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Peter McCullough on Vax & Mortality
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Peter McCullough, MD has spent much of the past three years defying unprecedented censorship while publicizing evidence-based COVID treatment protocols and questioning key aspects of the official response to the pandemic. On December 7, citing increasing reports of injuries and deaths from mRNA vaccines, Dr. McCullough, speaking at a US Senate roundtable, called for them to be withdrawn from the market.

Regular Truth Jihad Radio listeners know there is strong evidence that the vaccines are causing injuries and deaths. The question is, how many? Precisely how dangerous are these experimental injections? What is their real cost-benefit profile? Big Pharma and its captive medical, scientific, and journalistic establishments don’t want us to know, and work overtime to avoid doing and publicizing the studies that would answer those questions (for all vaccines, not just COVID mRNA injections).

Meanwhile, Ron Unz appeared on this show two weeks ago with what appears to be good news: Worldwide mortality data does not support high-end estimates of mRNA vaccine deaths. Is Unz’s analysis correct? Let’s ask Dr. McCullough.

Dr. Peter McCullough is an internist, cardiologist, epidemiologist, and the Chief Scientific Officer of The Wellness Company.

(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Science • Tags: Anti-Vaxx, Conspiracy Theories, Vaccines 
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  1. Anon[704] • Disclaimer says:

    Ron is a gatekeeper and this site is a roundup at the ok corral.

    • Replies: @The Real World
  2. Cook-ie says:

    Ron Unz said their is good news for those who have been vaxxed with the experimental immune manipulation potion.

    The guy who jumps out the top floor of a skyscraper if asked half way down would say “so far…so good!”

    • Agree: Haxo Angmark
  3. Biff says:


    Dr McCullough has a much more persuasive argument than anyone else shilling “safe and effective”.

    Ron Unz has stated that he has no regrets taking the vaccine, and my question for that is “Did it do you any good?” Because it certainly looks like the entire “Jab fest” wasn’t worth the time of day, and to have one death as a result is criminal.

    Fantastic pod cast episode.

  4. Mark G. says:

    The CEO of Pfizer has expressed regret that the vaccine issue became politicized. This was inevitable, though, once the vaccine companies used the government as their enforcement arm in forcing people to use their products. As Dr. McCullough says, people should have been allowed to make their own choice on whether to get vaccinated or not get vaccinated and use an early treatment program if they got Covid. The sort of coercion that was used was immoral.

    The rationale that people had to submit to vaccination to stop transmission and protect others was faulty. There was no real evidence the vaccines prevented anyone from catching the disease. Even if they did keep people from catching the disease, once the vaccines were available any person could have gotten vaccinated and been protected themselves. The disease was only dangerous to old people and 99.7% of people under 60 who got it survived. However, it turned out the vaccines didn’t even stop transmission.

  5. All things considered, after this three years of sheer apathy by a pathetic, disbelieving Western world population, maybe it is best that it dies off, and soon.

    It’s a pile of hyper-critical lazy self-opinionated slobs; like the contributors to this blog, who should otherwise be the leaders of actual physical rejection. Only there’s millions and millions of them, everywhere, fascinated by just what they can or can’t get up their assholes. There’s no point any longer in initiating any endeavor which might be considered in any way as honest. The whole ‘thing’ now is nothing but a fraud. Lying, deceit, and cheating is complete, in literally every sphere of life.

    There’s absolutely no chance of fighting what is happening now. Roll-on Agenda 2030. Let them win, let’s get it over with.

    Let’s just let them kill off then this useless generation or two, and maybe thereafter there might be chance (albeit slim) of a new beginning.

  6. Anon[393] • Disclaimer says:

    On the issue of mRNA product vaccination, Ron’s outlook puzzles me. As I understand him, he accepts the CDC numbers – and their support for the mainstream Narrative – unquestioningly. Yet, his presentation of the evidence into the origins of Covid as a two-epicenter bio-attack is convincing. Why not raise the curtain of his eyes to canvass the work of McCullough, Malone, and so many others, into the broadly harmful effects of the spike protein ‘vaccines’? I believe he claims that no one he knows was harmed by vaccination. The day is young.

