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Peter Janney: How the CIA Killed JFK, Mary Meyer, and World Peace (Audio and Transcript)
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Mary’s Mosaic is the best-written of all the JFK assassination books I’ve read. It provides unparalleled insights into the depths of several larger-than-life characters involved in this amazing Shakespearean drama:

John F. Kennedy: A shallow womanizer who suffered from debilitating illnesses and chronic severe pain, JFK’s character flaws stemmed from deeply troubled relationships with his parents…until he miraculously grew into his role as the greatest President America was never allowed to have, thanks in large part to the influence of the love of his life, Mary Meyer.

Mary Meyer: A brilliant and beautiful lifelong peace activist, as well as an accomplished artist, she helped convince her lover JFK to “turn towards peace” during the final summer of his life…then tried to expose the truth about his assassination – until she was herself murdered by the same people who had killed the President.

Cord Meyer: Mary’s ex-husband, a literary and conceptual genius, Cord lost an eye in World War II and spent several years with Mary campaigning for world peace…until he was recruited to the CIA and the “dark side” by Allan Dulles, created the CIA’s media-control program Operation Mockingbird, participated in the CIA’s murder of JFK, and was present at the CIA meeting that ordered the assassination of his ex-wife Mary to keep a lid on the JFK assassination.

Truth is not only stranger than fiction, it’s sometimes a better story. Mary’s Mosaic is a murder mystery, a psychological novel, and a horror novel beyond your worst nightmares. It’s one of the best and most important books I’ve ever read.


Kevin Barrett Interviews Peter Janney 11/9/13

Kevin Barrett: Welcome to Truth Jihad Radio. I’m your host, Kevin Barrett, bringing on the best guests with the most to say about the critically important issues that the mainstream media isn’t going to tell you about—and that unfortunately, even the mainstream academy of which I’m sort of a half-expelled member isn’t really interested in, at least in terms of going all the way and exposing what’s really going on in this country and what our true history is. Well, today I have a guest I’ve been eagerly awaiting to interview for many months now. He’s an author and he actually lived through some events related to the JFK assassination, the 50th anniversary of which is coming up in just a few weeks. …

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(Republished from Truth Jihad by permission of author or representative)
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  1. JWalters says:

    Thanks for this absolutely great interview & discussion, very appropriate for the anniversary. Knowing what we now know, I wonder if Cord Meyer was compromised by the CIA.

    As for the thorough blackout of such a spectacular story by the corporate media, it is conclusive evidence that behind the scenes the media is (1) a monopoly, and (2) owned by the perpetrators. Where is the fortune that can afford to buy up all the corporate media? In 1915 the J.P. Morgan bank led an effort to control the top 25 newspaper editorial policies. The J.P. Morgan bank was the dominant bank in America because it was an extension of the Rothschild bank, by far the dominant bank in Europe.
    “War Profiteers and Israel’s Bank”

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Nonsense, sensationalism from a boy who was only nine years old at the time this all took place.

  3. Whoever killed Kennedy did the world a favor. But I believe he was killed by the Mafia, who suckered that petit commie Oswald into taking the blame while the real shooter was on the grassy knoll or behind some shrub, and then had Oswald killed by Ruby. Joe Kennedy, a gangster, bought the 1960 election for his punk brat John, who then turned on the mob. It cost him and his douchebag brother Bobby their lives–and rightly so, as ingratitude is one of the worst character flaws even for gangster. And John was boning a Mafia Don’s girlfriend–another reason to have him killed. If the CIA had anything to do with it, it was because they were in cahoots with the Mafia.

    I was in the 7th Grade when this happened. My dad had taught we well–to hate all Kennedys even more than regular gangsters, for they were hypocrites in addition to being gangsters. When all my classmates (in a Catholic school) were crying, I was all smiles.

    I was all smiles a second time when Bobby met Sirhan Sirhan, and all smiles again when John-John ran his airplane into the ocean while being fellated.

    Long and short, the Kennedys have been a source of great joy for me!

    • Replies: @rufus clyde
    , @rufus clyde
  4. lloyd says: • Website

    I checked Mary Myer’s wikipedia page. I was interested that a black man was in 1964 charged and found not guilty of her murder. So a black man of no account murders a high society celebrity white woman and is found by a Jury presumably all or mostly whites not guilty. White man’s justice was capable of coming to such a verdict that violates every present liberal assumption about American history. Whether he was guilty or not is another issue. I am sorry the interview got into aliens unless the present Covid restrictions are a preparation for it. The interviewee predicted in less than ten years this would be released. The interview was in 2013.

    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
    , @Hibernian
  5. @Federico Hohenstaufen

    So no big whoop, the President of the United States is possibly killed by the Mafia, who pin it on a CIA operative that you refer to as a commie, and there’s no more significance to the events than the fact that you got your jollies from it. Truly, you are profound.

