report and pose the million dollar question, “Russia-gate or Israel-gate?” We also discuss such related questions as: What is the real role of Putin’s Russia in light of NWO and Zionist global power? Does the Saker, whose brilliant article on National Zionism we both admire, exemplify a widespread too-rosy view of Russia in alternative media circles? Will the emerging multipolar world be any better than the old unipolar one? What is the role of the messianic Jewish Chabad movement? Is the organized crime cabal behind Trump Russian, Israeli, or fully international? And is the real battle political or spiritual?

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Iris says:

    Apologies for repeating a comment I posted on another thread about the fire at Notre-Dame; it definitely looks very suspect to trained engineers.

    1) A “error” in the fire detection system sent the responders to a wrong location on first alarm. They lost over 20 minutes before realising the fire was real; by then it was too late.

    2) A fire needs fuel, oxygen and ignition. The only source of power present in the building that could have provided ignition is the electrical supply. In the construction area where the fire started, it had been switched off, locked and handed back to the Cathedral’s security.

    3) No welding or other hot works had taken place, as initially believed.

    4) Investigators are now left speculating about a rogue construction worker illegally smoking in the area, but this is an unacceptable explanation: thick timber cannot catch fire with so little energy.

    5) In such a historic building, no flammable products would have been stored that could facilitate a fire.

    The fire being accidental does not make any sense. It could well be that a device with ignition retarder had been deliberately placed there by an unidentified intruder.

    • Replies: @getaclue
    , @NoseytheDuke
    , @Sally
  2. Certain interests want Christians & Moslems to fight each other.

    Starting with Mohammed himself.

    to stir up the Clash of Civilizations

    Which has been going on since 610 A.D. [sic], and as if we’re in some kind of remission at the moment.

    • Replies: @ploni almoni
  3. Anonymous [AKA "Awake Albertan"] says: • Website

    See Jim’s post. A false wooden roof and wooden spire burnt over an existing cement roof. The wooden spire collapsed and fell through the cement roof causing minimal interior damage, while Michael Obama and other elites watched from a yacht on the nearby river.

  4. @Reg Cæsar

    No, my dear. Give credit where credit is due. Setting brother against brother starts with Deuteronomy. As you well know. And isn’t that what you are doing? Pointing the finger at someone else, when deep down you know. It is s-o-o-o obvious.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  5. Anastasia says:

    Those were Exactly my thoughts about these attacks on Christianity as well as the attack on that mosque at Christchurch.

  6. getaclue says:

    The Architect himself said no way the fire happened by “electrical wire”–that to burn those 800 year old beams you basically had to set it–he all but called it Arson…because it was….

  7. @ploni almoni

    So when the local school board wants to give equal time to creation stories other than Darwin’s, and the Jewish lawyer from the ACLU comes around to stop them, do I shoot him, or just try to get him disbarred?

    • Replies: @ploni almoni
  8. @Iris

    Not to mention the fact that Paris in mid April is hardly sweltering from a heatwave.

  9. @Reg Cæsar

    You just can’t help yourself, poor thing. Shoot yourself.

  10. Sally says:
    Chance Notre Dame destruction and Sri Lanka Easter Such multiple Church Massacres are related.. ??
    Raises question are sexual deviate issues, and hiding places for amorality, inside the catholic church ministry part of the same program?
    Collectively, the events seem designed to destroy the faith of the masses in the Church (Moslim and Christain) and to make unsafe unnecessary attending, or sending children to the Christian church schools. The fit to a hypothesis around the idea that a common sociopolitical objective is a work, suggest the organizations that conduct these globally visible church destructive events are informed from a central source.. .. issue from a common source??
    The more I look at the destruction of the Church (mosque killings, church killings) accomplished by rule of civil laws the more suspicious I become of events which, when looked at collectively, suggest to look back at the collection of events and develop a common strategy hypothesis that would or could account for them.. <=a little conspiracy theory thinking never hurt anyone unless you are one of the 50 persons beheaded yesterday for thinking against abusive, human rights denying Saudi Arabia… (state power vs human rights) destruction of, or terrorism at, the church suggest they are warning signs, your life is endanger both physically and mentally. Can they collectively be products of a some how related criminal or social change project? just don’t yet know ..?

    also look at this Texas lawsuit

    In a 56-page opinion filed Thursday, US District Judge Robert Pitman of Austin said boycotts are protected free speech, declaring the law fails to serve a compelling state interest.

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