    • Agree: camus10
    • Replies: @Dutch Boy
  7. Republic says:

    McCulloch says that 450,000 Americans have been killed by the shots,says he doesn’t believe in Ron Unz’s theory about a bio attack on China and Iran.

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  8. Kevin Barrett, what a cracking good interview that was with Dr Peter McCullough.

    Kevin, I’ve heard a hell of a lot of your interviews over the years, with highlights like the one you did with friend of MLK Jr and King family lawyer William Pepper to name just one.
    But this interview with McCullough has to be one of your best.

    You asked him the probing ‘Devil’s Advocate’ type questions and he had unassailable responses to them all.
    Ron Unz, and the other pro-vaxx denialists (in that you’re unwilling to admit you took a huge risk by injecting these toxic clot shots), if there is only one audio interview you listen to in 2023, make sure this one is it.

    A few highlights from the interview :

    1) Listen from 11:50 – 12:10 as McCullough says :

    We’re looking at around 450,000 Americans having died from the [mRNA] vaccine.

    2) Just after 26:00 mark of the interview :

    The unvaccinated in EVERY analysis look very good …. in the office of national statistics for the U.K, even when they get Covid they have MUCH lower rates of hospitalisation and death than the vaccinated.

    [and] …. the more vaccines people take, the more the immune system is misdirected .. because the vaccines expose the body to extinct forms of the spike protein.

    Bottom Line : This interview is choc-a-bloc full of pearls from McCullough that eviscerate the ‘vaxx is beneficial’ nonsense.

    Simply put, according to McCullough, the experimental mRNA vaxxes are all SERIOUS LIFE THREATENING DOWNSIDE with absolutely NO UPSIDE whatsoever – for ANY age demographic.

    • Agree: camus10
    • Replies: @MarkU
    , @The Real World
  9. Dutch Boy says:

    The knee slapper is when Mr. Unz explained that he was convinced when 95% of docs were okay with the shot, forgetting that anybody who questioned the program had his professional balls cut off. The whole program was run by Big Pharma and Mr. Unz is well aware of the nature of that beast (e.g., see his article about the Vioxx disaster)

    • Replies: @Jefferson Temple
  10. Kangaroos to blame?

  11. poetic justice:

    (((Alan Kommisaroff))), a bigwig @ Zionist neo-con Fox Snooze,

    47 years of age, and a noisy vaxxer,

    has just died of a “sudden and unexpected”

    heart attack. Cf. today’s (1/21/23)

  12. MarkU says:
    @Truth Vigilante

    Simply put, according to McCullough, the experimental mRNA vaxxes are all SERIOUS LIFE THREATENING DOWNSIDE with absolutely NO UPSIDE whatsoever – for ANY age demographic.

    I am instinctively critical of absolutist statements but I can’t imagine who would benefit from it at this point in time.

    A question for everyone. Why is the default action to continue the ‘vaccination’ campaign? shouldn’t the government and the pharmaceutical industry have to make a case for continuing it? Are the pharmaceutical industries some sort of charity these days? How many billions are they being paid for stuff that didn’t work as advertised? of questionable safety to boot. It was only given emergency authorisation (and they cheated to get that) The emergency is over and they still haven’t had any long term testing.

    Surely by now only a miniscule fraction of the population are yet to be exposed to the virus. We have reached herd immunity, as near as we can get with this type of virus anyhow.

    There are also significant numbers of unexplained non-Covid excess deaths in lots of different countries, mainly comprising heart and circulatory system issues, issues which are admitted to be possible side effects of the ‘vaccines’. We even have a control group! people who have not been ‘vaccinated’ at all to compare with. The data is out there, if the ‘vaccines’ are innocent then they can show that the excess deaths are also present in the ‘unvaccinated’ control group (I won’t be holding my breath)

    • Agree: Mark G.
  13. dimples says:

    Unz’s latest brainwave/theory seems to be that the excess deaths are obesity related rather than vaccine related.

    We know that Covid kills the obese at a greater rate than the non-obese. Perhaps the vaccine, producing the same spike protein and a lot more of it, also kills the obese at greater rates and for the same reason?

  14. Did they make it happen on purpose?

    Did they let it happen on purpose?

    It’s like deja vu all over again.