  6. Franz says:

    the President of the United States is possibly killed by the Mafia, who pin it on a CIA operative that you refer to as a commie

    Right, all this can be frustrating. I was born and raised in a mob town, here’s how it works:

    When the order for a hit goes out, the contractor wants someone as far from him as possible. If it’s a mob hit, pick a political nut to pull the trigger. If it’s a political hit, pick a religious nut. Etc.

    Now, the JFK killings need one bit of explaining: The person killed (JFK, Bobby) does not matter. What matters is whoever killed them changed US politics by violent means. This is not a good thing, this is banana republic territory.

    Is it a huge accident that two generations up from the Kennedy hits, the US is all but officially joining the Third World? I think not. This is how savages do things and now it’s our way also.

    Kennedy didn’t matter. What mattered is the killers took the US down many notches and worst of all, we now live in a land where emotions rule. Reason is dethroned, madness covers all.

    • Thanks: Hibernian
  7. @Franz

    My biggest concern about the assassinations of both Kennedys is right in front of our faces.

    It is so obvious every day that we think of it like the sun rising and setting.

    The mass media was an accessory to the cover-up after the fact and is to this day, decades later.

    Anyone who can make that happen has real power–multi generational power.

    The folks who started the cover-up are all dead, yet the cover-up continues.

    • Agree: Iris
    • Replies: @Franz
  8. @lloyd

    You may not have noticed, but the MSM, led by NYT, has spent the last couple of years telling us that whoops, actually, it looks like UFO ETs are real, but how can we break the news without making people furious with us for lying so outrageously over the past 75 years? A few examples:

    Even if You Think Discussing Aliens Is Ridiculous, Just Hear Me Out

    Do We Believe in U.F.O.s? That’s the Wrong Question

    US Has No Explanation for UFOs, Does Not Rule Out Aliens

    Harry Reid: What We Believe About UFOs – The New York Times

    In dramatic shift national intelligence director does not rule out ‘extraterrestrial’ origins for UFOs

    Former Air Force chief claims he once saw UFO firing at nuke missiles launched from secret base

    US government considers at least some UFOs to be ‘EXTRATERRESTRIAL’ & ‘EXTRADIMENSIONAL’, ex-intel official says

    Former Pentagon leader who revealed UFO evidence accuses government of smear campaign

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  9. Mary Meyer was a drug whore who was used, very willingly on her part, to encircle jfk for the mossad/cia. She knew too much and was a blabbermouth, as whores often are, and so she got eliminated.

    And no, that junkie whore was not even a slight part of jfk taking on the jews, she was part of the web set up to lead him to his death at their hands.

    • Replies: @Iris
  10. @Franz

    You and Rufus made me smile even more with your sanctimonious bleating about “Third World”, “no big whoop” etc. Geesh, is this some kind of Libtard website? Get out the crying towels! Emotion ruling, indeed.

    The Kennedys ARE Mafia–or at least, the Irish version thereof. Daddy Joe was an organized crime Don, or whatever you call an Irish gangster chief. They used fraud and Mafia money to get themselves “elected.” When they were “elected” we were already “Third World.” No big whoop to you, perhaps, but it matters to me.

    He who lives by the Mafia, dies by the Mafia.

    • Replies: @Iris
  11. lloyd says: • Website

    Cord Meyer belongs to the club of Marxists who felt betrayed by Communist infiltration tactics and became ex cult members. They became the most fanatical anti Communists. Others in the club were George Orwell and Ronald Reagon. Cord’s joining a conspiracy to murder his ex wife shows a pathological side. How much did his war injury, loss of an eye drive his pathology? He was literally one eyed.

    • Replies: @Kevin Barrett
  12. Iris says:

    Thank you for your alternative viewpoint, which certainly makes sense.

    No adult ever gets genuine political and humanist ideals from “falling in love” with another adult.

    Ideals are nurtured by civilisation and transmitted by the larger family and cultural environment.

    It is not a coincidence that an empathetic, humanist and principled President Kennedy descended from the Irish, an idealist people who much suffered throughout their history and developed an acute love of justice as a consequence.

    • Agree: RedpilledAF
  13. Iris says:
    @Federico Hohenstaufen

    You and Rufus made me smile even more with your sanctimonious bleating about “Third World”,

    You need to get a passport, that is assuming you really are an American, as opposed to an Israeli posing as American.

    I know of a group of African “Thirld Worlders” I often meet in a work capacity. They recently had the opportunity to travel, first to America, then to China as part of work missions. Their verdict is implacable: America is a terminally decrepit dump compared to China, nothing compares, the roads, the trains, the cities, the infrastructure.

    Furthermore, they considered America to be a dump even compared to their very moderately prosperous African country, where they don’t experience the frightening sights of homelessness and drug addiction they saw during their brief US stay.