    Great show Mr. Barrett. McCullough is a jolly good fellow which nobody can deny! : )

    • Agree: G wiltek
  15. Peter McCullough is exquisitely methodical and logical, yet Kevin still cannot comprehend the implications. Dr. McCullough is incredulous because he understands the implications of the data and the diabolical evil of what transpired. Unless a person reads and understands the Book of Revelation, he will be like Kevin Barrett, completely clueless about what is really going on and what the motivation is of our Satanic elite.

  16. ROTFL

    These Davos meetings are turning out to be boons for the dissident press.

    • Thanks: Emil Nikola Richard
  17. Anonymous[342] • Disclaimer says:

    Junior CIA cadet Guyenot closed comments like a whiny baby cause he’s tired of everybody crushing his dumb thoughts, so here, subject his conclusions to the dreaded Anglin sarcasmatron.

    1. So what if Israel had a motive? CIA had a lock on means and opportunity.

    2. A willfully obtuse fixation on policy here distorts JFK’s real problem with CIA: arbitrary conduct. That continued. CIA policy pivoted from Latin America to the Middle East because of mounting international pressure, e.g. the spanking Dan Mitrione got plus UN suasion culminating in the Convention Against Torture. “CIA didn’t invade Cuba therefore Izzies whacked JFK” is so stupid, it’s like choice A on the SATs, the one that weeds out the students who have to go to NYU.

    3. Oh bullshit, Ray Cline kept it secret, not Johnson. That sits there open source in the National Security Archive. CIA was fully onboard nukes for Izzies.

    4. LBJ just saw his predecessor get his head blown off. He learned he is the puppet ruler, and the apex of the US command structure is DDO. The test of whether you’re actually in charge is whether you can shoot your boss, and just wing him, and nothing happens to you, like DCI Bush.

    This absolute last-ditch fallback limited hangout is reaching the point of diminishing returns. What good is it if you junior spy cadets only fool people with second-quintile IQs? You tricked them with the vax already, so they’re just gonna drop dead. Tell your COTR at Langley it’s hopeless, they’re busted.

  18. G wiltek says:

    At best the vaccine does not work
    That is the best possible outcome anyone can hope for.
    More realistic however is, how little damage has been done.

    In the worst case death.

    Where IS Mrs. Dover? Why has no one found her? Why not a short video, a glorious smile and a hello?

    I think we all know the reason.

  19. @Anon

    Funny you say that because a couple weeks ago when I was on this site there was an upload lag after I submitted a comment. A small, medium blue strip appeared briefly across the bottom left with a URL related to Youtube.

    It seemed obvious that what it meant was that Youtube either facilitates this comment thread or captures it or both.

    I posed a question of clarification to RU about it and no reply was provided.

  20. @Truth Vigilante

    Thank you for those minute markers, it’s a big help.

    In fact, I decided a while back that the big problem with videos and podcasts is not having a Table of Contents with the associated minute marks. I would watch more videos and listen to FAR MORE podcasts than I do if I could skip to the sections that interest me.

    Somehow, the word needs to get out that the maker of the content should spend 15 minutes and create a Table of Contents along with the markers. In print, you can scan quickly to read what you want but, video and audio, you can’t.

    Kevin, if you’re reading, maybe you’d like to be a trendsetter with this worthy approach.

    TV, help spread the word too.

    • Replies: @Truth Vigilante
  21. The clean-bloods won! Woo-hoo!

    Our blood is clean, our blood is clean!!

    We didn’t get bitten, I mean jabbed, by the Vaxpire.

  22. There are completely different findings and statistical hardcore results in Germany deriving from the data of health-care insurances covering the years 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022. The mortality rate sky-rocketed since the start of the mRNA-injections (December 2020) as well as the consultations because of heavy health-reactions after the mRNA-shots. Key reserchers are statistician Tom Lausen ( and Dr. Holger Reissner ( ). Both videos are in German – and the material is heavy stuff.

  23. Republic says:

    Last September Gonzalo Lira had a roundtable discussion with Dr Peter McCullough in which McCullough stated that 5 percent of the batches appear to have produced 90% of the adverse reactions.
    YouTube immediately took that video down
    There is a website called bad batches in which one can input one’s batch and lot numbers to find out how safe or dangerous that vaccine batch was

    • Replies: @mulga mumblebrain
  24. @The Real World

    I’m glad you found the minute markers useful.