    America has been ruined and destroyed by her Zionist overlords, a fate President Kennedy tried to prevent and got assassinated for.

    • Agree: Franz, Robjil, RedpilledAF
    • Replies: @Federico Hohenstaufen
  14. Franz says:

    The mass media was an accessory to the cover-up after the fact and is to this day, decades later.

    We don’t have to wonder about that, anyway. The CIA came right out and said they had “assets” in every major news affiliate by the early 1950s.

  15. @Iris

    If you weren’t a reflexive Libtard Kennedy lover–the type I mocked back when I was in the 7th Grade when PT109 Kennedy was whacked by the Mafia–you would have noted that I said that the Kennedy gangsters were our entre’ into the third world. Which is to say, when a bunch of gangsters can steal an election (and they do that in every election in your beloved and admired Africa), we are third world by definition.

    Moreover, far be it from me to trumpet our superiority over the Chinese, when your beloved Democrat party (for which your hated Jews vote about 5 to 1) has done everything it could to build up the Marxists of the world while destroying our manufacturing base AND our military. To the contrary, I agree that our country has become a dump–a dump now inhabited by a vast angry underclass composed of your beloved and admired Africans (albeit a few generations removed), and now, disease-ridden invaders from points south–oh, and yes, a hundred thousand Somali Mohammedans from your beloved and admired Africa.

    Our point of disagreement seems to be whether Mossad, on the one hand, or our home-grown Mafia, on the other, whacked Mr. PT109. I think the evidence favors the latter, not the former. Maybe it was both. Either way, the randy poseur deserved what he got. I’m no fan of the Mafia, but a deal’s a deal, and he welched on the deal (maybe he wasn’t Irish after all, but Welsh) and paid the price.

    As for the allegation that Mr. PT109 tried to stop America’s Zionist overlords is sheer fantasy–unless you are talking about the Jewish mafia (Meyer Lansky, etc.)

  16. Getaclue says:

    Head of the Chicago Mob Sam Giancana had a brother who wrote a book as to all of this that seems to have laid it all out pretty well– a good part of it any way. The Mob helped Kennedy win the Election believing Father Joe that they would then be protected — Bobby blew that by going after them with a vengeance. The Chicago Mob worked with the CIA on various murders worldwide — Cuba, Africa etc. — based on this relationship they also worked with it in killing JFK – – in great part to get rid of Bobby as AG….– Throw in President Johnson as the glue holding all of it together and mix (Mossad may be in there too given Ruby etc.) — the book is very detailed and I can’t imagine the author, now dead, didn’t put his life at risk writing it. Doesn’t get mentioned much but worth reading:

  17. @Getaclue

    You are exactly correct. I read that book some years ago, and it’s the basis for my belief that the Mafia whacked Mr. PT109. That book is certainly a heluvalot more convincing than the hyperthyroidic anti-Jewish screeds that are so prevalent on the otherwise excellent Unz Review.

    • Replies: @rufus clyde
  18. @Federico Hohenstaufen

    Just to be clear, you are convinced that the Mafia was able to arrange to have Oswald, a CIA asset, fingered for their hit. They were then able to get the attending physician at Parkland Hospital to lie about Kennedy’s wounds, stating that they came entirely from behind. And Mafia men then produced the nearly pristine bullet that Arlen Specter claimed had caused all seven wounds among the victims. And the Mafia convinced Jack Ruby to eliminate Oswald and arranged for CIA-contract psychiatrist Jolyon West to come and pronounce Ruby a psychotic.
    Strange then, despite the apparent obviousness of your conclusions about this Mafia hit, people like Gerald Posner, or, two days ago, Tim Wiener, continue to claim that all evidence points to lone-nut commie Oswald.

    I’m sure you’re right, but I still find this book entertaining. Probably it’s my thyroid.

    • Replies: @Justvisiting
  19. @Federico Hohenstaufen

    In light of your revulsion at the Kennedy “hypocrites”, how do you feel about the FBI, given the character of it’s 50-year head, and his relationship to organized crime? What can one surmise about the United States of America, given what is known about Hoover?

    “It is also possible that Hoover was ensnared by the mob during one of Rosenstiel’s “blackmail parties,” at which Hoover sometimes found himself in attendance with prominent figures of the Mafia. Hoover was said to have worn women’s clothing at some of the events and Meyer Lansky’s wife later said that her husband had photos of the former FBI director in drag. Furthermore, Hoover is on record showing an unusual concern in the FBI’s handling of Rosenstiel’s criminal links as early as 1939, the same year that his close associate Lansky was actively orchestrating the sexual blackmail of powerful political figures.”

    • Replies: @Federico Hohenstaufen
  20. @rufus clyde

    lone-nut commie Oswald

    Posner etal fell for James Angleton’s scam.

    There is tons of evidence out there that Oswald worked for the CIA–incredible number of files.