    I’ve actually done that many time before in other threads in UR when trying to highlight important sections from longer videos/audio interviews I’ve posted.
    I do it because I’m aware that many of the pro-vaxxers/pro-Ukrainian proxy state/pro-Official USG narrative on the 9-11 False Flag/pro-Lone Gunman killed JFK, types of people, tend to have a child-like attention span and won’t invest the time to watch or listen to longer interviews.

    Said individuals prefer to rely on what their ‘wise government overlords’ tell them on any issue – thus saving them the effort of actually having to critically analyse the information themselves to determine if there’s any truth to what they’re being told.

  25. Not looking good.

  26. camus10 says:

    after some other guests who received far too much prominence, Barrett actually put up Dr McCullough to throw everyone out of the park.

    also great interview with cat McGuire

    bravo truthers, bravo science and clinical merit, we missed you

  27. @Biff

    The harms of the gene therapy injections increase with time, increase with the numbers of injections, increase with poor injection technique, increase in the genetically susceptible, are higher, so far, in certain groups like young men, and the variety of harms being recognised appear to grow by the day. Another triumph for BigPharma, I’d say. Profits and stock prices are rocketing up. Hurrah!!!

  28. @Dutch Boy

    New twist: the whole thing was run by DOD and Pharma profited hugely by going along with it. Not gonna say it’s definitely that way but the claim is out there now.

    • Replies: @Dutch Boy
  29. Pray for the dead and the dead will pray for you

  30. TomM says:

    Was Kevin Barrett acting as a Devil’s advocate, or is he simply that clueless? I like this site, but the shilling for the whole denial industry is really frustrating. Makes one wonder why?

    • Replies: @Dave Bowman
  31. Dutch Boy says:
    @Jefferson Temple

    The vaccine program was definitely a DoD thing.

  32. anonymous[325] • Disclaimer says:

    Dr Barrett, in case you missed it –

    This data was offered up multiple times in the responses to Ron Unz’s recent article … Aggregate data from 25 European countries, adding up their official statistics, showing MASSIVE excess mortality in these not-so-obese, but heavily-vaccinated countries … seems quite DIFFERENT and OPPOSITE from data Ron was presenting
    also broken down by age group, once again MASSIVE excess mortality in young people
    here below is the overall chart
    Excess death is the thick blue line, high above the ‘baseline’ lower dotted line for the ‘normal’ range

    Bad flu seasons winter 2018 and 2019
    Worse ‘covid’ seasons 2020 and 2021
    then for a few months things reverted to normal

    but just as vaccines became heavily distributed in 2021 … excess death becomes mostly high above normal
    recent spike is 35% over normal

  33. And it’s five, six, seven, open up the pearly gates.

    US Recorded 300,000 Excess NON COVID Deaths, Democrat Lockdown Policies KILLED HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS..

    Video Link

  34. Anonymous[389] • Disclaimer says:

    A people’s revolutionary hero!

    This is the kind of guy I’d go to if US Mengeles tried to coerce me to submit to their experiment.

  35. @Republic

    Fifty percent correct ain’t bad these days. SARS CoV2, the spike protein in particular, is plainly a bio-weapon long worked upon. Imagine my surprise when I heard today that dear Israel is NOT a signatory to the Bio-warfare Treaty. You could have knocked me down with a feather.

  36. @Republic

    Quality control with the gene therapy shots has been woeful. Moreover, with the ludicrous need for deep refrigeration, some batches have been denatured by too high temperatures, so some lucky bastards have received shots where the killer mRNA has been reduced to harmless sludge.

  37. So, Pfizer hired some silly blabber-mouth black guy?

    Diversity isn’t always paying off dividends or providing protection.

  38. @TomM

    “… Shilling…” ?

    “… denial industry…” ?

    You haven’t been to this site too often before, have you ?

    Or understood it’s …err … main purpose ?

    You might do well to check out the main banner tag-line at the top of the page, to assist with your perspective.

    Ohh… It’s ok… Don’t bother. I’ve got it here for you, just to save you the trouble.

    What part of…

    A Collection of Interesting, Important, and Controversial Perspectives Largely Excluded from the American Mainstream Media

    … do you not understand ?

    • Agree: Deadbeat
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