    All you need to do is pay attention.

    • Agree: Getaclue
  21. As it is abundantly clear to anyone with even a passing interest in this subject that Oswald was an asset of the CIA, and also linked to FBI operations, it defies all logic that Posner et al “fell” for anything.

  22. @lloyd

    Maybe the One-Eyed Dajjal (Antichrist) is the Mockingbird MSM propaganda apparatus, and one-eyed Cord Meyer is its avatar and mascot.

  23. anon[126] • Disclaimer says:

    It’s fascinating, the frantic CIA diversionary efforts here, personalize, demonize, polarize. JTRIG wrote the well-known book on it but CIA applies it every day, so of course they it’s the first line of defense for their most obvious secret, the apical coup of 1963. CIA is desperate to get you picking sides and arguing about the president they killed instead of the overwhelming evidence that CIA killed JFK. There’s no statute of limitations. We can raze CIA for this crime.

    • LOL: rufus clyde
  24. @rufus clyde

    I have already said that I think the Mafia was behind the Kennedy hit–no reason to revisit that issue. Did they have some help from the CIA and Mossad, or Lansky? Maybe, but the Mafia had more reason to hate Kennedy than anybody else. You don’t welch on a deal with the Mafia and expect no reprisals.

    As for your other points–actually, I think the FBI ought to be dismantled, and Comey should be drawn and quartered.

    As to whether or not Hoover was a cross-dresser, and whether or not he was blackmailed by Lansky (which is entirely possible) he at least got Dillinger, Ma Barker, et al, but more importantly, he understood the Marxist threat. His book Masters of Deceit turned me into a Commie-hater at a very young age, and convinced millions of other Americans as well. Since my youth, Commies and Kennedys have always been on my hatred list, but the Commies were and continue to be far more dangerous than the Kennedys.

    • Replies: @rufus clyde
    , @JimDandy
  25. @Federico Hohenstaufen

    You don’t seem to mind revisiting the issue at all, which I assume is why you are repeating your assertion that Kennedy welched on his deal with the Mafia for the second time in this thread.
    I wonder which do you think was a greater threat to society, Ma Barker or the organized crime network in which Lansky operated. Certainly Hoover did not “get” any notable figures from organized crime.
    As to who is more dangerous, you’re claiming that Kennedy was Mafia, and died because of his backsliding on the Mafia, who you claim got him elected. But if that is the case, then the Mafia was dangerous enough to take control of the US state apparatus, install their guy, kill him, and then have it covered up and pinned on a lone-nut “commie”. I can’t think of a single instance in US history in which these dangerous “commies” managed anything like that.
    Certainly the apparatus of the US state and the economy remain firmly in the control of a tiny minority of financier capitalists, still dominated by the blackmail networks of organized crime, and not under the control of the Communist Party of the United States or any international communist organization.

    But then again, a cross-dressing pederast, controlled to a significant degree by organized criminals, by your own admission had a profound impact on your world view in your formative years.

    I suppose that might be why your sensibilities seem to be greatly bothered by Kennedy’s womanizing, but not Hoover’s drag-queen boy-loving.

    • Agree: RedpilledAF
  26. Hibernian says:

    The defendant didn’t fit the physical description of the presumed killer (man sighted in the vicinity around the same time) except in skin color. Significantly different height and weight.

  27. @Kevin Barrett

    I am one of those who have read UFO books for decades, including all of the major works and a bunch of the minor ones.

    I am very suspicious of the “nuts and bolts” UFO stuff. I find the “folklore” approach much more persuasive.

    My favorite podcast on this topic is this one–Terence McKenna:

    One book that convinced me that much of the “nuts and bolts” stuff is Deep State disinformation is this one:

    • Replies: @Jefferson Temple
  28. @Getaclue

    This seems like it would be close to the truth. The major actors who receive the blame are considered separately by people who want to say that it was this group or that group. But really, why wouldn’t it be an ensemble cast? If the CIA, Mafia, Mossad/Israelis, oil barons all had a common hatred of JFK and interest in eliminating him, then why wouldn’t they work together? It’s not like any of those groups are famous for moral or ethical behavior. In fact, assassination is in line with the ethos of each of them. And if they’re all guilty, who breaks the silence?

    • Agree: Getaclue
  29. @Justvisiting

    The UFO disclosure psyop and the JFK cover up probably have the deep state in common. There is a part of me that is intrigued by the thought of ET visitations. However, this is the age when every single mystery, from 9/11 to Iraq to QAnon to Covid-19, seem to flow from government false flags. Full skepticism is in order.

    Personally, I’m still intrigued by the idea that all of these UFOs are Fourth Reich tech flying out of Antarctica, but of course that seems like pure fantasy too.

  30. JimDandy says:
    @Federico Hohenstaufen

    The mafia had a more intense need to kill JFK than Israel?

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